November 11 2020 Prophecy – Click Here To Join Me and Receive Prophecy

They say while running a race to never look back because turning your head disrupts your pace and you’ll lose sight of the road ahead of you.

Same theory goes with life, while racing to your goals, your pace means everything so don’t lose it due to noises behind you.


Understand that if you are pursuing something great there will always be chatter to question your mission but keep in mind most critics are too afraid to jump so how can they be qualified ascension experts? Their position tells you where they rightfully belong, behind you.

Stop turning around to address mess, keep your eyes forward to see the doors God is opening up for you.

If your spirit has been leaping with anticipation it’s because there’s a shifting taking place where the things God promised you are coming to life for a purpose.

Even in the face of the impossible God can turn any situation for your good, however this requires your participation in order to be activated.

Understand that your believing pre-qualifies you to be blessed, all you have to do is believe and anticipate the arrival of God’s promise in your life.

Don’t doubt because the odds aren’t stacked in your favor, when you have a promise you have a guarantee. Stop wondering how and start declaring now.

This is the season that God’s about to perform every promise down to the letter in which He gave it. What you believe you shall receive.