Pastor Alph Lukau A Paris , France , French – Translator

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 Pastor Alph Lukau A Paris , France , French – Translator

So i received a mail from people asking if they can have a French Version of Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons and Messages , i suspected that the message is from A Paris , France , French so i decided to make this post.Pastor Alph Lukau A Paris , France , French - Translator


Please Note that Alleluia Ministries International is Working very hard to keep translators in Place for all the Languages and Please we kindly plead with you to exercise time for them.

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Summary: Pastor Alph Lukau A Paris , France , French – Translator

Please we wish to inform you that you can now submit your prayer request using the LINKS BELOW AND ABOVE , please kindly share this post and below are some prayer points and sermons.

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  • Prayer For Boyfriend
  • Prayer For Birthday
  • Prayer For Business
  • Prayer For Broken Heart
  • Prayer For Baby Girl
  • Prayer For Breakthrough

The Lord spoke to me for the 1st time about a CLEANSING SERVICE. This Sunday the Lord will change your story. Many people are carrying curses and sicknesses of which they do not know the origin. There are families locked because of curses passed down from generation to generation. That layer of curses has to be removed.

If you are to progress, if you are to be elevated, to prosper and to be healed; align with this prophetic word.

Your family will be cleansed
Your health cleansed
Your blood purified
Your finances cleansed
Your career and dreams cleansed
Every curse shall be removed
Who am I prophesying to?