Pastor Alph Lukau Daily Devotionals , Sermons – June 25 2018

Pastor Alph Lukau Daily Devotionals , SermonsJune 25 2018 , Who told you that HIV/AIDS is incurable? Who said cancer, leukemia, paralysis, diabetes, migraines, or ANY sickness is incurable? God did not say so. Pastor Alph Lukau Daily Devotionals , Sermons - March 26th 2018

Today many men and women testified that God healed them from HIV after 21 years, 20 years, 8 years, 2 years, 4 years, 1 year, 9 years, 6 years and more. THANK YOU JEHOVAH RAPHA. God told me that THOUSANDS more people will be healed of HIV before this season is over. May you receive your healing in the name of Jesus!

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Jesus Christ told His disciples to go and find money in the mouth of the fish (Matthew 17:24-27). MIRACLE MONEY is divine provision. I have seen money miracles but today was just EXTREME. God did not send just money but MEGA MIRACLE money.

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The concept of prosperity is a concept that all of us must strive to achieve. It is the will of God that we may prosper (3 John 2).

 Pastor Alph Lukau Daily Devotionals , Sermons – June 25 2018

Every valley or situation one goes through requires specific instructions on how to deal with them. When you’re in the valley of dry bones, don’t despair.

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  • Thank you Jesus Thank you prophet Alph,i recieve todays prophecy ,In Jesus mighty name Amen

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