My First Prophecy Of The Week – Pastor Alph Lukau – November 12th 2018

My First Prophecy Of The Week – Pastor Alph Lukau – November 12th 2018

When it’s painful, don’t get discouraged; get ready. You’re about to give birth. That discomfort you’re feeling, it’s not just a random pain; those are birth pains. There’s a gift in that pain. There’s a ministry in that pain. There’s a new level in that pain. Don’t waste it. Look for opportunities. He wouldn’t have allowed it if He didn’t have a purpose. Your pain is going to be turned into your gain.

Leviticus 26:9 — “I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep My covenant with you.”


God wants to crown us with favor and more blessings.He wants to position you in places we never dreamed before. Walk in His ways and direction. Don’t let the world influence your choice and standards.

God has a wonderful plan for you. God didn’t breathe His life into you and crown you with favor so you could go around anchored to doubt or anchored to fear.

He created you to be anchored to hope! Don’t rely on people. What they do or don’t do doesn’t determine your worth. What they give you or don’t give you cannot stop your purpose. You have everything you need to fulfill your destiny.


  1. AMEN,Thank you Jesus Thank you my prophet, i receive it in Jesus name Amen and Amen, Lord to me according to your will oh Lord,have mercy on me sweet Jesus Amen

  2. I recieve it in Jesus name Amen, and keep on praying for me l want to receive miracle that will change my life complete into happens and groly to God

  3. Pastor Alph Likau is there any revelation of God for you to extend your ministry here in the Philippines? If ever the Lord will speak to your heart to visit our country the Philippines just inform me and my ministry. through my email i sent to your site. God bless your ministry.

  4. Amen man of God,I receive it in Jesus name, please pray for me to receive the financial breakthrough, I feel like I’m nothing in this world

  5. Amen i love wacthing you just now i m seeing in utb wht you speak i m cring myself papa because i never hear a man of God like you in my life.Please intervene in my life,my family brother and sister i believed in whaever u say.

  6. Prayer is the light that exposes who is who evil or good and we have brought the justice all inclusive prayers that whoever rejects our justice prayer is evil
    Pray and tell the mantle of GOD to move with the cutlass of heaven and all the weapons of heaven and invade every evil church that you must have entered knowingly or unknowingly, that the kingdom of heaven should slaughter any evil man of God that has hands in your life and destiny and prosperity and deceiving you and prophesying evil that appear real that the mantle of God should expose and disgrace them and put them on chain from heaven for you to be set free, for example evil prophets ,evil pastors,evil evangelist,evil elders ,evil apostles,evil bishops,evil deacons,evil deaconesses,evil reverend fathers
    Pray against any curse or curses the enemies have placed upon your life ,tell the mantle of GOD to strike those curses to death,that curses have eyes ,that they can see

    Pray and tell the mantle of GOD to reveal to you about the kingdom and the mantle and the light that has come back to know the source if it’s real and to reveal the hidden things about you to you in the name of Jesuschrist

    Pray and tell the mantle of GOD concerning every hidden ,evil world upon your life,such as evil marine world,spiritual husband,spiritual wife,tell the mantle to strike them to death and put them on chain till eternity in JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY NAME

    Pray and tell the mantle of GOD to move with all the weapons of heaven and locate all your evil villagers your evil uncles your evil relations your evil brothers and evil sisters and ,evil wife and your evil neighbours and evil landlords and evil landladies ,that the mantle should expose them and slaughter them to death and put them on chain from heaven for you to be free

    Pray and tell the mantle of GOD to strike every witches and wizards to upon your life upon your business upon your expectations,that the mantle should strike them to death and put them on chain for you to prosper

    Pray and tell the mantle of GOD your hearts desire ,your hearts desire can be healing of your sickness,,breakthroughs,,promotions in your working place,your business breakthroughs or you desire a wife or a husband name it every good desire of yours and that he should locate all those people that are against and put them on chain from heaven in Jesuschrist mighty name

    Pray this prayers like you have never done for only seven days .this is the first step to take you to Jesus Christ and within this days Jesus Christ will be revealed to you

  7. Prophet, we thenk God for that revelation. We understand and see more and more.
    Prophet, I saw you in vision on the mountain that dominates over all Africa and turned towards the North of the continent, you prophesied: “Now it is the time of the salvation and the prosperity of Africa. A whole crowd, a multitude of all races of all sexes and all ages hanging on your lips. Your last word was So it will be, because it is the will of God.” The AMI Movement receives a word of authority and certainly the POWER of God is the demonstration of the Truth of the Word of God.
    You are a messenger of God in this difficult time where faith is a rare and difficult treasure, but people need men like you to change the direction of the wind and even stop time.

  8. Amen to God be the Glory sometimes I get frustrated like there is no way out and I am back up in a corner I pray and run to my spiritual father Prophet Alph please pray for my family and I also my young son and youngest daughter also my Business that it take wings like eagle’s also my husband music Career to take a different heights.May God Continue to Bless you always.
    Sincerely Lilly Smith.

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