Free PDF : Pastor Alph Lukau Books , 2018 Books & How To Buy

Free PDF : Pastor Alph Lukau Books , 2018 Books & How To Buy

Free PDF : Pastor Alph Lukau Books , 2018 Books & How To Buy , Do you know that coming to the Books aspects by Pastor Alph Lukau You must be motivated if not more than that , he has all the words to make you understand the true meaning of life , so let’s get started with some of the fast reviews.Free PDF : Pastor Alph Lukau Books , 2018 Books & How To Buy

Before that , do you know that South African pastor and general overseer of Alleluia Ministries International, Alph Lukau, is said to be the richest pastor in the world, with an estimated net worth of $1billion.

Hope that’s an amazing fact.

 Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Books

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Word for today:-

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Alleluia! Glory to Jesus! How great and awesome is our God! His love never seizes. He expresses His love towards us in verse 19!

Free PDF : Pastor Alph Lukau Books

 God governs with an iron fist, but at the same time loves us beyond measure. Although He is the ALL knowing God, He still feels the need to direct us out of any future mistakes, intentions, decisions and wrong choices.

 Here God went to the extent of bringing us in alignment with covenant. Yes! God operates in covenant.
He called Heaven and earth in agreement as witness that He loves us so much by setting before us, life and death and tells us to choose life.

 Beloved in the Lord! Life is before us. God’s word is spirit and life. God is life, because the Word of God is crystal clear that in Him, we live, in Him we move and in Him, we have our being! We then agree that life is in God.

 Death too, is before us, but God instructs us to choose life.
Death is any decision we make that takes us out of the will of God and leads us to destruction and our generations to come

 In choosing Life, I give guaranteed life to my children and grand children and generations to come. Choosing life gives birth to blessings and choosing death, gives birth to death.
Let us obey God’s command and choose life!
In every situation placed before us, let’s choose life.

Declarations of faith:-
1. I decree and I declare that today I allign myself with the will of God. His will is good and not evil, Life and not death.
2. I decree and I declare that I choose life for my children by obeying God’s will.
3. I decree and I declare that from today I will allow God to kill my flesh by choosing life! My entire being is now under complete submission of the word of God.
4. I decree and I declare that I shall live and not die, to declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
5. I decree and I declare that my will from today, will always be subject to God’s will and eternal life is my portion.
Blessed day!

Who told you that HIV/AIDS is incurable? Who said cancer, leukemia, paralysis, diabetes, migraines, or ANY sickness is incurable? God did not say so. Today many men and women testified that God healed them from HIV after 21 years, 20 years, 8 years, 2 years, 4 years, 1 year, 9 years, 6 years and more. THANK YOU JEHOVAH RAPHA. God told me that THOUSANDS more people will be healed of HIV before this season is over. May you receive your healing in the name of Jesus!

The prophetic word is TRUE and it shall come to pass in your life the devil like it or not! What a great joy it was to receive this incredible testimony. The Lord gave a prophetic word for prophet Jay Israel and said “the man who you met and prayed for at the airport many years ago is HEALED from cancer. His name is Marcus Kruger. This man will locate you in the coming week and be a great blessing to you.” Now listen to this – 7 days after the prophetic word Marcus Kruger’s son contacted prophet Jay Israel and told him that my father is looking for you. The following week he spoke with Marcus Kruger just as the Lord had said who told him that he will be a great blessing to him and that Jay Israel’s life will never be the same again. I activate every prophetic word given into your life. I remove every spirit of delay. May you see your dream, may you see your reward, may you see your deliverance and breakthrough, may your destiny friend locate you now in the name of Jesus. Somebody say Amen!

“He Himself bore our sins” in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by His wounds you have been healed.” (1 Peter 2:24)

Today is a significant day for every believer! 
Yes! It’s a day to reflect and be thankful, that our Lord and our Saviour loves us indeed!
The plan has always been that you and I be spared from eternal death.
Today! We are confident, that when we believe in our hearts and confess with our tongue, that Jesus is Lord, we are saved and therefore, by grace, will have eternal life!

Note That

Our next IVP will be a divine set up. I don’t know what you will come trusting God for, it may be a problem in your health, a problem at work, you may be dealing with oppression, you may be looking for a future for your children, restoration in a relationship/marriage but whatever you will come looking for; as you break the platter – you will find it in the name of Jesus Christ! God has a way of picking you up and lifting you above the miry clay! The tables will TURN AROUND!


  1. Thank you for inviting me to me to AMI in S. Africa. Please pray for me that the Lord God make a way for me one day. Whenever I watch Pastor Alph Lukau preaching I always immergin myself sitting there in the church. At the moment I don’t go to any church so please pray for me.

  2. Pastor please pray for my family.As of 2011 things get worse. My wife diagnosed with parkinson disease and debts started to increase ever since. Earnings has been halted. Pray for our breakthrough. Pls prophecy what God has instore for me and my family.

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