Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request

Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request

Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request , Do you know that Through Alleluia Ministries ministry, people are saved, healed, delivered, we have seen families restored and many miracles have taken placePastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request

Now enjoy and share our reviews and note that you can get connected with “Alleluia Ministries” using the details below ,

Our Salomonic Generation Series is already changing lives (LIVE Sundays 1pm-4pm). I am here sent by God to bring about a SHIFT in the way the body of Christ views MONEY.


  • 8 Charles Crescent

  • Kramerville

  • Sandton

  • South Africa


  1. Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
  2. International: (+27) 11 443 5705
  3. Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

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Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries

This time tomorrow we will be in the house of God. I see FAVOUR coming to you. Don’t be afraid of anyone. Let them talk in these 3 days your God will turn the tables around! What they meant for evil, God will turn it for your GOOD. Do not miss it. I prophetically declare it over you and it cannot be otherwise!Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request

Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries , Contact Details , Prayer Request

Sr Portia gave an astounding testimony to the glory of God. She had breast cancer and after undergoing chemotherapy she suffered heart failure. Her fiance advised her to travel all the way from Zimbabwe and seek her healing here in AMI.

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  1. Thank you JESUS fòr Pastor Lukau.I listened n watched his sermons everyday here in Iraq.I am Military Nurse and I thank the LORD for healing and keeping me safe in this war torn country.Please pray for me.I really want to meet you in God’s time.GB your MINISTRY.

  2. Dear Pastor, I am 69 and am from Sri Lanka. I enjoy your ministry every day watching on the internet and I am really blessed. I am an Evangelist. I need to be delivered from drawbacks, weaknesses, and poverty. I want your blessings and impartation for a successful ministry with holiness. May God bless your family and your valuable service unto God in the Name of Jesus. Regards,

  3. I’m Maria Ntsepa Ledwaba i have problems first unemployment lady. I single with one son. Man of God my please help me because I am not happy with life. I want my place to stay with my son i can not find it,want a job i can not find one but apply many jobs nothing i find.But i know that you Man of God you can help me. Latest i want to married. I suffered many years.

  4. Pastor pray for me for Financial breakthrough I am in the pool of debt can breath and need deliverance my life going back not forward.

  5. Pastor Alph Lukau is now I now that there is a man of GOD on earth, You are God on 2 foots, speak my new job to existence i believe it will happen to exactly

  6. Dear Man of God, pls pray for me, my names are Henry Tunde Onikeku from Nigeria. I’m a businessman/Contractor. I need a bumper harvest of contracts, cos my business is going down by the day.

  7. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau or better still man of GOD. Please I am sick and I you to pray for my healing. I have problem with my bladder and I am always running in every few minutes that I can not sleep at night. I am 73 years old and seriously I do not have the if not I would have come to South Africa to see you. Please reach me through my Email address. I know that your prayers can reach me, thank you. Alexander

  8. Am lilian from kenya kindly i need man of GOD to minister to me about my life and my family nothing is moving in our lives and most especially debts. i also need to get 31yrs hav no kids and currently not dating

  9. Am 37 years of age still single, please pray for me to meet my partner so i can be married and have a good job. I apply for fire service job, i promise once i get the job i will pay my first tithte in ur account.

  10. I bless your God pastor.I am writing from Tanzania.I love your ministry and I glorify God the way your alter gives people the answers of people’s prayers.
    It’s my hope too that my answers will be obtained there.
    Husband,financial break through, family’s restoration.
    God bless you

  11. Pastor Dallas.Texas is a mess! From the church police department, witchcraft is everywhere! BUT SO IS OUR GOD ! I’m asking you to. Pray for the Botham Jean family’s! He was shot by a off duty police officer in his own apartment. She claim she thought it was her apartment! And she shot and killed him in cold blood. He was a smart young Christian who love God and his church ! Policemen is ling. David L. Armstrong of theTexas Rangers is ling and saying he was doing drugs or selling drugs. She did this after two weeks ago. The first time in history a white police got time for killing a young 17yrs old man. They are mad! Because they think the are God ! Pray that all of Texas and the hold world WILL FEAR OUR GOD ! This man tried to make fountain of people marching! Let people march in the church like they did in the Bible. And let every wall of Hell Fall Down! In Jesus Christ Name ! AndWe Plead The BLOOD Of Jesus Christ Over This World And Over The Living Word Of God ! That It Will Come ALive Greater Than Ever Before ! The Holy Ghost!God The Father ! Jesus Christ And Blood As WellAS The WARING ANGELES HAS OF God Clean House All Over The World ! Till people with tittles and money get it in there heads,hearts and minds they are not God ! I pray for this family that God vindicate there son, brother,uncle. Hateful people be uncovered. People in Dallas, lie cheat steal and kill you like you are poison snake or something! They don’t care until something happens to them or there’s. Don’t be a blessing to them ! They will be the first to try to take you down ! They Need To Know God Is , Thank You ,

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