23rd Prophetic Declarations (October 23rd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

23rd Prophetic Declarations (October 23rd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

Today the Lord will bless you
Today the Lord will open a door for you that no man can close
God is up to something – your Maker is coming down from heaven to rescue you
May the Lord answer you
May God wipe away your tears 
May your demotion turn into your promotion
May God pick you from a place of shame to fame


(Mark 10:17-21) – The security of a man cannot be in his earnings. Do not be attached to your material possessions. We are living in a materialistic world where life depends on what you have. Materialism is hurting the church of God. May God help you not to fall in the same trap.

Move away from anything that will be an obstacle between you and God. Your heart must be pure.

1. Your possessions must help you fulfill your assignment – when was the last time you fed an orphan? You must be able to be a blessing to people around you!
2. God blessed you so that you can advance the cause of the Kingdom of God.