My 2nd Prophecy Of The Month – Pastor Alph Lukau (November 2 2018)

My 2nd Prophecy Of The Month – Pastor Alph Lukau (November 2 2018)

Amazing things are up ahead if you don’t give up. There will be new beginnings, times where God pays you back for what was unfair, times where He catapults you to new levels. Don’t get stuck. Don’t let the sickness cause you to get bitter.

You didn’t see it coming; it’s not fair. You can say, “God, why? I don’t understand it.” Or you can look at that frustration, look at that worry, look at that doubt and say, “Sleep on. You’re not going to sour my life. I’m not going to drag through this day defeated, thinking about what didn’t work out, who did me wrong, how unfair it was. I know a resurrection is coming.”


Is there something you’ve been tempted to give up on: a dream, a relationship, a job? You may have a good reason to walk away, to slack off, to not be your best, but God is saying, “Stay committed. Keep doing the right thing. You’re passing the test. You can’t see it, but there’s a double portion in your future.” God has something more rewarding than you’ve ever imagined. It may not be easy, but you have what it takes. Dig your heels in and say, “I’m in it for the long haul.”

God is Set To Turn your Situations Around , a Week of Unmerited Favour is Yours. God bless You!!!


  1. Thanks pastor for the second declarations l recv in Jesus name and will be confessing the goodies.l just want to let you know that there’s been a change taking place as l am accepting these prophecy declarations God Bless

  2. Amen prophet of God will you please pray for me on the 8th of this month is my birthday and from 1st of December i will be retire from my Goverment job.So please pray that God will bless me the money above my expection from my office which i should get becos i neef to buy a house i m still stay in rented house papa

  3. Thank you Jesus Thank you My prophet, for the 2nd prophecy decĺaration i receive in Jesus Mighty Name Amen, I put my trust in you Oh Lord ,lift me up higher and higher Lord help me to stay committed by doing the thing in oh Lord, i m in it for the long haul, Amen

  4. Amen. Oh yes may Almighty God make it up for me & my household, double portion for my trouble.
    Anything missing, stolen, to be restored to their original place. Blessed you Pastor Prophet.

  5. I receive the grace to move on.Man of God pray for me i have gone through so much struggle till i feel drained, like i have no more and passion to serve God.Battles all around, may your God remember for i hope only in him.

  6. Man of God pray for me I want God to use me in my ministry. And breakthrough in finance’s things are not well.I watch you on youtube all the time.

  7. Morning pastor Alph I no my resurection is coming my i say to my douths .fears frustration an al worries sleep on I’m in for a big haul cause God already turning my situation in Jesus name thank u Lord an thanks pastor Alph lukau for such a great word this morning.

    • papa please I need financial breakthrough , marital breakthrough,good health ,good job and money.papa please pray against delay and setback and disappointment in my life.

  8. Praise the Lord
    Yes I will not give up I’ll pray for my guy to come back and I promise that God will hear my prayers let my prayer be answered ok my Lord God Jesus Christ

  9. papa please I am 34 years of age without getting married,no one is coming to ask for my hand in marriage and I don’t even have favour in any way,every road seems to be closed,no money ,no good health no breakthrough at all,papa please pray for me

  10. In the name of Jesus please papa I need A blessing over my family I need a BRAKE through papa and pray for me so that i can FINISH my honor degree than I will help my family and people who are in need please is a four year course let no evil to let me drop out In Jesus mighty name

  11. Amen Man of God thank you for the Word of God. I receive in Jesus Name. I will hold on God like a branch that can’t do it without a tree in order to have fruits. The Lord is my strength I shall not give up. No matter what the obstacles. Victory is mine I shall prosper in Jesus Name.Sickness have no potion in my life.I shall never die before my time.Shall never bury any of my children’s. No weapon formed against shall prosper in Jesus Name.I destroy all the plans of the devil.Devil is a liar.

  12. Dearest Pastor Lukau, requesting prayer for my brother Earnest Johnson and brother-in-law Greg Saunders both for a miracle and restoration healing in the name of Jesus

  13. Pastor Alph Lukua I am from Curacao every day I follow you I would like to keep me in prayer for my health and for my son Eduard in Holland. A break through for him. God Bless you Pastor

  14. Pastor Alph Lukua I am from Curacao every day I follow you I would like to keep me in prayer for my health and for my husband salvation

  15. My names are pastor Wycliffe Lukalo from Kenya,I always follow you on YouTube dad and I have always wanted God to give me my word personally through you, I know your God who is my God can speak to you about me.I am waiting to hear from God through you dad,my prophecy. I pray and hope that you personally get this message.

  16. Please Pastor Alpha Lukau pray for our need we pray for souls for Gods kingdom and breakthrough in our Finance our kids not support us we being pray to God open up doors for us in our Ministry Thank you Man Of God
    God bless

  17. Man of God pls pray for me I want to move out today in Jesus name.. My landlord yesterday told me that he has an oil of waking Jesus from the dead and call and talk to Him or call him on a scene he say God deep him in the middle of the ocean and asked him to lead His people is just that he is still taking his time..if he were to open his on church every church in south Africa would fall…he knows that I’m AMI thank u Jesus which I believe I was not yr covenant daughter of u Papa Alph Lukau something bad would have happened to me a long time ..every time I give him notice I will not have money to move! Last night I had a dream of a doctor taking out eggs from my womb and I can actually feel something in my stomach…he has been wanting to sleep with me and I refuse he has a wife for heaven sake and I have a small baby he even ask me have I dream of h sleeping with me in a dream I said no to him but that has actually happened! Help me Pastor Alph I want to get out of here today I want to show this man the God of my father Alph Lukau is real Amen I have found a new place but now delay on finances a friend of mine was suppose to come give me money has not come

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