My 6th Prophecy Of The Month – Pastor Alph Lukau (November 6 2018)

Jesus stayed committed. He was committed when it was hard. He was committed when it wasn’t fair. He was committed when He had every right to quit. Nobody would have faulted Him if He had walked away, but He was in it for the long haul. He was stubborn when it came to fulfilling His destiny. Where are the people who will do like Jesus and stay committed: people that don’t quit when it’s difficult, people that don’t give up when it’s not fair, people that don’t slack off when it’s taking longer than they thought, people that have a made up mind?

If you could see the plan for your life on a map, it wouldn’t be a straight line — there are stepping stones, curves, and detours that are all part of the path to your destiny. Stay the course!

My 6th Prophecy Of The Month – Pastor Alph Lukau (November 6 2018)

God works according to the law of gradual growth, so don’t be discouraged if your progress seems slow. It is better that things are slow and solid rather than fast and fragile. Trust God’s timing and enjoy your journey. God’s timing is always perfect. Please don’t get discouraged. Just like a farmer, when he sows his seed, he doesn’t get the harvest the following week. There’s a gap between sowing & reaping. And I really believe by the grace and mercy of God. I am reaping today things that I sowed more than 40 years ago. So please don’t get discouraged.


It’s one day at a time!


  1. Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. Help help Lord. Put the enemies to shame in Jesus name.

  2. Amen. I will not quit by GODS GRACE. my latter years will be greater than my former in the name of Jesus CHRIST Amen. Thank you my spiritual father, my symbol of authority. I know that the God of Alph Lukau will continue to sustain me Amen.

  3. Amen papa..May the good Lord bless more and more , you are a true man of God my mentor, my Moses and most of all my Father , stay blessed papa

  4. Glory to God 5th and 6th prophecies are for me thank u Jesus that u can see me through my spiritual father I needed to hear exactly these words I will hold on like u held on my sweet Jesus Hallelujah glory to God in the highest

  5. thank you Jesus Thank you My Prophet,Everyday i feel so good so happy after reading my Prophecy words of God,gave me so hope and encouraging Yes Lord i won be discourage, I Will wait on you oh Lord, its is better that things are slow and solid rather than fast fragile,God’s timing is always perfect, I thank you my Symbol of Authority in Jesus name i praise Amen and Amen

  6. Amen Pastor Alph it’s one at a time and every step in faith is another step in trusting God in the Journey somedays are better than other but God got them all sometime soon we will have that which we so desperately await for and God shall have the Glorry Amen 🙏🏽

  7. AMEN pastor, am permanently belong to JESUS ,HE is my saviour and I know there’s a reason why HE is still giving me chance to live, I will praise God forever. I am blessed .

  8. Amen, I pray for God’s Grace upon my life to overcome all the challenges, difficult matters and situations that the enemy is trying to bring on my way to block the will of God in my life and destiny

  9. Thank you, pastor, for this prophecy, it has touched me as sometimes I think God Has forgotten me. He is faithful God even when we are unfaithful to Him. I love you, Jesus!
    I can’t wait to go to South Africa to meet my papa and all my bro and sis.

    God bless us all

  10. Thank u Pastor Alph Its one day at a time for me cause I’m not gonna give up thanks for the encouraging words I’m holding on to jesus trying to he focus in prayer an keep my head up please continue to keep me in prayer thanks an Gods blessing always to You an A M I.

  11. Amen plz pray i wsnt to attent Ivp in AMi but i m afraid when i apply visa they will reject so papa plz pray that when God open everything will be ok

  12. Thank you papa for the encouragement,,,,plz pray for me its like the world has come to an end for me,,,,am realy passing,,pray for God’s grace that He will see me through these,,,am just tired,I fill like dyng,,am at the pick,,,,,your God should show up for me,,,,,am just tired very of crying every single day

  13. God bless you Sir, for this words of encouragement. I pray for God to strengthen you, in the might name of Jesus. Amen.

  14. I believe that God’s time is always perfect.I pray for my life and for my family too more deliverance, breakthrough and favour of God in my life. Thanks

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