November 1 2020 – Sunday Live Service (Join Our Live Prophecy Now)



The eleventh month will bring about the eleventh miracle
This month will bring you surprises from God and not the enemy
God is about to beat your expectations and give you far beyond


God is about to do something that will take even your enemy by surprise for your good
This month of November, GET READY for a surprise
All you have to do is HAVE FAITH‼️

In the name of Jesus, a surprise is coming your way

Some things are only soliciting for your attention while diminishing your value the very moment they have it. Life is simple math of giving or taking,

if it doesn’t add value, it’s subtracting something away from you instead. Be on the lookout for things that buy your time without any reaping of a reward in return.

Understand that the things begging for your attention also know when you have a good thing going and will try everything to take it.

God gave you the authority protect and administrate things in your life so if something’s out of place then it’s possible you left the door open for it. Don’t open doors for those that should only be seen through the peephole.


  1. Amen I receive my eleven suprises in this eleventh month of the year in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen 🙏🙏 you my Moses, it is done so shall it be it cannot be otherwise ✌️✌️

  2. Praise the lord May this eleventh month of the Year be a blessed month, and the spirit of the Lord manifest the atmosphere of success upon me. I received and ask this to be done in Jesus name for all the greater good and so shall it be.

  3. Hi Man of God ALPHA LUKAU, I will never stop asking you to help pray for me and my wife so that we can have child. Please help me so that this month will be my blessing month for me & my wife.

  4. Amen Amen,our God is good unto them that call upon him.God of eleve hour,eleve month will meet us at the point of our need,I receive my own portion of this month prophecy in jesus name.Amen

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