LAST PROPHECY Of the Month and Prayer For Instant Bank Alert By Pastor Alph Lukau – NOVEMBER 30 2021

LAST PROPHECY Of the Month and Prayer For Instant Bank Alert By Pastor Alph Lukau – NOVEMBER 30 2021

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”
You have to endure the rain if you want to see a rainbow. When you endure times of sorrow and grief, just remember, This Too Shall Pass and God will replace it with something joyful! So shall it be


It doesn’t matter what they have labelled you. You are what you respond to. Let them talk about you. The person who labels you is always BEHIND you! Keep moving, keep prospering.

The devil is a liar.

You are a BELOVED of Almighty God.

God does not trust what He did not test.

I decree and I declare; your test is about to turn into a testimony. What consumes others will not consume you. You have been declared the winner. You WIN, they lose!

The people you surround yourself with are extremely important. Don’t hang around people that tell you that you can’t do it, “It’s not going to happen. That dream is too big for you.”

Do yourself a favor; find some different people, not people that will throw water on your flame, but people who will fan your flame.

Find people that will put their faith with yours and say, “If you believe, count me in. I’m believing with you.”


  1. Amen, l receive it in Jesus Name. Father, connect me to the right people. And expose my hiding enemies and destroy them.
    I need spiritual gifts, financial and marital breakthroughs.
    Thank you Daddy.

    • Daddy! I need a financial breakthrough miracle before 7th July 2019. I am also trusting God for my healing(HIV). Amen

  2. Amen Amen and Amen thank you Daddy dear God connect me to the right people connect me to my destiny helpers and remove bad people from my life in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  3. I believe with you papa so shall it be, on this last day of the month. I receive in the name of Jesus. I decree and i declare His test is turning into a testimony.

  4. Thank you Jesus thank you prophet for todays prophecy I believe I receive Man of GOD so shall it be in the mighty name of Jesus, I am a winner, tey lose tad devil is a liar ,

  5. thank you Lord.i receive my employment, financial breakthrough devine healing and spiritual restoration, in Jesus Name.

  6. Dear my Pastor Alph Lukau thank you I am Count with you and received it. Thank you for everything. May God continue to bless you with the AMI, your wife our wonderful mother, Bishop Celeste Lukau. I <3 you all and I love our Almighty GOD. God be the glory and foever honour HIM <3 Amen.

  7. Amen Amen pastor I win the devil loose weeping may endure through the
    nigh but my joy will indeed come in the morning thank you an am looking for some one who will stand with me fan my flames an have faith in me
    An say yes am believing with u in Jesus name thanks for the words of encouragement to move on higher blessing always pastor Alph lukau.

  8. Amen.
    Being the last day of may 2019 every word under the voice of dad Pastor Alph Lukau is not a waste but overflowing manifestation and total deliverance in my family.Papa God bless you.
    I am prophetic apostolic i am AMI.Devil like it or not.He is Alph Lukau my papa the annoited one the choosen one.I have a cover.


  10. I thank the Almighty God of for grating our Papa to speak to the whole nationwide by motivation and peoples to understand the true word from u,may the alpha and omega God, the beginning and the ending uphold you to highest esteem in Jesus name Amen.
    Father pray for me to pass my nursing training college exam .

  11. I receive I receive in Jesus name. let my bullies be defeated / lose and I will be the winner. let my hidden enemies expose and punish in Jesus name.

  12. Amen, l degree and declare it in Jesus name, may the power of God will manifest in my life and family. may my bank account will be filled in Jesus name. My life is fully depended on you dear Lord, let your will be done.
    I give you all the glory and owner.
    ln Jesus name l prayed. Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen.

  13. The New Month is my month of testimonies, I receive in the NAme of Jesus.
    Next Month I will get a JOB

    Thank You Jesus for providing for my needs.

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