Pastor Alph Lukau Family , Wife , Children , Father , Mother & Siblings

Pastor Alph Lukau Family , Wife , Children , Father , Mother & Siblings , You Searched for the Family Tree of Pastor Alph Lukau and that’s why your are here , so let’s get started with the fast facts.Pastor Alph Lukau Family , Wife , Children , Father , Mother & Siblings

Do you know that He is married to his beautiful wife, the First Lady Celeste Lukau who serves with him in ministry.

 Pastor Alph Lukau Family , Wife , Children , Father , Mother & Siblings

This Sunday is your day! I want you to expect total VICTORY. Victory over sickness and financial difficulties, victory in your family, victory in your court case, victory in marriage, victory for your children and in EVERY battle you face, may my God give you victory. Somebody shout VICTORY!


 All About Pastor Alph Lukau Family

  • Our Salomonic Generation Series has begun (Sundays 1pm-4pm). I am here sent by God to bring about a SHIFT in the way the body of Christ views MONEY.

  • The one who told us that money is evil misled us.

  • There is nothing good in poverty. Poverty is a disability and it is a curse.

  • As a child of God – poverty is not an option.

  • You can live your life having Jesus Christ and gold and silver!

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Videos Of the day: MEET ALPH LUKAU'S Spiritual Father


  1. Praise the Lord , I don’t know pastor alpha I only watch him on my tablet , but I really loves this man of God , I have never seen a prophet like this one , God is really using this man , I really want to meet him to get my healing and deliverance , my name is alma Rockford

  2. Praise the Lord , I don’t know pastor alpha I only watch him on my tablet , I saw a woman get her husband rite in the church, she was on fasting asking God for a husband , the man of God prophesy about it , the man say he want a wife pastor alpha reveals it to and he said yes and confirm it said it’s true really loves this man of God , I have never seen a prophet like this one , God is really using this man , I really want to meet him to getmy healing and deliverance , my name is alma Rockford

  3. I truly honor this man of God never see none like in this century I dear to meet him one day but for now I will continue to watch him on my television I believe in the God of Pastor Alph for my breakthrough for my family and my ministry in Jesus name

  4. Love Pastor Alph. I am from Jamaica and have been watching him for awhile now. Truly he is a man of God. The power of God is indeed on his life and his ministry. I would love for Pastor Alph to pray for me and my family. Thank you Pastor Alph and family.

    • My son is eight years old, also gifted from God,and I want to thank God because we are so blessed and I believe in God that with the gift of prophesy to my son is a blessing and also a security to our home. I wanted to encourage all christian believers, that this are the last days prophets, christian believers, we are living in the last days, if you are an unbeliever, I invite you to make decision now, believe in this prophets and Pastor Alph Lukau is one of them.

  5. Pastor Alph Lukau. Never in my life have I seen such Grace. This man never ceases to amaze me. The earth indeed groans and awaits such manifestation of true sons of God as this man. I love him so much and can’t wait to see him in person.

  6. I am from Jamaica, I truly want to say this is a man of God, I have become addicted to his ministry in that I watch him everyday on youtube. I am so desperate for him to locate me in Jamaica, but I know there is no distance in prayer. I love you my leader Moses. I also introduced Alp Lakau to my family and they also have become addicted. Thanks be to God.

  7. Hi,iv been watching pastor Alph for 1 month now on my tablet through yutube….am so amazed af what God can desire is to meet the man of God someday.Am from Kenya.

    • Omg! I have been watching this prophet for just a week now and I’m stuck, when I go out, the first thing I do when get home is turn my gadget on, phone or tablet and just worship along with the saints of the ministry. This is indeed a prophet for this time, I bless you Sir.please pray for my complete deliverance.

  8. Claris is my name Man of God I pray that God should give you long life so that you can change the world with the Gospel. I wish to come over there for the impartation of.My son is also a born man of God I call him Alph Lukau the second. Many prophet also gave me prophecies concerning my call. But I don’t have someone to mentor me yet. I like to see listen to you at all times From U.S

  9. Pastor you are a true man of God and i love your teachings and prophecies so much, i was once a saved man of God but backslides, and through watching your preaching, prophecies and deliverance, it has completely took me back to our Almighty God and do ask for his forgiveness so that he may restore back my salvation and took me back as his beloved son again. I just wish i could come to your church one day and worship with you, never the less, there is nothing impossible to God, i trust and believe that one day we shall meet and receive your blessings, this is my wish in Jesus name AMEN.

  10. I have followed Pastor Alph Lukau for about 8 months WOW I have been Pastoring for 40 years now and I have never seen a man with so much detail in the prophetic may God continue to bless him in abundance!!!!
    While I am writing, Don’t know who would I speak to about—- I want to ask if I would travel to South Africa (Live and Pastor In the United States) what would be my chances of having him just for 3 seconds lay his hand on me??? If I would travel from USA to South Africa you think he could pray for me in 3 seconds???? Let me know what the posiblities would be, I would still go even if he didn’t pray for me, but wow I sure would love for him to lay his hand on me just for 3 seconds….. GOD BLESS

  11. I wish this man of God could pray me and my Family to get healing and deliverance. I try to watch him every day on you tube. My God bless him and the whole Alleluia Ministries.Waiting for your payers Pastor.

  12. I am from Namibia,count myself a very lucky person to be alive in this days to witness the miraculous sign and wonders perform by my brother in Christ Alph Lukau. He is indeed a true servant of God, confident, straight forward to the route course of the problem, full of power and authority to bind and loose. May our good Lord anoint him more and more! Hope to see you one day if God willing.

  13. Pastor Aph
    I have never met you. I do not know you personally but I love you very much. I am addicted to your ministry and the work that you do in Jesus. Indeed you are a true man of God. What an awsom man of God you are. I watch you on youtube every day. How I am longing for you to locate me in my country and visit my country one day. May God bless you and keep you

  14. Am from Kenya, you made me love prayers and know your God is really God the Father, I feel blessed all time I watch you on youtube. If only you pray for me in Jesus’ name all evil that is hounting my family will burn, I need deliverance from bondage. Please pray for me and my family in Lords name.

  15. I’m from KwaZulu Natal, Pastor…you are amazing man of GOD the Father I use to watch you on youtube. I wish you to pray for me for the following; false accusation, breakthrough for me and my children and the healing for everyone in my family.

  16. Greetings Pastor Lukau,
    I am from Sierra Leone and live in London.
    I would like to speak to you one to one at your convenience. I do not like my life right now as everything seem to be on hold. I really need your prayers.

  17. I have watching Pstor Alph for sometime now and see the church grow. Pastor you bless me everyday and I know you will mentor my son who is growing into a fine and lovely young man.

  18. I am from Jamaica and I love watching the man of God..I addicted to his words..I wish I could touch even the clothes he is wearing because I know I would be delivered..may God continues to use him..

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