Can I Pray For You – Join Me If You Are Online – Pastor Alph Lukau

Let’s face it, when people hate on you it says more negatively about them than it says about you. However once you address your haters you then confirm or validate their onslaught against you.

Stop validating invalid statements by invalid people by giving their words power to thrive in your life. Just like Jesus asked, “Where are your accusers?”, as long as you’re in right standing with God, people’s words should carry ZERO weight.


Pursue God’s peace over the piece of a powerless mind aimed to do you harm. Haters need your endorsement to make their words weighty.

Understand that greatness requires you to be in over your own head in order to achieve it, if you could do it on your own where is God in it? Just like Moses, we have a tendency to respond to God’s plans over our lives with our inability more than our availability.

God knows everything that you lack, yet He’s only concerned about are willing to walk this out with Him? Don’t stress, God made no mistakes when He hand picked you.

On many occasions He has proven that He calls the willing over the overly qualified. Just receive what God wants to do with you in this season and be confident that all the details will materialize during the walk, not the explanation. Just because you’re in over your head doesn’t mean that you’re alone, God always makes the difference between our can’ts and His can.