Can I Pray For You Today? – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants to Pray For Everybody Online , Submit your Prayer Request – February 15th 2019

Can I Pray For You Today? – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants to Pray For Everybody Online , Submit your Prayer Request – February 15th 2019

I Prophesy New Job

I Prophesy New House and Cars


I Pray That Our Good Lord will Bless you Financially

The Sickness is Over , May God Bless You Today In Jesus Name

Miracles that will Shock you is about to happen in your life in the Name of Jesus. If only you will humble to Submit a Prayer Request

This February I see miracle money touch your account, the opposite is going to take place in your accounts, joshua stopped the sun for until he won the war and in the whole year we see a month which is lacking some days so that means joshua found a miracle in February and if joshua did what about you, I see credits cancelled,

God told me that 50000 people are going to see miracles this February, take yours


Day 22/40 You shall do exploits (Daniel 11:32)

Starting from this day. The people who Yada Yahweh shall do great exploits. YOU shall shock your generation. You will do what has never been done before. You will go where no one has gone before.

You will exceed the expectations of your mockers. Those who knew you will not recognise you. Those who mocked you will admire you. So shall it be!


  1. Amen. My prayer request is may the donors donate money for community social Humanitarian Project worldwide and Uganda in particular this very week

  2. Please pray for me i need miracle money and financial breakthrough, does who owe me must pay me full amount without any doubt, allow me to receive great news ever this month.

    • my prayer request,i need financial deliverance,alife free of loans shuld b cancelked en all my debts.i need a breakthrough in my marriage ,pray against spirit of stagnation en altars

  3. Prayer salvation for my husband, prayer to remove strange woman in my marriage, pray me and my children, i need to pass my state board exam

  4. I receive papa, my prayer request, please pray for me to drive a new car and have a new house. Employed as a full time lecturer in IUM ongwediva cumpus as well as a financial break through to finance my study and publish my book.

  5. Amen! I receive my house, car & money in this month in the name of Jesus!!!
    i dont wanna wait for another month..I shall receive my portion this month in Jesus name!!! Amen!

  6. S’ il vous plaît prier pour moi, pour la stabilité et la direction dans mon ministère , pour les finances miracles et la réalisations de mes projets

  7. Hallelujah…Glory to Jesus!
    ThankYou Jesus I receive it ..
    I pray for families Good health, debts cancellation, miracle money, prosperity, new Jobs favor succesfully bussiness, successful academic for my siblings..blessed marital life.. in the name of Jesus

  8. Man of God please pray for my financial problems I’m caught with rent problems interest payable to loaners i really cannot survive with the job and salary. I need to pay for my sister the biggest amount but she never asked for return. Other people loans bothering me with monthly interest money. Please pray for me in the mighty name of Jesus Rapha Rapha Amen Amen.

  9. Pastor Alph Lukau, please pray for me concerning my work and finance.
    You are a true man of the most High….bless me with your prayer in Jesus mighty name.
    I am from Mauritius,father with two sons and desire to get a job that will satisfy my needs and my ministry.All glory be to Lord.
    Thank you very much for your support.Stay blessed.

  10. Dear god servant please pray for me Iam problem in financial .
    And pray for my wife 4 times stomach operation done by your pray we can get blessing
    in my life and in my home.
    my both son did not get job please prayer request.

  11. Man of God can you please pray for me, for new job, my gift to grow n protection to my family, exposition of the pretenders.

  12. Good day Man of God please pray for me to always have faith pray for financial breakthrough and for wealth and health and a husband for my kids and family please Man of God break these chains that is blocking my good life and my luck Amen

  13. I beleive I will be amongst the 50000 in Jesus Name Amen. I receive the Prophesy in my life. I always admire Joshua for he made the sun to stand still untill he he finished what he wants to accomplished and prayed heard for the devine Power of God destroyed the wall of Zerhico in to his hands. And he also commended that all what God sayed before came to pass. Not a single word from God failed. Man of God I beleive what you sayed will come to pass in Jesus Name Amen.

  14. I beleive I will be amongst the 50000 in Jesus Name Amen. I receive the Prophesy in my life. Man of God I beleive what you sayed will come to pass in Jesus Name Amen.

  15. Man of God please pray for my relationship,health, children,financial breakthroughs, spiritual life and an strong holds in my life to give way i believe am among the 50000 people to receiving my miracle in jesus name

  16. I request a prayer for my children , family and me for good health, prosperity, progress and love. Finance is from the Lord Jesus Christ and I hope ur prayers can help in equitable distribution of resources. i receive it in the name of Jesus Amen

  17. Good Morning !
    i thank God almighty for you, my prayer request is financial breakthrough for my Organisation SABCDA
    I Receive the Financial Breakthrough in the name of JESUS

  18. Thank you Lord Jesus for this wonderfull and blessed day! I pray for overflow and against spirit of Stagnation, healing for me and my family. Thank you Pastor Alph Lukau, for Blessing us and for prayers. May God Bless You , Amen

  19. Ameen…Lord i want my Business to increase,strange miracles this week,massive breakthrough,Divine conception in Jesus name Amen,My Helpers shall locate me this week..tank You pastor plz pray for me

  20. Please man of God have mercy on me, am the only lady in the family of three, and our first born dead in 2005,papa please help me things are not working in my family, I need marriage restoration and financial breakthrough in my life, to start a business, pay for my school fees and help my single mother! I don’t know who my father is ?please heip me man of God

    • Man on God, i need prayer and deliverance. I feel so empty and lonely and would like a financial breakthrough, I would like spiritual deliverance.

  21. Good morning pastor Alpha, pls pray for me for I need God in my life because I know through him I will get my heart desires, he knows all.

  22. Amen and amen.I need financial breakthrough. I need money to start up a business, pray for me man of God.I believe in Jesus name.

  23. Man of God pray for me ive been having this continuously headache for years want it to stop in the name of Jesus and i want a baby .. i tried everything now i want you to pray for me man of God

  24. I believe,decree and declare that my name is amongst the 50000 who will receive.Papa I’m asking for prayer of deliverance to my partner,healing of sicknesses, financial breakthrough, credit cancellation,freedom from debts and restoration to overflow. Amen Papa.

  25. Pls papa pray for me to conceive im getting worried and pray for financial breakthrough and my business work called CBN charitybeginsnathi networks marketing to have seriously prospects to join my team

  26. Thank u father,Nd again I want you to pray for me my problems are growing daily.pray for my family Nd my mother in law who is suffering from cervical cancer.nd I receive de miracle that is about to happen in my life in Jesus name,amen

  27. Pastor pray for me and my daughter Cynthia that God may protect from her wicked step mother Nabafu Linus and that God blesses me with job this week above all that my relationship should materialise with Ben Otto.

  28. Please pray for my results to come out when I have succeeded pray for my sister Tracy to pass pray for my family for my relationship and that I may increase financially

  29. Man of God please pray for Dwayne Fransic he has cancer. The doctors have given up on him. What man says and God says are completely two different languages.

  30. My annointed prophet pray for me that my spiritual life becomes alive again also that I find a way of offsetting all my financial debts and also that my business finds favour and booms again.

  31. Amen, l receive it in Jesus Name. Please Daddy pray for me concerning:
    – debt cancellation
    – financial breakthroughs
    – may God expose my hiding enemies and power behind my
    – healing
    – marital situation

  32. I receive every word today pastor my prayer request pastor is to see all my depths cancel an to be heal in my body from arithist an pray that I may regain ligament in my knees in Jesus name thank u pastor Alph lukau.

    • Praise God, Prophet Alph Lukau,Kindly pray for me and my Family for our FINANCIAL RESTORATION /BLESSINGS. We have Lending Business and have a bus. partner for 7 yrs. but suddenly he n his family went away in our city with my Money almost 20 Million Pesos. We don’t know where to find them n we’re having our Financial Crises.Now it’s m0re than a year. We also have Debts to pay. Thank you so much. I saw you on Youtube last August 2018 and I subscribe and every sunday I’m watching your whole Service. Thank you so much for I believe if you would pray for me for my prayer request it will be done cause you are the Prophet of God. ( I am from Philippines)

  33. Amen.
    Man of God pray for me and my Children.N o settled marriages, delayed marriages ,my Children no settlement in Marriages,academics, unfinished business,failure,shame and reproach.

    • pastor pray for me that i get very rich husband to marry and wed me and that imay give to twins ,that the lord Jesus may grant me storeyed mansion,bless my job that we get funds for the organisation b’se i have spent eleven months without a salary,please pray for me to BE SUCCESSFUL IN MY PPS so that i might graduate in my LLM ,pray for me to have divine favor,career prosperity,a big promotion and a big salary increase.IN JESUS’S NAME!AMEN

  34. nothing seems to be moving in my life .day 22 of fast no change. I pray that God may remember me my finances and all other aspects of my life

  35. Amen, I receive the declarations in Jesus name.
    Daddy these are my prayer requests:
    1. More of His power at work in my life and ministry.
    2. God should miraculously give us our own house and car(s) here in Glasgow.
    3. New and well paid job be given to my husband and I.
    4. I need my family debts to be cancelled as you said this month of February.
    5. Protection of the lives of the members of my ministry in Nigeria.
    6. Protection of my family and take far way from us sicknesses and diseases in Jesus name, Amen.

  36. Amen man of God, pray for my husband and my marriage, we are not in good terms, he said he will never support me, and that I should not talk to him,right now,I have not paid rent since December and school fees for my children, please pray for God to intervene.

  37. I am trusting Jehovah God for visitation to AMI this year, 2019. Will appreciate if you can provide me with contact details of the liaison person for further details.

    Thanks and regards

  38. finances, promotion, salary increase, restoration, healing, children to do well at school, drinking and smoking, way to business.overflow of money, witchcraft and curses.

    God bless you Sir.

  39. I believe in God and the Bible tells us that God can do beyond our demands, and he alone is able to do the impossible to the human possible,
    my father and that God gives me wisdom as the Solomon kings and that I am great among the great ones in the name of Jesus. I hang on your time in the name of Jesus and I believe that my saain must begin

  40. I need the leading of the Holy Spirit in my life, my family, and the ministry,i need the councel of the Holy Spirit in my life, my family, and ministry that i involved.I need the revelation from God, and let me hear his voice, every time, he talk to me.Pls pray for my financial breakthrough, and house.I need his protection in my family,i need the gift of Power, gift of miracle,and gift of revelation,pls, man of God.Thanks.God bless.

  41. Pastor pray for me that I may get well have strong pain around my stomach and lower abdomen and pray that my daughter Cynthia should have favour from her dad okoli Charles that she should be most loved child and more so that she may get 4aggregates in her PLE this year and pray for my brother olupot Emma and my sister Aigi Beatrice restore all that devil has stolen and Emma should always receive favour at work in mulago cancer institute.

    • Thank Papa Alph Lukau my brother olupot Emma has got favour from USA Partners with cancer institute and given him research project to develop so that they can find and more so he is having presentation with some international donor’s praise Jesus Christ.

  42. Pastor please pray for me that I may get married before the end of this year. And also pray for my entire family that we may live happy ever and rich In Jesus powerful Name. Amen

  43. I thank the Lord for this day, Amen.Pastor pray for me that God may bless me with finances instantly. I need money to purchase and supply goods now. I thank the Lord in advance for answering my prayer.

  44. Amen Glory to God, I receive it all I the mighty name of Jesus Christ…. Please intervene at my work place, at my home.., please locate me mighty god

  45. Yes Papa pray for me, I request prayer fro promotion, cancellation of debts, growth of business, win the court case coming 18th of February, those who owe me to pay me, settlement of outstanding fees at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town to able to get my Masters certificate back, respect and peace in my marriage, have my own house, amen

  46. Amen I receive in the name of Jesus.Daddy please pray for me
    1.Debt cancellation
    2.Financial Breakthrough
    3.Able to see which things are from God and not to be tribe by the devil.
    4.My dream car and house
    5.To be shown my right husband and be married
    6. My business that I am planing to operate
    7. To live my life according to Gods will and not mine,this is my biggest wish and to serve my God,to grow spiritually and for the holy spirit to work through me. Amen.

  47. Good morning man of God I live in Nassau Bahamas I would for u to pray for a job and to be strong to continue to do the work of my father

  48. Prayer request:Financial help from God, I need money now, debt cancellation, divine healing from arthritis and replacement ofworn out organs in my body. thank you Pastor.

  49. good morning man of God prayer for me about my relationship and job I loss my job and I use to be in a bad relationship man of God

  50. Papa i rely need a job. and my money is stuck in Dubai company that is Uni-safe Fire Protection Specialist LL C. i have not receive my salary since 8 months got over. now i am looking for another job. Please papa i need your healing and il not give up coz u and Jesus is with me. In Jesus mane i pray

    Amen and amen

  51. I receive prayer today for financial breakthrough healing over my body prophet also pray for healing for my family I also need prayer to see an increase in my sales at work in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  52. Thank You Jesus, I greet you my caring and lovely spiritual father, I thank you very much for your prayers and prayer request you ask us everyday to send to you, me and my family appreciate greatly, more grace, anointing favour, connect and long live and good health in your life and family: this is my me and family prayer requests:
    Marriage for me and my family
    Total healing for my elder brother Jusu to receive his sight
    My younger sister to have children
    prayer for protection, provision and wisdom understanding for my children
    prayer for total restoration of peace for my family
    prayer for total deliverance for my family
    Prayer for promotion and elevation in my place of work
    Prayer for Financial blessing to build my houses and all the good things that God has for me and family for in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenoooooooo

  53. I need general prayers for my family. God protection for children and good jobs and educational breakthrough for my children.

  54. Man of God pray for me, I need healing from HIV/Aids,i started taking ARvs since 1905,my husband started in brother also is on ARVs. Secondly I need salvation of my 2 sons, husband and nephew. 3rd I need spiritual growth to be more committed in to the spiritual things more than fleshly things.

  55. OLord please help me to prayer for my friend racoco Williams he is a child of God he’s anointed one with the eagle inside of him please help to prayer for him came out of Allegheny jail in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania NEW YORK he do this time served to be free and the U.S Marshall is Holding ON TO HIM please help me to pray to set him freedom Please help My Son Kimani Cyrus to get a job and to better in school and better is education..and me my name name is kimeka fletcher help me please get a promotion at my job better my finance we decree declared in Jesus name amen thank you God.

  56. Please my pastor , pray for my Mother’s health, she can’t walk for 3 years now. Pray for me and siblings for financial reforms also pray for me for my wife to repent and come back home for good. Amen.

  57. Pastor please pray for me and my love of my life selaelo pertunia senyolo who’s in icu fighting for her life, if u heal her lord i will serve you my lord with everything i have in jesus name i believe in you

  58. I have an affliction that has been bothering me since 2016 my leg dont function well cant walk properly please pray for me Pastor.

  59. My prayer requests:
    – Debt cancellation
    – House selling in Germany
    – Marital situation
    – Restoration in all areas of my life

  60. I thank God for you man of God, the way God is using you. We watch you thru satellite especially on Sundays.
    1. Please pray for a financial b’thru in my family.
    2. please pray for good jobs for my children. ERIC and EDITH.
    Thank you sir.
    Julius……..Nakuru, KENYA.

  61. Pastor alph lukau pray for my healing and that of my family ijmn. Financial Breakthrough for all my family. Jobs as well. Restoration of we have lost. Redemption of my sins and that of my family.

  62. 1.Debt clearance
    2.Financial breakthrough i pray for 3.7 Billions
    3.Able to get a well paying Job
    4. completion of my village house
    5. Completion of my Masters degree
    6.completion of my dream house in Entebbe Uganda

  63. I pray every in my life and my family. Long life to me, my children, brothers, husband. Destroy every sickness within my family. Wealth, marriage and education. Prosperity

  64. I pray for a permanent job in government hospital.or clinic i pray for a miracle money.. house.. lord my provider may this february be my miracle month.. Amdn

  65. Thank you my spiritual papa, my prayer request bless me and my family for divine health and healing in our life in the name of Jesus Christ amen.pray for protection,provision,favour for Raymond,Nelissa,IB,Ramatu,Amid and Sarahin Jesus name.papa please pray for restoration and deliverance over my sister Nelissa ‘s life. My niece Ramatu blessing in her womb(twins)thank you Lord for answering my prayers.

  66. Pls pray that my Garment selling business increaases in Jesus’ name and my 15 month old son starts learning the Word of God.Thank you Pastor Alph Lakau.

  67. I want God to help me and my family to get money burie my late mother. I also want God to protect me and my family,in Jesus name,Amen

  68. Please Pastor pray for me for total healing I life.My feet get swallon when I am out of bed.l am worried but l know with God all things are possible
    Joaehine Finda. Serra Leone.Josehine

  69. Thank you Pastor Alph Lukau for the word, I received it with all my heart. I am still follow your fasting & Praying because I want to serve our Lord while I am still breath. Humbly request to pray for my parents, give them(mum & dad) wisdom and love to protect and encourage our family with integrity and respect. Please pray for my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my dearly husband especially my three boys. I have plans for this month this year, it helps to develop and my family and support church matters, please prayed for me to become more success. Every word you preach, I receive it in Jesus name. Amen

  70. Amen.Papa, my prayer is for financial break through, spiritual break through coupled with good health, I also pray for greater grace and spiritual upliftment in Jesus Mighty Name

  71. je veux que Dieu m’aide dans tous les domaines de ma vie. Santé, finances, réussite dans mon projet de création d’entreprise et succès en entrepreneuriat, que les affaires rentables me rencontrent maintenant au nom de Jésus.que l’entreprise que je suis en train de créer soit florissante, qu’une source intarissable financière vienne à ma rencontre et se concrétise, que je sois un grand homme d’affaires, que les opportunités d’affaires s’ouvrent et se concrétisent pour moi tous les jours dès maintenant, faveur divine, assurance divine, harmonie, paix et bonheur dans mon foyer, que je sois libéré définitivement de toutes sortes de blocages, d’envoûtement, de sorcellerie quelque soit la cause et l’origine. Je récupère enfin toutes mes bénédictions que mes ennemis m’ont volé et que toutes les personnes qui s’opposent à ma croissance dans mon couloir de destinée que Dieu a prévu pour moi, que ces personnes ainsi que leurs pièges soient détruites au nom de Jésus. Pasteur, s’il te plait Pries pour moi, intercède pour moi auprès de Dieu, je suis fatigué, j’ai besoin d’aide en prière pour moi, mes enfants, mon épouse, ma mère, mes frères et sœur, toute ma veux voir la gloire de Dieu se manifester dans ma vie sur tous les plans au courant de ce mois de février 2019. Que tout ce que j’attendais jusqu’ici, depuis des années, se concrétise maintenant au nom de Jésus. Pasteur, Que Dieu te bénisse en abondance. Ma prière est également que je puisse venir te rencontrer à AMI. Merci Homme de Dieu pour tout ce que tu fais pour le monde entier. Reçois une pluie incessante de bénédictions au nom de Jésus.

  72. Pastor may you pray for me, my life has been tormented by the works of the devil. Everything I try to do fails and have given up on everything. I need your help

  73. Pasteur, je veux construire des orphelinats en Afrique pour les enfants sans abris, je veux construire des écoles dans des villages reculés afin que tout les enfants aient accès à l’éducation, créer des terres agricoles pour nourrir des populations qui manquent de moyens pour vivre convenablement, tout simplement est une réelle source de bénédiction dans mon veux créer des entreprises rentables pour concrétiser cette mission que je ressens au fond de moi , c’est-à dire “faire du bien autour de moi” Et pour réaliser tout cela, il me faut gros moyens financiers. C’est ma demande de prière. Merci Pasteur.soyez bénis.

  74. I really thank God for His goodness to us here in the Philippines. Our God is the awesome God. Please pray for us here pastor with my family protection from the devil, we are going to claim the promised of God for our financial breakthrough that as soon as possible we get through it without any hindrances in Jesus name, that God will give me wisdom to manage the resources He given us. God bless you more Pastor and thank you.

  75. I receive in Jesus name.
    1.Pray so that I can receive my money from Peter Kennedy who owed since 2014.
    2.Pray for me and my wife ( Annie ) so that we can have child this year.
    3.Pray for my wife, my mother ( Elesa ) and my elder brother ( Fox Sau )so that they can heal from their sickness.
    4. Pray for my 2 sisters ( Lilly & Anne ) to get marry.
    5. Pray for my cousin brother ( Lenard Maemae ) who have only few days to live.
    5.Pray for my financial breakthrough.
    All we ask in Jesus name, AMEN AMEN.

  76. Thank you pastor please pray for my sentilmental life my financial blessing to get an incerse in my salary and to get through with my green card for America and a tranformation for my family

  77. Man of God please pray that the Lord will give me an impartation, and a infilling of the Holy Spirit.
    Question: Why is it that when I begin to speak in my heavenly language I begin to yarn?

  78. Papa I ask God’s blessing to get my sons and myself traveling documents without out the delay that the persons in charge are trying to stipulate on us. I know my Giod is real and he says when two or more ask in agreement in his name it shall be established because he is not a God that lies and his words shall come to pass. I thank you in Jesus name and I continue to pray for you and your family

  79. Pray for me papa in looking for job and I have submit my cv at four different company since January till now I didn’t get any respond please help me

  80. Pastor, I have lots of loans to pay but my salary not enough, please pray for my financial situation. I also want to have my own car, build my parents house, wisdom, to be promote in my job and lastly for my womb to carry a child.

  81. Prayer for my son asthmatic problem since birth now he is 21 im sad for my children who had a broken family..not enough money…house but the best is heal my son..amen I received it

  82. Amen Pastor Alph. Please help me pray for my family.I really don’t know what’s going on with my our marriage life. And if there is anything pastor that come between me and my husband i hope God will do the restoration. Also not forgetting my debt to our bank, I don’t have a job and i really need that to paid it off.
    Please please pray for my family.

  83. Pastor please pray for healing and wisdom from above so I can be a witness for Jesus to others.
    I have problems with fibroids in my uterus, high cholesterol, acid in my stomach and high blood pressure.

    • Please pray for my backslidden son. He has an ongoing court case. I am also praying for my daughter, my husband and myself.

  84. Papa please pray for my family. And the salvation of my brother and boyfriend. Healing of my body,I am fighting cronic sinusitis and have a growth on my ring finger, for my finances and for me to get married.

  85. Amen, exactly as you prophesied, buying my own house this year, process going on right now for it, have my own mean of transportation (car), divine protection over me and my household, complete deliverance and restoration, divine helper, godly lover to show up in my life as soon as possible, wisdom to handle all that pertains to me and in life general, enlargement of my territory, no more devil stealing from me, enough is enough, being heavenly kingdom financier.

    • Please pray for reconciliation with my husband, i want to bear children, and new higher position in the job, Financial breakthrough.

  86. I receive what my Prophet prophecies,Man of God please pray me for my business to success, for my financial breakthrough in Jesus i pray name Amen Amen Amen Amen

  87. Please pray for me that God will give me the strength as I go through challenges in life – to have a heart of God that I may speak with authority – and power in the name of Jesus for those who are lost in heart.

  88. Thank you PaPa… Please pray for me that God will bless my finances to get a miracle apartment and car this month. Also that God bless my health and beauty so that I may marry the love of my life R. Brewington this year in Jesus Name Amen.

  89. My prayer request is that i want to be prayed on my sickness to receive my healing and deliverance man of God have been feeling unwell it now 3 months, i feeling something on my throat, my heart sometimes pumping fast and sometimes something in my stomach please pray for me.

  90. pastor pliz pray for my family lam mereseini saqacala jegesa from the fiji lslands ask if you could pray for me and my family my sister monika turaga with her family.lam goin through hard times now my kids with their stepfather he doesnt love them may god show me wats going on which l dont know about him.And pliz l ask for financial breaktgrough for my family wealth prosperity,good health l have injury on my right arm need prayers .pliz pastor need a miracle in my family today.we are renting and my lanlord husband and wife hindhu doesnt want us also creating problems pliz pray for us their name arvin singh and benn singh god tourch their heart to change their wicked ways in jesus dad poate jegesa my mom kasayawaqalevu my daughter kasaya waqalevu my son sitiveni ravono with acomai solianalewa,niumaia virianabai,tokasa wati with her baby and family .pastor pliz may god fill our groceries today in jesus name

  91. Pls pray for my healling, finianciallife, love life and my fammilly and better job my sons using drugs and alcohol.pls pray let i find my house in Jesus name.


  93. My prayer request: I pray that God will grant me a good man to be my husband and a good father to my 2 daughters. I pray that God will grant me a new car and the courage to drive it daily. I pray that my house will be registered in my name and I will be able to finish building soon. Have been stagnant for past 9 years no progress and no promotion at work. God help me in Jesus name Amen

  94. Please pray for me so that I meet with Wilson Kisembo and he gives me capital of 3000 USD and also pay for our sons school fees

  95. Please pray 4 me man of God 4 spiritual healing miracle money in my bank account prosperity pray 4 my family my friends evry child of God tht needs provision breakthru protection restore us en enlarge my teritory break every yoke evry chain evr curse over my life. In Jesus mighty name

  96. I applied for a nursing post in Gauteng province please man of God help me pray for that post I need it in Jesus name amen

  97. Man of God please pray for me i lost my job last year april 2018. The same month our car dissapear till date.My provident money is not yet paid till date and now I’m in depts

  98. Man of God pls pray for me a miracle money or someone will help me in and my kids in financial so that i will pay all my debts and pls pray to my son that he will going to find a job the good and pays good salary either loval or international.

  99. Pray for me pastor Alph Lukau, financial breakthrough I want to build a Bed and Breakfast and I need God’s intervention, pray for me Papa.

  100. Man of God. I am Rubagumya Atuhwereire Uganda Kampala, soon to complete my college. May this year. Please Man of God bless me with your anointing. I pass my course. With flying colors, please. Pastor I also dream to go to Makerere University and do Medicine and surgery, become a #Doctor# ##nuerosurgeon##then come to South Africa to see you in your Church and testify. Thank you Pastor thank you AMI… #we are prophetic and apostolic #

  101. Man of God please pray for my total deliverance. Let God’s light shine in all areas of my life. I receive your prophecy may it be so in the mighty name of Jesus.

  102. Gud morning sir,pls I need prayer over my mother behind my problems to not prosper,I ‘ve labour a lot but nothing shows.

  103. Man of God pls pray for me that any power from my family or foundation that has been covering my Glory should be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  104. Amen man of God please pray for me I need a miracle in my life I need my spiritual life with God to be more strong then before I need more wisdom and knowledge,a job,a husband,and good health and financial breakthrough in Jesus name I ask and pray Amen

  105. yes man of God,i need you to pray for me.i need serious financial break.Right now i dont have any money to pay for my rentals,my children school fees and to buy food in the house.i need a serious financial brake through by monday 11/2/2019.please pray for me prophet of God.

  106. Amen pastor alph lukau I pray that what you have prophecy will come to pass ijmn. I pray to have money and never lacking it anymore. To be uplifted socially. Have a job. I will have automatic healing for me and my family. Facilitate my daughter to have her passport in Cameroon to travel to me in Sudan and receive her treatment. I to have a house 🏡 and have a car 🚙 for the first time in my life. Lord all that are not mentioned by me. You know what your servant needs and desires. My 3 daughters with depression is now history. I do believe it in Jesus Mighty Name. My stroke condition is gone. Dementia for my sister. Academic successes for children and grand grand children too. Husband to sell his house at a high price. Procedures for sale to be cheaper to enable him save more money. To enable him to buy a better house 🏡. Restoration of all what we lost. Redemption of my sins and that of my family. Wisdom to know you God and to make good decisions.

  107. Please pray for me i want God to be in control of my entire life i surrender my entire life to God I want to serve him only.I going through the worse struggle in my life.I ask God to forgive me for my many sins and bless me with my heart desire, to fully paid of for my mother home by today.GOD Please walk with me every second of my life from this day on.Use me LORD. I SURRENDER MY ENTIRE LIFE TO YOU.

  108. Amen man of God. Let same prophecy of yours go to my son Hytham. Who coming to sit for an exam. His being hired to work in Saudi Arabia is certain by what you said, I pray for all that will come to pass. Give my son the wisdom to use the opportunity in his hand to create something helpful to him. Grant him success in his field.

  109. Pastor alph lukau prophecy and miracles healing let your prophecy go on my husband who has been jobless for 35 years now. Let his gateway of opportunies be open. Create in him a spirit to help his family. Cast away the bad spirit of laziness, confusion, lying, and neglect of my family.

  110. pastor pls pray the God will safe my marriage my husband from turning his back on God for God to keep me in the palm of his hand that i will never turn my back on Him for favour mercy grace for more wisdom love joy peace more of Gods hand to move in my life Pstor Alph i need miracle money in my bank account so that i can start a business of myown for God to send my husband a new job more finance for me as well im working as a general cleaning but the the here is so little so i pray that God will open new doors new jobs new oppertuneties i have have faith cuz God said He has more instore for me then i could ever ask i believe with all i have that God is going to send me that new house im waiting on money in my bank in my pockets in my bag so can can be a blessing to others as well amen

  111. Pst I need God to hear your prayer to pray for me,I hd a stray bullet on 2010/may/I was supposed to be recompasated but looks like the who was in charge turn me blind, took everything,9years now,pray for me,I need my money. Amen

  112. Pastor please pray for me I need a job above my qualification, I need financial breakthrough, let doors of favour open for me and let my enemies and the enemies of my family members be ashamed in Jesus Name Amen, And let money money above my expectation hit my account and give me an opportunity to travel out of this country and let me excel in life an let my destiny that was destroyed be recreated in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  113. Man of God please pray for me for financial breakthrough for me to settle my debts and for me to live my life as i should pray for my kids and family and for a good husband oh man of God prophesy over me in Jesus name Amen

  114. Amen. Family togetherness, elevation to another level
    Healing in my body to get back my complete energy, divine protection,
    Restoration in all areas of my life & all that pertains to me.

  115. Man of God pray for us with my husband, family and our children, heal my brother in law who is no walking and my sister in law who is hiv positive. Pray for deliverance to my father, mother and mother in law too. Pray for my husband who don’t have job and we want to build our house in Jesus name. Amen

  116. I pray for my future husband to locate me.
    I pray for family breakthrough.
    God should make a way so that we will provide 1.5million and clear our depth.

  117. Hi pastor. I would like prayer for my financial situation. I need work.. And o need healing and deliverance for my son jamaal Bertrand. I am a home health aid . i have been going on job interview and nothing much. Please pray for me. The spirit of pisgah is roaming.. Thats the spirit of almost there. Thank you

  118. Please pray for me and my kids fir financial breakthrough
    pray for my son Gordon he really need a stable job right now
    pray for peace in my famiy
    in Jesus mighty name Amen

  119. Pastor, I’m in Liberia but my fiancee and I continue to follow you. Pray for us pastor for financial breakthrough and a peaceful relationship.

  120. Please Pray for me and my family, I want to lived together with my husband he works in NZ for our family’s better future and we lived in the island with my daughter, please pray for us to move in NZ to stay together with my husband and for good for our little family also for better to help my parents and siblings also my family in the name of Jesus Christ. God please pray for my financial breakthrough for me to settle my debts. Also please Pray for my family and all my siblings, we had a sickness and i believed that is a curse but we don’t know where it starts, rather it is start because of my parents or my grandparents or great grandparents, please hear us in the name of Jesus. pray for us we want another child. Please pray for our plans for this year and the future to be success in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  121. Pastor, I have lots of loans to pay but my salary not enough, please pray for my financial situation. I also want to have my own car, build my own house with my husband and daughter, also i want to build my parents and my in-laws’s house and buy them a new car, wisdom, to be promote in my job and lastly for my family to become one and love each others, care for each others and share one to another in Jesus name.


  122. I receive your Prophesy in Jesus Name! May this weight melt off like better and stay off. I am healthy and physically fit from this year 2019 and here on out in Jesus Name!! Yes pastor The Sickness is Over ,I receive the blessings you give from God to me In Jesus Name. I am humble Pastor Alph Lukau. I submit my prayer request NOW. I receive the Miracles that will Shock me in my life now in this month and year in the Name of Jesus. Yes Lord, please reverse the negative in my account – I see miracle money touch my account and credits cancelled like Pastor Alph prophesy, the opposite is going to take place in my bank accounts in Jesus Name – I am no longer in the negative but in the positive – I receive this in the mighty name of Jesus!! I am one of the 50000 people who will see miracles this February/2019, I AM TAKING MINE NOW IN JESUS NAME!!! I receive in Jesus Name! Starting from this day. The people who Yada Yahweh shall do great exploits. I will shock my generation. I will do what has never been done before. I will go where no one has gone before. I will exceed the expectations of my mockers. Those who knew me will not recognize me. Those who mocked me will admire me. So shall it be! I receive this in Jesus Name pastor Alph Lukau, I Receive receive receive in Jesus Name

  123. Please pray for my total deliverance in all areas of my life especially setbacks. Pray for my financial freedom in the mighty name of Jesus. I claim the prophecy with faith in Jesus’s mighty name.

    • Lord I thank you for your continued blessings on my family. I thank for my son and my husband promotion. I thank you for working things out with mine and my sons traveling documents and the receipt of the document from my mother. All these things I thank you in Jesus name Amen

  124. I receive it papa plz papa I am asking u to pry for my financial breakthrough nothing is going right in life and papa plz papa pry for me and my family sickness to be healed I am asking u papa plz papa pry for me that God to put hands in my life

  125. Papa my prayer request today I receive a call for my job interview in place have applied TPO Uganda, UN WFP,TAC Uganda and that God materialises my relationship with Ben Otto such that I get married soon am tired of joblessness and also not being married, pray for my daughter Cynthia that receives always favour from her dad okoli Charles and protection from her wicked step mother Nabafu Linus . Papa break any curse , wickedness done to me by my relatives especially aunts, uncle’s, step mother.

  126. man of God want u to pray for me to be strong because my tears is too mush for me i lost my son and husband in 3month time.pray for me who so ever doing this to me let them die.

  127. God remember my Thanksgiving and accept my sacrifices and may the Holy Alter at my church speak of me to you in Jesus name Amen

  128. To God be thy Glory, I greet you my able spiritual father, my prayer request is: to increase my prayer life, to restore my dream line again, Healing in my life and family, no more disappointment in my family, total restoration in my family, total deliverance in my family, my good God will locate my husband this month, total healing for my elder brother Jusu to receive his sight, my younger sister Aminata will have Children this year, protection for my children and wisdom understanding my son will do excellent in his Exam this year he will have the best result in this school, healing for me and family, financial breakthrough to build our houses and live a happy live, all debt cancel in my life and family, and all the good things our good God have for us this February it will manifest in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amenooooooooooo, I also thank you on behalf of my family my able father more grace, favour anointing, may you live long and deliver more soul in Jesus Mighty Name

  129. Amen I received my Car, money and house in Jesus Mighty Name. Please pray for my mother she been sick for sometime now her name is Sahara Myers live in Liberia.

  130. Pastor estou a pedir para pastor ora para minha vida espiritual, minha vida financeira, aminha família, aminha saúde e meu avanço financeira para Deus me tira no fundo do poço, na miséria, na pobreza, nas divida, eu quero ter de novo mãe quero ter bebé bebé .Amém

  131. pray for me i ve alot of loans and my salary is too little and i ve alot of debts to pay.alot of people owe me money but dont want to pay me the including the govt please pray for me

  132. pray for our promotions me and my husband many years no promotion but performing very well but when it comes to his promotion its difficult more than 25years no promotion

  133. i believe man of God that this is our day for turn around in my family delivarence and move in us your God evalates us where those who know us will not know us i believe this February AMEN

  134. AMEN. Pastor Alph please pray for forgiveness for me, that I may find a good job for the qualification and experience I have or something similiar. Pray that the evil spirit living in this house I came to rent will leave or that I can manage to find another place and money to pay my rent. Pray that all blockage and generational curse or problems be removed. Amen. Thank you Pastor

  135. Dear Pastor Alph play for me to acquire a good job with benefits and similar to my qualifications and experience. Pray that the evil spirit living in the house I’m renting leave and never return. Pray that the spirit can never possess me.

  136. Man of God pray for me for goodluck any were i go, any thing i want, idea to make wwealth, goodluck to win Big money, wisdom to known more about God

  137. Amen. My prayer request that any stubborn situation in my life & family to be completely dismantle, my children V. & E. Shaya, etc.,…togetherness, touch into all aspects in our lives. Divine helper show up quick.

  138. Papa continue to intercede for me that I get the job this Month and my family, my relationship with Ben Otto my future husband pray that God blesses us intervenes ensuring that we live together as family.

  139. Please pray miracle healing pray for me and my family myself children grandkids also my friend to stop his drinking and smoking for spiritual blessings..i also really need a car..

  140. Please pray for me and my family for urgent Financial ibusbreakthrough and job. please also pray for my children for God to provide job and open business for our home. Thank you

  141. need your prayer Man of God for Larrious devils have been harrassing us he ended up shooting one and injured him ,lastyear they were hunting him with riffles at our farm im peggy ndaba from Botswana

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