Breakthrough Sunday Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau – November 18th 2018

You only have so much emotional energy each day. You don’t have an unlimited supply. Do you know how much energy it takes to hold a grudge, to go around offended, thinking about how unfair life has treated you? You’re wasting energy you need for your dreams, for your goals, for your destiny. Quit letting what’s on the outside get on the inside. Start guarding your heart.

Breakthrough Sunday Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau – November 18th 2018

Stop telling yourself how hard life is and start declaring, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. I’m strong in the Lord.” You’ve got to stir up His anointing, that’s what keeps you moving forward. Don’t compare your weaknesses to someone else’s strengths. The only way to break the chains of fear and doubt is to know in your heart that God loves you no matter what. God’s anointing is only activated where there’s faith. Instead of thinking about how it’s not going to work out and how you’re not going to accomplish your dreams, turn that off and start declaring, “I am anointed, I am equipped, I am empowered.” That’s when you’ll see breakthroughs.

** A Note to Self **


God made every single one of us unique for a reason. You are who God made you to be. Embrace that and pursue the purpose that He has for you. Waking up each new day is a gift. Appreciate it and do remember that you are loved. Welcome today with a smile. It’s a God’s gift to you. Life always offers you a second chance. And it’s called “tomorrow”

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  1. Thank you Jesus Thank you My Prophet, i receive it in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen Amen yes i can to all things through chirst i am strong in the Lord ,Amen

  2. Glory to God of what He has done for me in the Name of Jesus. Please pray for us to claim the blessings of God has given to us in His perfect time. There are doors of blessings to open for me and I believed that I will hold those things for the glory of God.

  3. Amen pastor thanks for your words of encouragement an am thanking God for a second change in life in empowered an equipped an am anointed in Jesus name Hallelujah blessings pastor Alph an your A.M I team

  4. My names are Emmanuela Susan Uzochukwu. I lived in Germany. Last time i sent my worries and problems to this program. I have 3 children. 1 girls and a boy. Namely: Lina Amarachukwu is 5 years old. Lisa Onyinyechukwu is 4 years old. And Gabriel Tochukwu is 2 years old. These 3 Kids of mines were taken from me since last year 19 November, 2017. And was them to their father Matthias Pfeiffer who has depression problems and treated my Kids very bad. He’s a German and I am from Nigeria. You may ask why my Kids were taken away from me? Yes! Very good questions? November 19, 2017. I cained my daughter Lina for spoiling windows protected for the second time she spoilt it. I cained her. The white man i lived with Matthias Pfeiffer instantly called police for me and drove me out of home. We have been to court 2 times. He worn and they gave him my children. In which he said I am not going to see my children again even my Son who is now 17th of this months is his 2 years, I haven’t seen him.
    Matthias is putting his finger in my daughter’s virginal. My daughters said it to me and I took them to Dr. he checked on them. My daughters had staphylococcus infections both of them. And Dr. prescribed antibiotics for both. This thing happened October last year. When I asked him, Matthias he Said may be they put finger in their mouth and put thesame fingers in their virginal and my daughter’s said loud Papa is You. Matthias went in his room and never speak further. I didn’t call police or sued him to court. But I cained my daughter for spoiling windows protected Matthias Pfeiffer called police for me, sued me to court 2 times and He worn and the court gave him my children.
    I saw my children last on 15-09-2018 by 4-6pm German time.
    My first daughter Lina she said she wants to urinate and I accompanied her. There in the toilet we are I found out again from her that Matthias used to put finger in her virginal she said to me. Her virginal was painful while urinating. I checked on her virginal is reddish in color and smells. Her pants is dirty. 5 years old girl having discharged. Her two laps was rough seeing. I was speechless on what I saw. I rather took videos of it and what my daughter Lina told me. We came out of the toilet thinking of how to take her to Dr. but Matthias and the youngerarm refused me taking my daughter to Dr. I took the video to police. Till date they didn’t act or called me back. They still left my children with Matthias Pfeiffer and never take them away. Because of the video I made from my daughter, Matthias’s said I am not going to see my children again. Till now I haven’t seen my children. I went to my lawyer by name Philipp Lagemann and told him everything and he wrote to Siegen Court where I lived. The woman Judge by name Judge Geiß-Albohl replied and fixed this date for the hearing of the matters. Please Brethren, help me pray over this woman. She’s a German, she’s the one that gave my children to Matthias Pfeiffer. We have been to court twice, she said I am not entitled to have my Kids because I beat my child. I pleaded in the court and said I won’t beat my child again. She never accepted my apology and cried. Rather she said in the court that if I visited my children where they lived with their father Matthias, I will pay 25.000 Euro. Thesame Woman Judge is coming again in the court to decide. I need my daughter to be taking to Gynecological Dr to be checked on what Matthias is doing on them. They don’t believe me what Matthias is doing with my children. Let my daughter be check and let there be proves. I need my children back. Help me in your prayers Brethren.
    Presently, I have a court case on 22-11-2018 by 1:30 pm. But on 19-11-2018, between 4-5:00pm, the youngerarm in Deutsch. In English organizations in charge of children are visiting my children to question them if they want to see or live with their mother. Any reports they receives from my children would be say in the court on 22-11-2018. 19-11-2018 of this month will be a year Matthias drove me out of home and took my children with his parents. I visited my Kids in school, my first daughter Lina Sees me and ran away. I pleaded her to forgive me for beating her. I even buy things for her to appreciate that I still love her. Yet my daughter sees me and don’t come to me. My second daughter Lisa with my son Gabriel are the ones who comes to me when they see me in their school. At times my son Gabriel refused coming to me. He would and start staring at me.
    No Mothers would like to forget his/her children. Except that mother is sick. In which I am not sick. My children are my happiness. I prayed to God to give me children and my prayers was answered. They are my sufferings and tears I went through during my labor room in the hospital. I was awake all nights. All alone caring for them at nights. I was sleepless at nights when they cry. While Matthias will be sleeping at nights in the room. When I knew Matthias Pfeiffer he said to me, I don’t want children. I said why? He said he doesn’t want scandal. I pondered on this words he said scandal and never understood why he said so. But I still insist our parents bored us and we became their children. So we need to have our own children too. Believe me brethren, is always fights to have sex with Matthias Pfeiffer till God answers my prayers with these 3 Kids. Today, Matthias Pfeiffer and his parents who doesn’t want Kids, was the one who drove me out of home and took my Kids away from me. The pillars I built, I started was taken away and they drove me out and said I will never enjoy my sufferings.
    Brethren, I am full of tears every day. Fasting and praying God my creator who giveth me these children to intervene in my problems and restore back to me the blessings he gave me.
    Brethren, pray for me to God to restore back my children on these 22-11-2018 by 1:30pm German times. For I will testify Gods in the presences of his people that my God, our God liveth. Amen!

  5. Amen,please man of God pray with me,I need breakthrough in everything,school fees of my kids,house and breakthrough in financial in Jesus christ

  6. Afternoon man of God ?i want you to pray for me on financial breakthrough,miracles,prosperity,overflow,protection,and favor in jesus name amen

  7. Amen! I pray for financial breakthrough and my LORD I have been praying for our company CALDERON MARKETING SYTEM TO HAVE SUCCESS SEND ME ANGELS AS A CUSTOMERS TO HAVE CONTRACTS WITH US LORD GOD. You are my GOD and you are The GOD of the impossible you make things possible for your children’s, you will make it for me In JESUS name I pray Amen! Hallelujah!! Thank you and Bless you.

    • Kindly pastor pray for me,l seriously need God’s intervention into my life ,my ministry &God that God will turn around my life to be fruitful in all that I do , may the Lord hv mercy on me this time around I need him

  8. Prophet AlphLukau. Praise be to Your Almighty Father God.
    Fron Now Onward, your Financial difficulty regarding the maintaning and sustaning your Assembling AMI IS Finally SOLVED for EVER AND EVER.
    Money shall no longer be a Problem anymore to your Organization from Today onward, November 18, 2019.
    You have been seeing wonderful manifestation of God’s Power via lots of Miracles but NOW, MONEY comes in to shower your Church: AMI with WINDFALL RAIN OF MONEY. Just kindly wait for me patiently and please WAIT.
    You shall soon see me and shall meet me FACE TO FACE and I shall let you know that I wrote this message to you today, November 18 2018. I am working with God on this ISSUE and when everything is Solved, I shall personally contact you, Please, just wait.
    AMI shall be Known throughout the ENTIRE WORLD OF HUMANITY TILL JESUS COMES and Established His Everlasting Kingdom.

    I cried so much before the Lord yesterday, 17 November 2018 when your Wife was promoting TITLE AND OFFERING and she asked people to raise their hands up as a pledge to support the AMI Financial problematic Situation, there were only few Hands raised up and I started crying like a little baby.
    And those who are covering the videoshut avoided to displayed that part(where few hands were raised up) to the WORLD. I loved your Staff, they deeply respected your Angelic Wife so much to the extent that they hide that part from the World. May God bless those Videocrew.

  9. May I say this honesty to you, my Loving Prophet ALPHLUKUA. I do not know precisely when I shall travel down to your continent, SA, but our God knows the day. I shall humbly informed you By Faith that Your God has raised me up for your Supernatural Ministries: AMI in term of MONEY. But ironnically, I have nothing substantial amount of Money Right in my bank account. I am not asking you nor your Ministry AMI for Money far from it.
    But yesterday something happened to me during my crying on behalf of your Precious and Angelic Wife, when people distanced themselves from her and refused to show support to her Promotion of TITHE AND OFFERING.
    I shall talk this talk with you personally in the future during my visit to you and to your Ministry, but WHEN? I don’t KNOW. JUST BE PATIENT WITH ME.

    It was the night of 26 October this year 2018 when I came across your YouTube Videos and it was just like a Miracle how it all happened. I usually sleep at 10pm but that night, I stayed awake pass 11pm for no practical reason.

  10. Yes amen…i need prayers for my visa interview next month of December 27th 2018..i believe and have faith that will open the door for me..thank Jesus

  11. Glory Glory Glory, I receive it in Jesus Name. Man of God please pray for my financial break through for my bank loan to be miraculously offseted by the BSP bank in PNG

  12. I have just woke up and I would like to clarified why I started crying last Saturday evening, 17 November.
    I have seen few of your Youtube videos from 26 October till yesterday, 18 November. In those few Videos I personally seen Jesus in Human Flesh in the person of AlphLukau, African Body. It is an intriguing experience for me. I have seen a woman who paid VOODOO person 800 rand plus three chikens and oil, I have seen some people who couldn’t walked normally started walking and lots of others who have been to various Doctors for cure and healing with lots of money spent but no result and No cure and so on but when they finally come in contact throught ALPH LUKAU, they found Deliverance!!!
    Now when the Church, AMI(where all the miracles are happening)is promoting Tithe and Offering through Mrs. Alph Lukau but few people are willing to participate and support this Church and when I saw the “Ungratefulness” of Humanity being displayed graphically in the presence of God, that was when I started Crying like a baby.
    Mrs. Alph Lukau herself said, “oh, only few people raised their hands up” and hence the reason why the Video crew avoided showing that part where few people raised their hands up.
    Deep Down in my heart, from Now onward, November 19 2018, AMI shall be the same Anymore but She shall be overflowing with MONEY to support this Mighty and True Church Of the Almighty God, until our Lord JESUS shall come, and so It IT. Amen!

  13. I thank God because since i watch you, Pastor Alph Lukau on YouTube,my life changed.i’m connected to The Word,more hungry each day…and seeing what God Is doing through you gave me hope…it is never too late for God,my case is under control.

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