Pastor Alph Lukau DSTV Channel , Frequency , TV Station , Live Stream

Pastor Alph Lukau DSTV Channel , Frequency , TV Station , Live Stream

Pastor Alph Lukau DSTV Channel , Frequency , TV Station , Live Stream , Family join me with your families at 6pm TONIGHT. From this day, I disassociate you from poverty.Pastor Alph Lukau DSTV Channel , Frequency , TV Station , Live Stream

I disassociate you from lack. Your hands will not lack again. I connect you with divine provision in the name of Jesus! Somebody receive it!

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– Amen n Amen. Thank you My Lord You are so Good all the time. Be unto us according to the word of your son Alph Lukau, hence forth we receive abundance of provisions from you Lord.

All our needs are met in Christ Jesus according to the riches of His Glory in Christ the world may see n know that we are blessed by our God Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Father of glory.Amen.

–  I disassociate myself and family from poverty, I receive my blessings and miracles in the almighty name of Jesus Christ our father.

– Amen I received it And i disassociate myself and my families from lack. I declare divine provision and breakthrough in my family in Jesus name Amen


  1. O mijn jesus th aank you .i am free .you are miricul.god.thank you.iam radi for your deeplie tach lord.iam radi for you met me hart soul bodi…use me for you….love to love you

  2. Daddy, please pray for me concerning:
    – spiritual gifts.
    – financial and marital breakthroughs.
    – connect me to my odder partner.
    – may God expose my hiding enemies and destroy them
    Thank you Daddy and happy father’s day, l love you.

  3. Please pray for me and my son papa he is smoking weed the principal want him out of the school if he does not stop smoking this drug please help me i cry day and night praying to God to help him.please papa help my son.

  4. Good Morning Daddy, i Thank you for the word today and i sermon ,Gods word in my life shall surely come to pass in Jesus name
    i am trusting God For the Overflow in every Area of my life this season in Jesus Name Amen
    Much Love Daddy

    • Good morning papa can you agree with me in prayer for GOD PROTECTION ,PEACE,
      my finance , work compensation case i decree and declare victory, LOVE&UNITY IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

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