Pastor Alph Lukau Daily Devotionals , Sermons – April 22 2018

Pastor Alph Lukau Daily Devotionals , Sermons - March 26th 2018

Pastor Alph Lukau Daily Devotionals , SermonsApril 22 2018 , Who told you that HIV/AIDS is incurable? Who said cancer, leukemia, paralysis, diabetes, migraines, or ANY sickness is incurable? God did not say so. Pastor Alph Lukau Daily Devotionals , Sermons - March 26th 2018

Today many men and women testified that God healed them from HIV after 21 years, 20 years, 8 years, 2 years, 4 years, 1 year, 9 years, 6 years and more. THANK YOU JEHOVAH RAPHA. God told me that THOUSANDS more people will be healed of HIV before this season is over. May you receive your healing in the name of Jesus!

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Jesus Christ told His disciples to go and find money in the mouth of the fish (Matthew 17:24-27). MIRACLE MONEY is divine provision. I have seen money miracles but today was just EXTREME. God did not send just money but MEGA MIRACLE money.

People received MEGA amounts like R703 400, R250 000, R200 000, R102 000, R50 000, R36 000, R3736 and R1000 and more on their beds, in handbags, in bank accounts and through government payments. This is a sign of the GRACE of God displayed! There is nothing that God cannot do. I am just amazed.

I am in awe. May God SHOCK the system of this world with your testimony! May God open up every closed door in your finances. May whoever owes you money PAY YOU BACK.

May you never lack in the name of Jesus!

Each week AMI receives guests from the United States and various countries overseas who are seeking the power of God.

This servant of God saw us online last week Wednesday and immediately decided to catch the next plane to Africa and join our Friday and Sunday services. What a woman of FAITH. What a woman with purpose.

She is going back to America with POWER. There are some things in life that can only be BROKEN in the spiritual realm for you to succeed in the natural realm.

I break every oppressive spirit that has bound your finances, bound your ministry, bound your relationships, bound your marriage and has bound your children.

May you PROSPER, may you achieve what God wants you to achieve in the name of Jesus!

The audacity of FAITH – AMI this will be the GREATEST Miracle you will ever see. God is about to make the impossible become POSSIBLE for His glory, so that you may know – He Alone Is God! The Spirit of God led us to this woman who has experienced a great amount of pain. The Lord revealed that her husband inexplicably fell ill and subsequently died in her arms.

She has to date had 8 MISCARRIAGES. She is with her current partner by whom she fell pregnant and last Friday MISCARRIED the pregnancy. The hospital has confirmed that she bled and lost that baby and can only try again for a new baby in the future. But God has said NO.

 Hear the voice of the Lord – the lost pregnancy is coming back to life. She will not conceive a new baby but that same fetus will come back to life.

 Medicine cannot understand it but God has declared it. SO SHALL IT BE! Our Easter Prophetic Rendezvous starts this Friday till Sunday, COME – I decree and I declare whatsoever thing the devil killed in your life

This time tomorrow we will be in the house of God. I see FAVOUR coming to you. Don’t be afraid of anyone. Let them talk in these 3 days your God will turn the tables around! What they meant for evil, God will turn it for your GOOD. Do not miss it. I prophetically declare it over you and it cannot be otherwise!

Note That

The concept of prosperity is a concept that all of us must strive to achieve. It is the will of God that we may prosper (3 John 2).

God will reach you with His Grace and His The concept of prosperity is a concept that all of us must strive to achieve. It is the will of God that we may prosper. of us must strive to achieve. It is the will of God that we may prosper.

3 essential things that you need to do to PROSPER
– You cannot be prosperous if you are not freed from bondage or prison. You may pray, fast or work but as long the bondage of the enemy is holding you bound, you cannot prosper. (Get ready to receive your freedom; get ready to see the devil kicked out of your life).
– You have to allow your mind to be transformed. Your prosperiry depends on the transformation of your mind. (Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind). What affects your mind affects your life.
– Prosperity comes from God. We are co-workers with God. God is your source (Deut 8:18) you shall remember the Lord your God. Once you are prosperous, thank God. Do not fall into selfishness.

May God send an angel that will set you free.
May every prison door in your life break open in the name of Jesus Christ!
You should be prosperous in your health, your family, your dreams, your business and in your ministry!

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