Check Full Pictures Of Pastor Alph Lukau’s Children (Blessed Family)

 Check Full Pictures Of Pastor Alph Lukau’s Children (Blessed Family)

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 Reviews : Check Full Pictures Of Pastor Alph Lukau’s Children (Blessed Family)

  • – As for me and my house, we shall serve the lord..

  • – With one of my coolest friend ever, my boy Richie Lukau

– Whoever stands against you, shall fall before you in Jesus name.

If you could see the plan for your life on a map, it wouldn’t be a straight line — there are stepping stones, curves, and detours that are all part of the path to your destiny. Stay the course!

God works according to the law of gradual growth, so don’t be discouraged if your progress seems slow. It is better that things are slow and solid rather than fast and fragile. Trust God’s timing and enjoy your journey. God’s timing is always perfect. Please don’t get discouraged. Just like a farmer, when he sows his seed, he doesn’t get the harvest the following week. There’s a gap between sowing & reaping. And I really believe by the grace and mercy of God. I am reaping today things that I sowed more than 40 years ago. So please don’t get discouraged.

It’s one day at a time!

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