Meet My Wife , My Sons and My Entire Family – Pastor Alph Lukau’s Family (Full Pictures)

 Meet My Wife , My Sons and My Entire Family – Pastor Alph Lukau’s Family (Full Pictures)

Pastor Celeste J. Lukau is the First Lady of AMI and Also the Wife of Pastor Alph Lukau. One phrase that describes her accurately “a fist in a glove of velvet”, although young at heart she is very mature in the spirit and dearly loved by all. Despite her petite stature she is a spiritual giant born to Pastors and bred in a Christian home and never deviated from it.

She has been married to Pastor Alph Lukau for 9 years now and they are still growing strong. She appeals to both young and old and is affectionately known as “Mama Celeste”.


 Reviews : Meet My Wife , My Sons and My Entire Family – Pastor Alph Lukau’s Family (Full Pictures)

  • – Angels are blowing trumpets 🎺 of victory for you. Your coming success is about to embarrass your enemies and turn your mockers to your admirers

  • – I am praying for you – be strong and expect a turn around miracle to manifest in your life in this season in Jesus name.

God Bless You!!!

Source: Alph Lukau


  1. Hi pastor thanks for all the words you preach to us may God bless you, pls how do I get to talk to you personally and is it possible to get your number. Thanks

  2. I started to know about you, pastor alph Lukau from “you tube” and me n my wife love your ministry and admire the way God is using you. Keep up the good work n continue to pray for us. We love you.

  3. Dear Pastor, I come to know you through youtube.watching you, hearing words of knowlegde its a blessing. Man of God, pray for me, my daughters and my life direction. I pray I make to be in the house where God is using you mightly.

    • Man of God I came to know you through YouTube,l follow your clips day and night. I love your God,I trust your God,I’ve faith in God. My life has fallen apart, I need restoration Men of God. I wish to visit AMI in SA but I can’t due to financial crisis in my life. Thank you Man of God

  4. hello Pst Alph;
    i was thinking if was it possible to prophesy with precision when i saw on youtube a movie concerning the service at AMI; i’ve been amazed; and i prayed by saying Oh Lord Jesus use me like you do in the life of your servant Alph; i know there is a certain price to pay before reach that level, but i know GRACE is also availabble. i love u pastor, may God we serve give me an occasion to meet you once, even online i will be very glad. My name is Jacques Dakouti Elijah , my God answers by fire

  5. Dear Pastor l thank my Pastor here in UK who sent me your YouTube link. I watch you everyday. I hope one day I will be able to visit your church.

  6. I’m overwhelmed by what Holy Spirit is doing through brother;I knew straight away when I 1st saw your accuracy in everything that this can be only be God ;I tap in your anointing man of God and the boldness of your faith ;give glory to God for your life ;speak protection over you and your family in Jesus name

  7. Dear pastor you are a great man of God, I wish you can heal my pain just like you did to others. Ever day I watch u on television and I thank God for life been change because of you please pray for for me man of God.

  8. Hi Pastor Luaku,i have been watching you from Jamaica and i have been blessed. Please pray for my family and me. I would look to operate under the prophetic anointing,please pray for me. May God continue to use you and bless your family

  9. I am enjoying the presence of God watching you al in AMI capetown while Pastor Alph is performing the works of God. I have seen miracles in my life and i see miracles works of God right infront of thousands of people following Lord Christ Jesus. Pastor i want to meet you too. There huge revelation in my life i want you to reveal to me? God bless you much more Pastor Alph Lukau and your family. More power. In Jesus Name, Amen. I am Miss Jeane Zuniega Aninon Langan from the Philippines.

  10. Pastor please pray for me and my fimaly, I also in a relationship which is alwayz bring tears on my eyes, when I tried to live this man the luv I hv for him became stronger I dnt know why we suppose to get married this year, I bielive in Jesus I lwayz tell God my problems but they still in in front of me my parents are drinking alcohol with my younger sisters it’s stressing me to much I m in Kzn (pietermaritzburg)

  11. Praise God pastor.Am touched by the way God is using you.I have been so unfortunate to meet pastors who have just been pretenders and ended up making me poor thinking that we are praying together but I have high hopes in the true God working within you according to what I have Seen and experience d through watching from Australia.
    I would love to share my experiences with you personally and of course get deliverance .
    Kindly let me hear from you.

  12. great day Prophet for the very first time this week i watch you on you tube . all i can say is to God be the glory. Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a miraculous way.please pray for me and my family.

  13. Hello
    How do I get in contact with you? I’m living in the uk. I have been watching your ministry on YouTube.
    Please pray for my family and I.

  14. Hi pastor my name is Kalu and am living in Germany am getting interested with your ministry please help me in prayer because things are not working the it suppose to work.

  15. Dear Pastor,may the almighty increase you and your family for the good work that you are doing for the kingdom…i cant stop watching you delivarence,accurate professes and your teachings…you’re a true annoited man of God..i have lot of things that need answers/solution in my life and i know with you it shall come to pass.i always watch your addictive video on youtube and at time i find my self crying tears of joy on how amazing is the God we forever touch…

  16. Hello Man of God my name is Rev Daniel Otwere. Am always glad for your ministry. I love watching you on you tube. I request your prayers for my ministry here in Kenya. Once am in south Africa, I will visit the Church. Blessings

  17. Wo wo wo What can I say about a man of God of this caliber Truly by Devine arrangement God led me to the alter of such a spiritual general who has led me to understanding God from a different perspective from what I have ever heard.Humble and full of compassion Welcoming encouraging and non judgmental.Where can we find such man of God in this day.Everytime I listen to your messages I am drawn closer to the Mercy seat of God.Most of the times am reduced to tears as I see how real and passionate you are about souls in bondage.Indeed you where called for people in difficult situations of which iam oneAm forever thankful to God for planting me on to your alter.Just by seeing mother Celeste on the pictures I see and feel the warmth and the embracing hands of a young yet great woman of God highly favoured and selected among many woman to mother such big rainbow family.

  18. Greetings man of God I watch you everyday now on YouTube which is a blessing.pastor please pray for my family, marriage and my health in Jesus name.

  19. Great Man of God 2 intense days of watching your past and recent works as of sunday 21st oct. How I wish I could be able to speak to you I have recently got saved and believe I need more spiritual guidance and prayers for me and family because we have started yarning for the Lord. Even if not you yourself but the pastors you work with because I believe they are annointed too. Am far in Uganda but would have loved to reach AMI. May the Mighty Lord annoint abundantly to oversee us. How do I saw a seed from this way need details please.

  20. Great Man of God,

    Happy Birthday and more anointing with good health to you Sir.

    I appreciate your preaching and prophecies; but how can I from London United Kingdom get in touch with you Sir.

    I sent email to you and got no reply. I manage to get through to prayer line telephone number given on the AMI website, my mobile number was taken by the operator who answered the call and she promised me that a pastor will call me back and up to date nobody called me.

    How can I speak to you Sir to get prophecy of me from you?

    I look forward for your kind response.

  21. I’ve been asking God for an opportunity to meet you pastor Lukau, I have a big need in my family, my husband is a senior pastor of our church but he’s paraplegic the doctor told us his lever has fail hie is always in pain especially night, but in saying that what ever the devil trying to do with my husband we are strongly believe that God is alive. Praise His Name. Please remember my family hopefully you can come to Australia where we are…. let God show his will

  22. My 92 year old aunt Josie Carter, would like to know if there’s a phone number that she can get in touch with the Prophecy, she wants to talk to him for prayer for her daughter, that the doctors haven’t been able to found out whats is going on in her body

  23. May God continue to bless you and your family. You deserve all the spiritual and material blessing this life has to offer. Not many of us are prepared to make the sacrifice that you making to be an answer to many people’s problems. The Bible says that the Spirit of God goes to and fro the earth looking for those whose hearts are perfect towards Him to make himself strong. Thank God that He found your heart willing and ready to pay the price. I hope you will be able to visit Jamaica. We need a visitation from God.

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