October 16th 2020 – Middle of The Month Prophecy – Click To Join

Middle Of The Month Prophecy
Middle Of The Month Prophecy

Let’s Pray. Lord I thank You, I thank You for Your power.
My Lord I bless You for who You are
Those who are calling on You will see Your glory You are merciful, blessed be Your name
We are here to bless you
We are here to dance in Your presence and bless Your name
We love to love You and thank You for all You are about to do in ours lives

Middle Of The Month Prophecy
Middle Of The Month Prophecy

October 16th 2020 – Middle of The Month Prophecy – Click To Join

Your God is powerful
Do you believe that your God has not grown weak?
He will do what no man can do


He has the last word in your life
Until He says a word, nothing is final
God is about to meet you at the point of your need
God will turn your story around
God has a solution for you

He will really turn your mourning into dancing
You are next in the list of God
All it takes is your faith
You will come out of this!


  1. Thank for your powerful words as we reach the middle of the month. I receive these words with faith in jesus name. Amen

  2. Hallelujah Thank you JESUS,Thank you Papa ,I recieve my Papa prophetic word of GOD, MY GOD is a powerful ALMIGHHTY GOD,May I be the next in the list of GOD, Turn around in my familes life I need financial breakthrough in Jesus mighty name Amen

    • No progress fincially broke whatever i do doesn’t succeed those who owe me don’t payback as a result am inundated in debts

  3. My Moses, Man of God, your my phophet, I watch you daily more than once a day , my kids love 💕 you so much I love ❤️ you my Moses, I start watching you last years my patient mother watching you I hear your voice as I was entering the patient room I immediately start dancing 💃 I felt so happy jus to hear your voice ask her can I have thepastor aps.. she reply “yes” jus that day on I never lost being in your presence… I’m prophetic I’m Apostolic I’m AMI I love 💕 you Alph Lukua.. Man of GOD you an Angel…

  4. My Moses Alph Lukua… so so happy to have you in my life connect to you is in deed a blessing for my kids and I my family please pray for us need a house, start the procedure taking so long raise pay 💰 I better job prefer my own business do much I need an Emergency 🚨 breakthrough health… oh blessed the Lord,my birthday is 10/10 your 10/25 God is going to enlarge your territory more your my Angel love you do much 💕💕💕

  5. Dear Lord, I was trading my hard earnings to 70Trades.com UK, Please make them to pay my returns smoothly, because I fear they don’t pay back the profit. I pray they approve all my paperwork make me successful in this field, shower breakthrough to my financial problem..I make this prayer in the name of Jesus Amen..
    Lord bless Alph lukau abundantly.

  6. Good Morning Pastor Alpha Lukau, I thank God for every thing, He has done in the life’s of my families and myself. I need miracle money in m account to pay my bills. just lot my job. Heal My mother. Our God is looking for those that are with faith still. When the Lord comes He will be looking for these that has faith in Him to keep coming to church, no matter what the Enemy is doing. The Lord keep empowering you and your wife, pastors, workers, members also your Ministries. More Grace Sir. In Jesus name. Amen

  7. Man of God,God bless you in millions fold.You are the Elisha of our generation and it is an honor to haven know you, though,not face to face,but soon i will see you in Paris.The coming up programme is heaven ordained,i saw it months spiritually before it was bathed in the physical.And i know that God is going to work wonders like never before through you this weekend in paris,the parisians will know that someone send by God visited their land.God bless you sir for being a blessing to our generation.

  8. Thank You Jesus, I connect and receive in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen AMen Amen AMen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen AMen AMen Amen Amen AMen Amen AMen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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