If You Are Online , Can I Pray For You Now !!! – Pastor Alph Lukau Wants to Pray For You Now (Submit Your Prayer Request)

Today will be a special Day in your Life , As a man of God I Prophesy that Our Lord Jesus Christ will Turn your Life around , he will Lift you from Nothing to Something – This month is your month of miracles In Jesus Name – Submit a Prayer Request Now.


What’s happened to you is over and done. You can’t go into a new season if you’re always looking back at the old. It may not have been fair, but God is fair. He knows how to make it up to you, but you have to let go of what didn’t work out. Quit putting energy into negative things of the past.


Dear Father God,

I hold up whoever is reading this right now. Lord, I don’t know their situation, but You do. I don’t know their heart, but You do. I don’t know where they been or what they’ve done, but You do and YOU STILL LOVE THEM. Father, I hold them up to You this day and pray You touch them, embrace them in a mighty way. Let all pains, agony, anxiety, depression, thoughts of being alone and confusion leave them right now. For You have a plan and a purpose for their life.

Plans to prosper them and not to harm them, but to give them hope and a future. Lord, open their eyes to see You, their ears to hear You and their hearts to receive You and all that You have for their lives. For Your ways are GREATER than anything this world could ever offer…

Nothing is too hard for You. Comfort them and give them peace oh LORD. Surround them with Your love and mercy, in Jesus mighty name I pray… Amen!


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