Unmerited Favour Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau – (November 20th 2018)

When God favour you, you will experience a new garment. When you are a person of divine favour, God does not mind suspending the laws of heaven to favour you.

When you are chosen for divine favour, you will forget your past pains, worries and you will become an important person everywhere!

When you are a candidate of divine favour, God uses any person to favour you. Just one night, Moses was just a poor shepherd by the backside of the desert, but within some hours, he recorded miracles and his life changed.


Today is Your Day In Jesus Name , While Not Submit a Prayer Request

Unmerited Favour Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau – (November 20th 2018)

Quit worrying about people that are trying to hold you back. God knows how to move the wrong people out of your life and bring the right people in.

** A Note to Self **

Always choose to heal, not to hurt.. to forgive, not to despise… to persevere, not to quit.. to smile not to frown and to love not to hate… Because at the end of life, what really matter is not what we bought but what we built.. not what we got but what we shared, not our competence but our character and not our success but our significance.

Live a life that matters.
Live a life that cares


    • Pastor please pray for my healing fiancial situation relationship and a better job thank u i enjoy your preaching may God continue to richly blessed u

    • Greeting and Peace unto. A great man of wonder, power, and strength. A
      Prophet, Prophetic teacher and a seer’🤗. Peace and love unto Papa.
      My prayers that I need for my life is A Supernatural deliverance in my Finance(Debt free) deliverance before this year is out. I been in this place for years. The battle is been so hard and difficult.The attack been major from Leviathan and Jezebel’s spirit every since I was child of 8years. And I am 50 now. My birthday is May, 20. 1986. I been read the story of Daniel. And Everytime I get closer to break major obstacles and unfamiliar thing began to happen against and my children that keep me off force. Please help me to see. God has called me in the demension as his Prophetness and Prophetic Seer. Because of the intense battle. I have lost strength to even to fight. Please help me understand what God is telling me, please.

  1. Morning Daddy!
    Mmmhhhhhhh what a loving devotion ,thank you so much it just gives and bring more hope to our living. May you God you serve you use more in our lives. we love you so dearly.

  2. Thank you Jesus,I really thank God for giving us a prophet Alph in our generation, “I SALUTE YOU MAN OF GOD “The prophecies of the man of God always go with solution, Lord you are everything in me ,you know me my situation, lift me up in Jesus name Amen,Man of God please pray for me an d my family and favour us by the grace of Jesus Christ Amen,Lord i need miracles Amen

  3. Thank You Lord for unmerited favor upon my life and for weeding out of my life people undeserving with the purpose to keep me down. Glory be to Your name in the Highest. Amen!

  4. Hallelujah and Amen. Thank you Pastor for today’s word. I pray for God’s undeserved Grace upon my life. May his favour locate every area of my life in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Thank you for interceeding on my behalf Sir. God bless you abundantly Papa.

  5. i believed papa what you prophecy over my life,now i m desparate to see you eye to eye and i need more power,more of him in my life to be the blessing to all around.when i come to AMI December for attending IVP.Now we will apply viza.Papa i m not tire wacthing everyday.i have walk wth the Lord above 30years i never found a prophet of God like you.U make me inspire and i need your impartation Papa when i come there

  6. I believe and receive what u prophecy and we really need your prayers in my house we have so many challenges around us thank you very much,, God chosen you in propose. thank you man of God.

  7. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
    Daddy, I love God so much, I’m sure you are genuinely a prophet of God, what you are doing we only could see in Jesus.
    May the Lord bless you so much
    My family and I love you!!!!

  8. Hallelujah Jesus an thank u pastor Alph a power man of God i live a life of love always giving always an caring an help to build up others an I want to live a life that mater an one that cares.Always good word to lift my spirit every morning evertho I’m in Barbados I still acknowledge your prayers thank you.

  9. A timely prophecy Mighty Man of God. Got connected to Pastor Alph Lukau and experiencing miracles nearly every day. Praise God. Am fighting a battle this testimony is confirming an AMEN. ALLELUIA.
    Papua New Guinea.


  11. Amen, amen, may this favor falls all over me in and out and all that pertains to me.
    Man of God may God continues to bless bless you & family.

  12. Je voudrais vous remercier de tout coeur pour les prieres de tous les jours et aussi pour les miracles que je continue a les temoigner par le channel You Tube. Et cela m’a beaucoup inspire et je partage des moments extraordinaires en suivant votre programme et j m rapproche de plus en plus. Je remercie beaucoup le Bon Dieu et son Fils Jesus pour le Don qui vous a fait un homme de Dieu, un Docteur des malades etc, Merci enormement Pasteur Alph Lukau.
    Je vous demande aussi par cette note de prier pour ma situation financiere de tous les jours. Car en 2015, une personne m’avait vole une grosse somme d’argent pretendant qu’il etait en amerique et que son fils etait tres malade a cause d’un grave accident en Angleterre en traversant la route et une voiture l’a cogne. Quelque que soit le lieu ou vit ce voleur d’argent, je voudrais vous demander de prier pour qu’il me rende cette somme d’argent car j’ai ete faire un emprunt a la banque pour lui envoyer cette grosse somme. S’il Vous plait, priez pour ce voleur pour qu’il aille creuver en enfer.. I believe in miracles in Jesus Powerful Name and God can deal with the person who stole my money and run away with for many years.
    Thank you Pastor to pray for my financial situation.
    En Union de prieres.


  13. God thank you for life you gave me and blessing that i see every day in my life. I pray lard that as from now father I want to receive the money that you already me with but there is something that holds it back. I comand those chains that holds the path way of the transaction of the money to be transfer to broken in Jesus mighty name.Amen

  14. May the good Lord move barriers/barricades, and wrong people out of life, and may he fill my life with people that God wants me to bless and to be bless as well.

  15. Father of grace and mercy, grant me now and always you mercy,cause me to break forth on every side,bless my estate… And bless all that loves your APPEARING!

  16. Tank you so much Pastor, i received your prophecy. Pastor please i need your prayer i have been denied USA VISA for 5times and i will be applying for USA VISA on December, i have been going to many prayer house seeking for help. Am writing from Nigeria,

  17. I receive favour in Jesus Name. I thank you Lord I will experience a new garment. I thank you Lord I am a person of divine favour, I thank you God that you dont mind suspending the laws of heaven to favour me. I RECEIVE FAVOUR NOW IN JESUS NAME!!

    Yes Lord I thank you that I walk in and have been chosen for divine favour. I now will forget my past pains, worries and I will become an important person everywhere! I receive, I receive, I receive, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the God of Alph Lukau AMEN – It is finished and well with me in Jesus Name!! Lord bless Pastor Alph and his family. He has been such a blessing to me!! Bless him mightily in Jeaus Name Amen!!

  18. Dear brother praise the lord .please pray for me and my family.i have more problems. Kindly pray for me I like his service.

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