My First Prophecy Of The Week – Pastor Alph Lukau – November 12th 2018

My First Prophecy Of The Week – Pastor Alph Lukau – November 12th 2018

When it’s painful, don’t get discouraged; get ready. You’re about to give birth. That discomfort you’re feeling, it’s not just a random pain; those are birth pains. There’s a gift in that pain. There’s a ministry in that pain. There’s a new level in that pain. Don’t waste it. Look for opportunities. He wouldn’t have allowed it if He didn’t have a purpose. Your pain is going to be turned into your gain.


Leviticus 26:9 — “I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep My covenant with you.”

God wants to crown us with favor and more blessings.He wants to position you in places we never dreamed before. Walk in His ways and direction. Don’t let the world influence your choice and standards.

God has a wonderful plan for you. God didn’t breathe His life into you and crown you with favor so you could go around anchored to doubt or anchored to fear.

He created you to be anchored to hope! Don’t rely on people. What they do or don’t do doesn’t determine your worth. What they give you or don’t give you cannot stop your purpose. You have everything you need to fulfill your destiny.

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