23rd Prophetic Declarations (October 23rd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

23rd Prophetic Declarations (October 23rd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

Today the Lord will bless you
Today the Lord will open a door for you that no man can close
God is up to something – your Maker is coming down from heaven to rescue you
May the Lord answer you
May God wipe away your tears 
May your demotion turn into your promotion
May God pick you from a place of shame to fame

(Mark 10:17-21) – The security of a man cannot be in his earnings. Do not be attached to your material possessions. We are living in a materialistic world where life depends on what you have. Materialism is hurting the church of God. May God help you not to fall in the same trap.


Move away from anything that will be an obstacle between you and God. Your heart must be pure.

1. Your possessions must help you fulfill your assignment – when was the last time you fed an orphan? You must be able to be a blessing to people around you!
2. God blessed you so that you can advance the cause of the Kingdom of God.


  1. Papa please i need so so much your pray and protection i alwsys wacthing u through utb night and day i want to come and meet u face to face papa u are really a fatherheart i have accept Christ above thirty year i m in Full gospel Church here in India North east but i never fine a man of God like u i need u papa please please i beg u pray for me so God will open door that i will come to AMI my dearest man of God

    • I have been watching you online.I even wish that I teach your church for deliverance and healing. I want you to pray for me that God can empower me financially to pay a visit.
      My problems are complicated that I can’t understand myself.

  2. I have received letters of promotion and my post will be backdated to May 2008 ,now i want the keys to my house 22507 phase 4 Gaborone,and Jeremia owes me 6000 and Patrick Matlho 17 000 i want them to pay me today 23/10/2018 ,they are both stubborn to payback they borrowed my money and want my fiancee of 7yrs to marry me

  3. Prayer reguest:me to grow strongly in god word, be strong faith to fill fill God promise not to turn back. To understand godly way. My dream to come true so that I can able to help others in godly way, my family to understand and to accept God in life. My spiritual father alph lukau help me in prayer my heart,my eyes to open and ears to hear God word in Jesus name

  4. God bless you man of God with your family,wife and church for changing lives.
    please pray for Me and my family. I want peace and joy to reign in my family, am asking asking if you can pray for the fruit of my womb to be restored,I shall dedicate the children to the lord.
    am asking if you can pray for my family and husband to be’s family for spiritual, financial growth and breakthrough in both families.

  5. papa please pray for me.My boss have suppressed my work for the last five years.I am a threat to his position but I am humble at heart no matter what prosecution I am going through. I cannot go through this anymore and enough is enough. I need my promotion now in Jesus Name.

  6. papa please pray for me.My boss have suppressed my work for the last five years.I am a threat to his position but I am humble at heart no matter what prosecution I am going through. I cannot go through this anymore and enough is enough. I need my promotion now in Jesus Name.

  7. I do believe you Pastor Alph lukau as a true anointed man of God, the father of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Today, I am ready to receive all 23 prophetic declarations in Jesus name, Amen. I beg you man of God to pray for my mother who got sick and is now in the hospital; I pray to God to have mercy on me, my mother, my father, sibling, in-law and the whole family. Through my Lord’s Mercy, my mother Racheal Adut Mabior shall be healed in Jesus name, amen. Secondly, I am earger to see you my man of God. I am Pastor in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and the devil is still after me and my family, the devil who has robbed, destroyed and killed my grand-family of Deng Yuei. That devil has stolen the wealth and prosperity of my family and I believe that through the prayer of Pastor Alph Lukau, me and my family will be delivered in the hand of the devil soon in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. The Lord will open my door of success and prosperity today in Jesus name, amen. I declare in Jesus name that I must receive the blessings of God today, amen.

  8. Pastor Alph lukau. Good morning to you and family of the Lord. I greet you all. Please pray for self and my daughter so that she can get a job. Also these two old people one is 92 ànd the lady is 85 year old. She sick can not help her self. They are good people man of God.

  9. Amen Daddy I receive it, I receive it, I receive it, I receive it today the Lord will bless me,today God will open a close door for me,today God is up to something he will wipe away my tears and give me the Joy in my life amen

  10. open a close door for my family and I got another two boys their visa is expire there dad is pass away we are look after them we need help to open door for them for there future Kaulave and Palu

  11. Papa pray for me for my health. for my court claims ,breakthrough and my two children and two grandchildren and my family at large I believe your intervention will make big different in our life papa, I am from Namibia

  12. I pray for spiritual breakthrough and financial breakthrough, i requests prayer for my daughter Samantha her husband and their children, my son Alex his girlfriend Denise and their daughter Abbey and my extended family members.amen

  13. Thank u pastor for your word today God is good all the time I receive everything with prayers Thanksgiving always in Jesus name u are awesome thank you power man of God u are in his favour u are bless going in an coming out u an your family’s thank you in Jesus name Amen an Amen.

  14. Man of God u are so good u drow me near to God any time I watch u on utub keep it on God bless you. IAM seeking for friut of d worb pls I need prayers , I Kno my Redeemer rivet he we do it for me .pls man of God prophecies in my life and in d life of my husband, Chizoba Okoyealedu.

  15. Man of God yes messages are heart touching. Please papa pray so that my husband and l we are healed and also pray so that we come to AMI. Pray for financial break through.As we going thru dis long suffering l have a feeling that l have a gift of healing and l want to be prayed for that also my spiritual life . But l have a hope to meet you one day.

  16. My Dad, my spiritual father! I always watch you through youtube, listen to your inspiring homilies and manifestations of God’s miracles working through you. I thank and bless the Lord for his powerful deeds. He alone is God!
    Pray for me that God May locate me today to heal and deliver me. I believe distance is not a barrier in Jesus Name.

  17. PAPA ALPH LUKAU LOCATE ME IN NIGERIA IN ANAMBRA NNEWI SOUTH with UR prayers I need u to pray for MY family especially my Donald & Arinze & my daughter Adiba Nancy Madueke for breakthrough. I don’t joke with any of ur prayers &I wish to cee u face to face

  18. Good evening Daddy!! I really need your prayers, firstly l am having something that is vibrating in my back which I don’t know what it is. Secondly I’m a new believer I need my faith to be strengthened. Thirdly I have been working for the government and the contract ended , but they have to pay me some amount of money, I submitted all the necessarily documents but up to now I did not receive anything please man of God help me l need your help. I’m also jobless please please my Spiritual Daddy I need your help.

  19. man of God is my prayer that you may stand with me by praying my ministry.l realy need ur prayers.my number 265999748579 malawi

  20. Papa I cannot remember the month and year that I put on my passport application ten years ago for my father Charles Anthony grant and my mother Rita euphema Richardson. You see my passport has expired and I would need the information to reapply. Papa my name is Andrea M. Knowles and I know the Lord will put in your heart my situation. Thank you in Jesus Name

  21. May the devil’s attacks never reach you. May God keep you from the wiles of the devil. Never be a stumbling block to the body of Christ. You are a true man of God. May God bless you abundantly and keeps your family. Let not pride rise in your heart but be a humble servant in the name of Jesus.

  22. Pastor Alph lukau, can u please for my daughter leah and daughter in law pauline and niece sherma
    For them to have children .please the fruit of thy womb. So they can be a mother .and blessed me financially ,Tara

  23. I receive it in Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you so much daddy we are so bless to have a Prophet like you in our lives. Our Moses we love you Papa

  24. God please heal me..i have been 5years with a back pain..an in my family there is a spirit of death ..my plans a block every were..even if i want to go study smothing.. i can’t..my almight God open my door..an i only left alone with my small 2 sisters an 3 brother..please i a m looking for a healing to you God…and show me your way

  25. My man of god my moses god bless you for the mighty work you doing for god please pray for spititual blessing upon me also pray for my children that they will serve the lord with a true. ❤ gid bless you man of god my moses

  26. God’s plan to his people is to give them his promises of healing deliverance protection health through his servants of which pastor alpha lukau is one of the few true users of God almighty.
    As I have followed you prophet you are different I just pray that God continues to use you mightily to expose the atrocities of the devil with his agents in the spirit and the physical in the Lord Jesus christ amen

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