4th Prophetic Declarations (October 4th 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau

You may think you’ve reached your limits, but God has destined you to rise higher. In his new book, Joel will help you to break through your boundaries, push aside your past and experience next-level victory, favor and abundance.

When you know the Lord is on your side, it gives you a confidence, a boldness. You don’t fall apart when opposition comes. Your attitude is, “You’re messing with the wrong person. I may look ordinary, but I have a secret: the Most High God, the Creator of the Universe is on my side.”

 4th Prophetic Declarations (October 4th 2018) – Pastor Alph Lukau


The enemy has been trying to take you out since you were a child. It’s because he knows you’re a person of destiny. He knows you have seeds of greatness. He knows you’ve been crowned with favor, so he’s been working overtime trying to silence your voice, stop your gifts, limit your potential, keep you from leaving your mark.

But those forces have not been able to stop you. It’s because you have a protector, a defender that’s been watching over you. He never sleeps. He’s pushing back darkness, keeping those forces from taking your life.