Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request

Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request

Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request , Do you know that Through Alleluia Ministries ministry, people are saved, healed, delivered, we have seen families restored and many miracles have taken placePastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request

Now enjoy and share our reviews and note that you can get connected with “Alleluia Ministries” using the details below ,

Our Salomonic Generation Series is already changing lives (LIVE Sundays 1pm-4pm). I am here sent by God to bring about a SHIFT in the way the body of Christ views MONEY.

The one who told us that money is evil misled us. There is nothing good in poverty. Poverty is a disability and it is a curse. As a child of God – poverty is not an option. You can live your life having Jesus Christ and gold and silver! Are you hearing me?


8 Charles Crescent
South Africa


Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

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Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries

This time tomorrow we will be in the house of God. I see FAVOUR coming to you. Don’t be afraid of anyone. Let them talk in these 3 days your God will turn the tables around! What they meant for evil, God will turn it for your GOOD. Do not miss it. I prophetically declare it over you and it cannot be otherwise!

Please BEWARE of Facebook Scams. Alleluia Ministries International and Pastor Alph Lukau will NEVER INBOX/CALL/SMS you. We will not send you an IVP Form as its ONLY ON OUR WEBSITE..or a price list for Israel/Holy Oil to buy. We do NOT know JOYCE +27638507017.

We will NOT send you a FRIEND REQUEST on Facebook. Or ask you to donate funds to any orphanage or bank account for any reason. You will also NEVER be given prophecies in exchange for money. Please REPORT to Facebook every time the devil shows up.

Pastor Alph will never send you a Friend Request on Facebook and you will NEVER RECEIVE AN INBOX MESSAGE from his name. This Page has over 480 000 LIKES not friends.

Please do not respond to any communication that breaches this.


  1. Please pray God will restore my 18+yr job. My supervisor, co-workers, division manager, human resource manager, former union representative, and three judges were all inspired by Satan to conspire against me to lose my job. They even did a Blood sacrife and put fresh blood underneath my desk at work. I was terminated on March 27th 2018. I am appealing with the Administrative Judge who can deny or reinstate my career. I only have 4 1/2yrs til retirement. Thank you very kindly.

  2. Good morning Pastor Alph Lukau. my name is Andrea Champ I live in the USA. I need to talk to you immediately. My neighbor took 2 pictures over my house and 1 displayed a rainbow and the other she said was Jesus. I never seen Jesus but there is 2 men faces in the clouds. On the right side there is a blue moon and the left side is a very bright, bright light like a portal being opened. I have the pictures on my phone and I have it developed so I Iook at it everyday that God is alive and real and I know He loves me. I want you to see and tell me who are the 2 men over my house looking down on me please.

  3. Pastor my name is Rajan Babu I am a pastor of a small congregation of 40members. I am in ministry for 25years il
    I lost both my kidneys and I am in dialysis for 3years please pray for my healing and I want to hear from LORD JESUS please help me

  4. Praise the Lord,
    Please pray for me I need my life to be totally changed financially and spiritually. I finished my studies In 2015 but since then I have never got a chance of working. Pray for me so that God can open doors for me to be able to start my own business I have ideas but I fail to get money. Pray that God can give children. Be blessed

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