2nd Prophetic Declarations (October 2nd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

By “Pastor Alph Lukau” The odds may be totally against you today, but I can tell you that God is totally for you. He has not brought you this far to leave you. Your circumstances may look dead. You’ve been asking and asking, but God didn’t show up on time. Dare to trust Him. He has you in the palms of His hands.

 Reviews: 2nd Prophetic Declarations (October 2nd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

In John 14:27 — “Peace on the outside comes from knowing God on the inside.”

All of your days have already been written in God’s book. When you go through a disappointment, don’t stop on that page. Stay the course. Keep believing. You may be tired, discouraged and frustrated, but don’t give up on your future. Our God is forever faithful.


Everything broken can be repaired…whatever is lost can be found… anything stolen can be replaced… As our God will show you His love to heal every hurt and calm every storm in your life. Broken things can become a blessed things if you LET GOD DO THE MENDING. Amen!⚘


  1. Amen…. Amen he has not brought me this far to live me,i have asked and asked him to remember me and and i know that he will my turn will come in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  2. My God is faithful, for my victory is near.I am grateful for his mercies and grace , l know that everything that I have lost will be found in Jesus name,amen.
    Lord you heal every hurt and calm every storm.

  3. Amen i believe every word that from the almighty God through our Papa.
    I know with God i will have the cause to testify his goodness.

  4. Those whole year ws not good for me i lost many things cant even pay my bills but i believe god will answer my prayers this week

  5. Amen Pastor hallelujah I know my God is gonna heal this ligament in my knee cause I put every situation befor him an let him take control AMI continue to keep in your prayers as I keep praying that the devil is a liar an my God is for ever true an I rebuke surgery on my knee in Jesus name.

  6. Amen may Lord Jesus deliver me from generation courses all the darkness that the devil has set a porn my life spirit of death of fighting in Jesus mighty name Amen

  7. AMEN,God deliver me from generation courses and remember me,open my ways,school fees of my kids,house,wisdom,money,breakthrough in prayers in Jesus Christ son of the Living God.

  8. Almighty God please give me the Strength To Continue this journey with You. I Will never give up, I will hold on Strong On You Lord for the rest of my life Amen.

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