Pastor Alph Lukau Belongs To Illuminati , Real Or Fake Pastor ?

Pastor Alph Lukau Belongs To Illuminati , Real Or Fake Pastor ?

Pastor Alph Lukau Belongs To Illuminati , Real Or Fake Pastor ? , There was a mass argument Online Yesterday about the True self of Pastor Alph Lukau and his Source of Power , some believed that he is one of the pastors that belongs to Illuminati or one Occult Kingdom , so we are going to use the page to tell you more about the South African Prophet.Pastor Alph Lukau Belongs To Illuminati , Real Or Fake Pastor ?

 Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Belongs To Illuminati

Please Be informed that Pastor Alph Lukau is a Real Prophet of God , His Powers comes from the Lord , till otherwise stated , please note that all the rumors you are seeing online are all fake and please let your peace and faith be contented , share this page with your friends and let’s stop spraying the Fake news , thanks

I am trying to understand why people believe that christians must stay poor..the scriptures say money is evil…it says for the love of money so people if we dont have money we will remain in poverty that is what I call evil.So Ps. I am sorry I cant attend that meeting for I am way across the Atlantic in Guyana South America but I will be watching on Utube

Please also note that …

AMI is an International church. This Sunday we are streaming LIVE from our Jerusalem to all our branches. Partake of this movement.

The church of God is PRAYING. This Sunday the Lord will manifest Himself in your life like never before.

This Sunday (tomorrow), there will be a tsunami of miracles in the house of God. If you need healing you will take it, if you need deliverance or breakthrough, if you need your marriage restored you will take it. Your FAITH gives God no limit. Whatsoever thing you want may God GIVE it to you as we obey His word!


Today is my day. The end of my tears! The beginning of financial breakthroughs in the phusical!! I receive all that God has in store for me. No more delays!! I too will come and testify!!

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  1. I need a breakthrough for my finance,HIV and my house that was sold without my consent. Please pray for me and my family.

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