Get 1000+ Free Pastor Alph Lukau , 2018 Sermons , Preaching , Gospels

Get 1000+ Free Pastor Alph Lukau , 2018 Sermons , Preaching , Gospels

Get 1000+ Free Pastor Alph Lukau , 2018 Sermons , Preaching , Gospels , This page will also connect you to the mountain of transformation where you can get gospel and stay connected with our heavenly father through the chambers of his servant , Pastor Alph Lukau.Get 1000+ Free Pastor Alph Lukau , 2018 Sermons , Preaching , Gospels

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There is no better place to spend the Easter Holidays with your family than in the house of God. For 3 days we will command and activate the prophetic will of God into our lives. Everything dead is coming back!

I receive it in Jesus Mighty Name May the God of Alph Lukau give me Victory in my unemployment, finance, sickness,poverty, family, relationship in Jesus Name, Heavenly Father may it manifest in my life and so shall it be and it cannot be otherwise AMEN

We will command RESURRECTION to the dead business, the dead marriage, the dead ministry, the dead finances, the dead relationships, the dead contracts, the dead health and the dead spiritual life. Somebody AGREE and shout Amen! #SHAREpost


Let the world KNOW that Jesus Christ HEALS HIV/AIDS. He has never ceased to be Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer. Thousands of men and women have received their healing in this house to date.

This daughter of Zion contracted HIV 12 years ago and says that after the word of healing was declared in church she went back to the hospital to retest.

She has tested HIV NEGATIVE. The medical staff tested her AGAIN after a period of time and the result has remained the SAME. Lord we give You all the glory and all the honour.

There is NOTHING impossible with God. NOTHING #SHAREpost #JesusHealsHIV

Thank you for your Grace Holy Father. I appreciate you for been my God, my Father, my Creator, my Saviour, my Redeemer, and my ALL. Thank you for all that you do for me, are doing for me, and will do for me. Use me for your Glory Almighty God, for you are my Holy Father, Jehovah. You are Faithful, Glorious, and All Powerful. Glory to you, forever and ever, Amen.

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Your love is amazing! You are love and we draw from You, Jesus, our fountain of love! We embrace Your love and become vessels and carriers of Your love. Today! We recognise that we have no right to hate anyone, because You are love.

We believe in You and as a believer, we are followers of Christ.

Today! We humble ourselves and commit to loving one another! We humble ourselves and become true followers of Christ, by loving one another! Help us Lord to be genuine lovers of Christ!

We take a conscious decision to be an example of true dicciples of love. The world will know that we are His didciples, when we love one another.

Many people’s lives are linked directly or indirectly to an altar. Altars of poverty, stagnation, sickness and witchcraft. God this Friday and Sunday has sent AMI to break these altars, no more sickness, no more death, no more divorce, no more poverty, no more pain, your freedom has arrived. Somebody prophetically declare: NO MORE! #SHAREpost


  1. I am a child of God and belong to the new creation Praise the Lord. I have been watching and listening to your teaching and preaching,and I am blessed with your words.I would have liked to visit your church.But I am living in Peterborough UK.
    I do believe in the prophetic and would be so grateful if you will send me some prophesy on my life. I thank you ever so much …..Please also deliver me from my static possition to the place I want to go.

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