God Will Answer Your Prayer – Choose and See Miracle


God Will Answer Your Prayer – Choose and See Miracle :

Mark My Words , I Command the Heaven to hear your Prayers within the next 3 days , As You Select one of the Prayers Below and Pray With Me – DON’T FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR PRAYER REQUEST




The immense universe exists because of your limitless power Oh Lord. The sun, the moon, and the ocean reveal your divine energy.

Without it, we can never remain alive in this world.

We thank you for all of these good things you created that make our lives meaningful and worth living.

May you grant us food, shelter and financial resources in our mundane existence. May you find our work worthy of monetary rewards.

May you deem it proper that we deserve to earn good money from our efforts.

May you bless us with peace, prosperity and happiness the rest of our lives. We know that nothing happens without your great blessings.

This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Dear God, I thank you that you have a job for me, and I know that in whatever position you place me, I will be blessed. I am blessed when I come and when I go, and I know that I am above only and not beneath. You have blessed me and called me your own.

I know that my success is found in you and you have given me the ability to perform my job with excellence. It is in you that I receive promotion, increase and success and I thank you that your blessing and favor will be awaiting me at the new job that you have for me.


‘May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.’ Numbers 6:24-26 NLT

Prayer: Lord we thank you that you are the God of peace. We thank you that even when the earth is trembling we can be still and know you are God. Nothing can seperate us from You. We praise you for your protection and favor. As we sit in your presence and focus our hearts and minds on you, give us your perfect peace. We trust that no matter what, you will guide us, protect us and be gracious toward us. Amen.


  1. PASTOR, Alph Lukau: I feel like I need a prayer of agreement for money my husband want me to beg him back that wont happen in a million years please dont try and put us together never he is better off with his new family..I dont have anyone on my life. I will TRUST my lord for my NEW LIFE.

  2. PASTOR, Alph Lukau: I feel like I need a prayer of agreement for money.
    Seek first the righteousness of God, and all things shall be added unto you. I am a civil servant. However, the Lord anointed me to serve the gospel for His work. I need MONEY. Because I want to invest in Ethiopia and the seven continents highly preaching the gospel and build a churches. Like Paul, I understand a secret. The secret that was hidden for our glory centuries ago. I reveal that secret to the world in the gospel. All things are possible to God. You are blessed. Amen………..

  3. Pastor, please pray for me loan. My lender is delaying the funding of my loan. I have paid the required bank and administration fees. I believe if there are blocks, please Man of God,break free the blocks and in the Lord Jesus name the Holy Spirit will command her to pay my loan into my bank account. I ask this in Jesus Name, Amen

  4. I’m lost Daddy I feel totally lost. I’m your son in the house of God nothing has gone right for me I don’t know what to do

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