List of Top 10 Pastor Alph Lukau Accurate Prophecy – 2018 – 2019:

Below is the list of Shared and Unknown Videos of Pastor Alph Lukau for the Period of January to October 2018 and Note that this page will be updated everyday with more and new Videos.Pastor Alph Lukau Accurate Prophecy


You can now submit your prayer request to pastor Alph Lukau using the LINKS BELOW AND ABOVE and note that below are the examples of prayer request sent by others.

  • A Prayer For Healing
  • A Prayer For My Son
  • A Prayer For My Daughter
  • A Prayer For Today
  • A Prayer For Strength
  • A Prayer For A Friend
  • A Prayer For The Dying
  • A Prayer For My Husband

Top 10 Pastor Alph Lukau Accurate Prophecy:

1. Jay Israel Sr receives Prophetic Impartation from his Spiritual Father Alph Lukau

2. Prophetic Moments with Pastor Alph Lukau | Holy Ghost Service | Sunday 7 Oct 2018|

3. In The Last Days | Sermon with Pastor Alph Lukau | Celebration Service | Sunday 7 Oct 2018|

4. God Acts For The One Who Waits For Him | Morning Glory Service – Bishop Stephan | Sunday 7 Oct 2018|

5. That’s it ! Alph Lukau is not Human, HE IS A SPIRIT. WOW 😲 MISSING CHILD LOCATED

6. Alph Lukau is at it again – Accurate Prophecy

7. Prophetic Moments | EAGLES WINGS (PART 2) – Pastor Alph Lukau | Sunday 23 Sept 2018|AMI LIVESTREAM

8. NEVER SEEN BEFORE!! General Alph 👮 About to Arrest a CORRUPT Lawyer – Accurate Prophecy

9. Prophetic Moments with Pastor Alph Lukau | Sunday 29/07/2018 | AMI LIVESTREAM

10. UNBELIEVABLE ! He killed 400 people 😲. Now they want his ONLY son.


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  1. Thank you Alpha Lukau with your wife Bishop Celeste Lukau, and AMI for prayees and everything I received it. Please pray for my Family, and for the world Peace. In mighty Jesus Christ Amen.

  2. Prayers for my assignment to preach the word of God….in the name of Jesus…walking in the fullness of my calling… Amen

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