Start The New Week With Pastor Alph Lukau , Join Live Prayers

 Start The New Week With Pastor Alph Lukau , Join Live Prayers

Pray for your nation for God’s intervention! With God all things are possible! Ask the Lord, Jesus to help your nation for peace and tranquility!

 Reviews : Start The New Week With Pastor Alph Lukau , Join Live Prayers

– I say to your heart, awake, in the name of Jesus Christ! Jesus is about to come, awake! Jesus is on His way to your heart! Your heart awake!

– Stretch your hand, distance is not a barrier to the healing hand of Jesus Christ! Be healed! Share your testimony!

– Welcome Him into your heart! Holy Ghost, You are welcome! Free my heart to welcome You! Release my heart to welcome You!

– What is the state of your heart? Christianity lies in the heart. The Holy Spirit cannot share with a heart full of unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, pain of the past, bad feelings towards others. We know it is not always easy to forgive. We that are Christ’s followers must live by His example. If Christ could forgive the people who were killing Him, we can certainly find a way to forgive those who hurt us.

 Prophetic Declarations : New Week With Pastor Alph Lukau , Join Live Prayers

– No matter how many will stand against you, they will fall before you in Jesus name. Whoever digs a grave for you, will fall in it himself. God has declared you a victor, you cannot be a victim

– I am praying for you – be strong and expect a turn around miracle to manifest in your life in this season in Jesus name.


  1. Amen…please Lord help me empty my my eyes to know how to forgive others, transform me, prepare me in how to focus on you alone and no me Lord!!

  2. I pray dear Lord, may it be so. FATHER, please hear and answer. I need you, l am nothing without you dear Lord. Pastor Alph Lukau, PLEASE, pray for me, and pray with me. I need help, there are obstacles in my way, caused by a family member. This is most urgent. Blessings.

  3. Pastor I need a turnaround in every area of my life ,financial, healthwise and spiritual , I want to stand on the Lord , I want to see his favour , the opening of new , big and effective door for me ,thank you Pastor Alph Lukau

  4. Daddy please help me with my study leave approval to go to school. I’m done with the prayer guidelines you gave me

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