Is Pastor Alph Lukau Cult Member? – Occultic Reviews

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Is Pastor Alph Lukau Cult Member? – Occultic Reviews

When i saw this Question Online , I Laughed , Please be informed that from Our Research Pastor Alph Lukau who is the founder of Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) is not a Member of any Secret Society. Pastor Alph Lukau Cult


Now you can submit your prayer request using the links BELOW AND ABOVE and not that you have to specify your prayer points just like the examples below:

  • Prayer For Relief
  • Prayer For Recovery
  • Prayer For Rain
  • Prayer For Repentance
  • Prayer For Restoration
  • Prayer For Rest
  • Prayer For Relationships

 Summary: Is Pastor Alph Lukau Cult Member? – Occultic Reviews

Please Kindly Join some of our sermons below.

“This is your season of favor. Those who are working against you will be put to shame. Isaiah says you can gather together but the gathering does not matter but what matter is the outcome. They will gather together to scatter.

Let them make all plans but let me tell you something: You have God of Pastor Alph Lukau on your side!”

“I see you walking in high places. It doesn’t matter whether you have a connection or not, you have a connection with God and there is no connection that can go beyond that connection.

Some of you want to do business but you don’t know where to begin. From tonight God will begin to equip you!”