Pastor Alph Lukau Live Now – Watch {Sunday} October 14th (Live Streaming)

Pastor Alph Lukau Live Now – Watch {Sunday} October 14th (Live Streaming)

We are celebrating VICTORY after our 7 Days of Glory and Day 3 in our IVP weekend. This Sunday God wants to bless you in ALL things; in your health, at work, in marriage, in business and at home with nothing missing (Deut 28:1-14). Join us in church or via LIVE Streaming. I declare that in the 2nd half of 2018 you will lack nothing for the blessing of God is upon you. If you believe it RECEIVE it!

 Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Live Now – Watch {Sunday} July 8th (Live Streaming)

  •  TODAY is your day! A day of VICTORY where you will defeat ALL your enemies.

  •  A day of healing from HIV/AIDS, cancer, leukemia, low/high blood, arthritis, from the spirit of lack, the spirit of debt and poverty.

  •  God will destroy the powers of the enemy in your life.

  •  You have to come receive it by faith.

  •  May every Prophetic Word come to pass in your life!


Praise and Worship | AMI PRAISE | Celebration Service | Sunday 14 October 2018 | AMI LIVESTREAM

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  1. Hi my name is Kenneth kipchumba ngetich am from Kenya bat now am in Kuala lumpo malyesia doing marathon or anthletic Paster please l need your prayer pry for me.Paster l have been injury four year everything l went competition l fail no getting eneythink now us l right this msg l already oversty please Paster help me help me Paster l have been following you in uyutube.l don’t know how l will meet you.

    • Man help me out, things are tough to me I need a financial breakthrough. I have been following you on YouTube everyday.please help me out.

  2. I was at AMI on the 14th of October. I was touched by your sermon ,healing and the prophecy that I witnessed at AMI ministries through you the man of God ALPH LUKAU. It was awesome. I’m begging you pastor to pray for me as I’m going to attend a case between my boss and I at the labour relations ccma after he dismissed me from work. God bless!

  3. I recieve by faith in Jesus name breakthrough i receive healing i recieve spiritual fulfillment i recieve success i recieve and Lord Jesus break every generational and family curses by his blood i receive all the blessings and break loose from oppression AMEN

  4. Hi my name is Timothy my mother is having dimentia since 2001 she talk or hear n she struggles to walk l attend church regularly if l have taxi fair l m from Zimbabwe l don’t have money to register for ivp please if any one can help me n pay for me contact me 0783428044

  5. Today the man of God made a miracle in front of me a blind lady was able to gain her sight back it was amazing please pray for me my mother is suffering from dimentia since 2001 as well as depression and mild stroke

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