Pastor Alph Lukau Live Now – Watch {Sunday} October 14th (Live Streaming)

Pastor Alph Lukau Live Now – Watch {Sunday} October 14th (Live Streaming)

We are celebrating VICTORY after our 7 Days of Glory and Day 3 in our IVP weekend. This Sunday God wants to bless you in ALL things; in your health, at work, in marriage, in business and at home with nothing missing (Deut 28:1-14). Join us in church or via LIVE Streaming. I declare that in the 2nd half of 2018 you will lack nothing for the blessing of God is upon you. If you believe it RECEIVE it!

 Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Live Now – Watch {Sunday} July 8th (Live Streaming)

  •  TODAY is your day! A day of VICTORY where you will defeat ALL your enemies.

  •  A day of healing from HIV/AIDS, cancer, leukemia, low/high blood, arthritis, from the spirit of lack, the spirit of debt and poverty.

  •  God will destroy the powers of the enemy in your life.

  •  You have to come receive it by faith.

  •  May every Prophetic Word come to pass in your life!


Praise and Worship | AMI PRAISE | Celebration Service | Sunday 14 October 2018 | AMI LIVESTREAM

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  1. Hi my name is Kenneth kipchumba ngetich am from Kenya bat now am in Kuala lumpo malyesia doing marathon or anthletic Paster please l need your prayer pry for me.Paster l have been injury four year everything l went competition l fail no getting eneythink now us l right this msg l already oversty please Paster help me help me Paster l have been following you in uyutube.l don’t know how l will meet you.

    • Man help me out, things are tough to me I need a financial breakthrough. I have been following you on YouTube everyday.please help me out.

  2. I was at AMI on the 14th of October. I was touched by your sermon ,healing and the prophecy that I witnessed at AMI ministries through you the man of God ALPH LUKAU. It was awesome. I’m begging you pastor to pray for me as I’m going to attend a case between my boss and I at the labour relations ccma after he dismissed me from work. God bless!

  3. I recieve by faith in Jesus name breakthrough i receive healing i recieve spiritual fulfillment i recieve success i recieve and Lord Jesus break every generational and family curses by his blood i receive all the blessings and break loose from oppression AMEN

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