3rd Prophetic Declarations (October 3rd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

The enemy has been trying to take you out since you were a child. It’s because he knows you’re a person of destiny. He knows you have seeds of greatness. He knows you’ve been crowned with favor, so he’s been working overtime trying to silence your voice, stop your gifts, limit your potential, keep you from leaving your mark.

But those forces have not been able to stop you. It’s because you have a protector, a defender that’s been watching over you. He never sleeps. He’s pushing back darkness, keeping those forces from taking your life.

 3rd Prophetic Declarations (October 3rd 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

You have a history with God. You’ve seen Him make a way where you didn’t see a way. When you’re tempted to get discouraged, when you think a problem is too big, you need to go back and get some fuel. Remember what God has done. Think about the times He’s shown out in your life.


Pray is a cure for everything and anything because it connects us to the One who is in control of all things. There is nothing that He cannot fix. So, you ask why He doesn’t fix everything? He does. Even if we don’t see how it is fixed today, He has done it and He has done it for your good. You only have to pray to make it happen.

Prayer opens the door of God to work. It’s so powerful it joins the hearts of men on earth with the heart of God in heaven. It connects us to God that the power of God brings us wisdom, direction, strength and miraculous breakthrough.

 Start connecting with God and let God work in you today!


    • Man of God I make sure I watch your sermons every Sunday I was introduced to Soweto TV by my young son who is now 9,he was seven by then my prayer request is to meet you one day

  1. Amen in jesus name,man of god i need serious financial help as am writting now today they will come close my water,i have a lot man of god

  2. Wow pastor Alph it is if you talk direct with me i am so happy i found you on yutube please pray for me i not gone tell what the problem is becuase i know God will reveil it unto you my our deepest hart desire pastor thank you so much God bless you abundendly

  3. God today I pray for my self in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to open the door’s that are closed in my life.I command you to shine your face over me God you are the man of your words I declee by fire by force to answer my prayers in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to remember me Amen

  4. Pastor Alph see why I always thank God for u my man of God its u talking to me…Amen thank u for these words and for the word of God u speak upon us, I really love u I thank Jesus for raising prophets like u in these days, where was I going to to be without u papa teaching me the word fasting for me not sleeping praying for me to understand what Jesus want from me I thank u! Everything u have u deserve it and may God double it more and more…I know Jesus because of u thank u daddy

  5. That’s a true word pastor the enemy was trying to get me since i was a child but God always show up I no he is watching over me he us my protector an I’ll forever worship praise an survey him to the end as long as he give me strength an breath in Jesus name thank u Pastor Alph lukau

  6. I thank god to have a spiritual father Alph lukau men of god please pray for me and my family with financial nd to be heal

  7. thank you so much Daddy for the inspiration sharing of the might works of our Heavenly Father. May he BLESS YOU MORE WITH POWER AND WISDOM

  8. Yes Pastor told me from Chilhood God protect me i m above to died but He saveme.So man of God pray that God will fullfill in my life his favour.

  9. the last 4 years i have ups and downs, more downs than up, I’m from Curacao an island in the caribbean part of the Netherlands Antilles, also no work even with education and lots of experiences no work, I feel stuck and like I’m standing still. I want to start my own business a Spiritual Hammam where I will be helping people to be healthy. (colonnic hydrotherapy, massages, and different therapies, but also workshops. Please pray for me, and if their is anything keeping me down, please break that yolk what is keeping me from being fiancial free, and that my dreams from 40 years will manifest in Jesus Name, thanks for the prayers , could you also prophesy over my life thanks Pastor Alph Lukau I watch daily the Alleluia Ministries and I love when you are going to prophesy you alsways say “my name is Alph Lukau” so strong and beautiful. Greetings out of Curacao, Ajoo pasa un bon dia, dios stimambo anto bo ta hasiendo bon trabow rond mundo. Yvonne

  10. I declare and I decree in Jesus name that all the thing’s that the enemy stolen from me will cum back in the name of Jesus I pray for my family n For me to be where I want to be in Jesus name I received

  11. Hello Pastor Alph Lukau I am Suzette Coley I am from Kingston Jamaica I don’t know but I am watching some TD Jakes ceremony and I just happens to click on your ceremony and decided to write to you asking of your request a prayer request for a breakthrough pray for me please.

  12. I agreed 100% God had been watching over me from childhood to present. I realized that the angel of protection has been around about me daily.

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