November 24th 2020 Prophecy With Pastor Alph Lukau

Pray With Me
Pray With Me

If your spirit has been leaping with anticipation it’s because there’s a shifting taking place where the things God promised you are coming to life for a purpose.

Even in the face of the impossible God can turn any situation for your good, however this requires your participation in order to be activated.


Understand that your believing pre-qualifies you to be blessed, all you have to do is believe and anticipate the arrival of God’s promise in your life.

Don’t doubt because the odds aren’t stacked in your favor, when you have a promise you have a guarantee. Stop wondering how and start declaring now.

This is the season that God’s about to perform every promise down to the letter in which He gave it. What you believe you shall receive.

For some of you who have been awaiting for the promises of God to become a reality in your life, allow me to confirm that if He spoke it, that word cannot return until it prospered first. So realize that, that word has a mission to be accomplished and to prosper everything it comes in contact with.

Don’t get discouraged by the timing of things because God isn’t bound by deadlines, He more concerned about His timing and where you are to the proximity to your promise.


  1. Good Morning Pastor Alph-Lukau,

    I thank you for your prayers. It has been 21 years man of God. Again I say thanks to you man of God. The Lord bless you. More Grace of God upon you and your Ministries all over the Nations. In Jesus name Amen Amen.

  2. Amen papa i m in need in financial breakthrough to build my own house as i have got the land.i know when Daddy was in his knees i will get the answer.Thz so much papa

  3. Amen! I am a Jamaican and I not only listen to your preaching but me and my siblings participated in your fastings and also sow a seed..Amen man of God.

  4. My granddaughter Sharon delivered with a baby boy on 11/04/20 named (George) after me. Both of them are doing fine. Praise God! I ask for your continuous prayers for healing and financial blessing. AMEN.

  5. I recieve it Papa Thank you Jesus Thank you papa for the word of GOD in my life, Nothing is impossible in God’s hand ,Papa i need my financial breakthrough to save out my house papa, please to pray for my family in JESUS Mighty name I request Amen and Amen

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