Pastor Alph Lukau Wants To Pray For You Now – If You Are Online Join

Alph Lukau Prayers
Alph Lukau Prayers

Don’t be surprised when God puts your name on the lips of some very important people this season and despite what your haters say, they cannot stop what God puts in motion. Understand that as this year closes out that God is rearranging some things and restoring some order to our lives. In that, there will be demotion for some and promotion for those who have been diligent for quite some time, so get ready for your promotion draws near. Don’t worry about addressing your haters because their credibility in this season means nothing compared to the favor you have on your life. Prepare, focus and be ready because you’re next and there’s NOTHING anyone can do about.


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The Spirit of GOD just instructed me to speak a prophetic word over you and pray for you. Take it, it is Yours..

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Heavenly Father,

I thank you for being the Alpha and Omega over my life and being better to me than I could ever be to myself. With all that our world is facing, thank you for never changing who you are to fit in a narrative or when adversity strikes.

Alph Lukau Prayers
Alph Lukau Prayers

Thank you for being the same God that you are now, as you’ve always been and will forever be that faithful preeminent force presiding over my life.

In a year that we’ve questioned so many people, relationships and leaders due to instability, thank you for not being moved by today for only you know what tomorrow brings.

Lord, I ask today that you continue to bring us out of the darkness into your marvelous light and teach us how to be steadfast during these trying times. Let your Mighty Hand guide us, and your Spirit illuminate our paths. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen.


  1. Lord Jesus, I believe you are the son of God, forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life, I ask you into my Life and Bless me. Thank you so much my Dear Man of God please pray for me always. Amen

  2. Thank you and God bless you. You are an inspiration to many, keep up the good work and glory be to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  3. I declare the word of God in my system. The sickness,diseases.poverty.singleness
    Generational cures.blockage stagnation limitation is not my portion.Dr JESUS is the remedy i need D R JESUS taking me out of this ordeal AMEN

  4. Papa i love you so much i know when you are on your knees i can stand on my feet .papa i need this month of November i need brekthrough in my health,financial breakthrough to build my own hous i have got the land but no money to built.plz Dad

  5. Hallelujah I recieve it this prophecy is for me, thank you Jesus thank you Papa, I love you Papa,Thank you very much for the prayer in my life, I recieve it in JESUS Mighty name Amen

  6. thankyou bless you

    Io Mutua Kore Amen
    i receive i am so grateful for you’re love that radiates in my life you are the most important part of my life you grace me with you’re presence every moment of my days

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