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Dear God, please watch over your treasured one as he/she sleeps tonight.

Fill his/her life with goodness and love. God of creation, I thank you for the night, thank you for the stars alight.


Your blessings are many, and your mercy is great. Give us good rest as upon you we wait.

May the God of pure love fill your mind with thoughts of his precious mercy and peace as you drift away into restful sleep, my dear one.

I pray that you sleep well knowing that our Lord and Savior has everything worked out for a wonderful new day. Good night, dear one.

Prayers for God to show you the way to a better tomorrow.

I am praising God, I am giving God glory for we are not where we are by strength
Whatever is born of God overcomes the world
We will use our voice to speak faith, to speak God, to speak Jesus

I am sealing this victory by taking time to speak about it but I also want to sow a seed towards orphans, this December
To seal what God has done, this new level, the one million mark; I said “Lord I am giving a small seed of Ten Thousand Euros towards orphans.”


  1. Amen ! Thank you God for one more day .Papa am asking for prayers for me and my family we need help not is not going well i am sick in my body my son is not working please pray for us thank you .

  2. Hello Pastor,
    I need receive miracle money last week a Sum of £250, when I went to collect it it wasn’t there. I believe some took the money from my account. Now same person has opened account with my name Gillian Inyang to collect any miracle money you might prayer for me. In the future please use this name Gladys Chichi to prayer any prayer for me. Tanks God bless you all. In Jesus name Amen.

  3. Papa Alph I could not login to the zoom meeting today I am very disappointed it would not accept my unique passcode I missed the whole meeting, and I really needed a word from you, as my life is not as it should be

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