Unmerited Favour Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau – (November 20th 2018)

When God favour you, you will experience a new garment. When you are a person of divine favour, God does not mind suspending the laws of heaven to favour you.

When you are chosen for divine favour, you will forget your past pains, worries and you will become an important person everywhere!


When you are a candidate of divine favour, God uses any person to favour you. Just one night, Moses was just a poor shepherd by the backside of the desert, but within some hours, he recorded miracles and his life changed.

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Unmerited Favour Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau – (November 20th 2018)

Quit worrying about people that are trying to hold you back. God knows how to move the wrong people out of your life and bring the right people in.

** A Note to Self **

Always choose to heal, not to hurt.. to forgive, not to despise… to persevere, not to quit.. to smile not to frown and to love not to hate… Because at the end of life, what really matter is not what we bought but what we built.. not what we got but what we shared, not our competence but our character and not our success but our significance.

Live a life that matters.
Live a life that cares