Pastor Alph Lukau Nationality , Place Of Birth , Hometown , Origin

Pastor Alph Lukau Nationality , Place Of Birth , Hometown , Origin , do you know that the General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International is married to Pastor Celeste J. Lukau , One phrase that describes her accurately “a fist in a glove of velvet”, although young at heart she is very mature in the spirit and dearly loved by all.Pastor Alph Lukau Nationality , Place Of Birth , Hometown , Origin

Despite her petite stature she is a spiritual giant born to Pastors and bred in a Christian home and never deviated from it.

 Alph N Lukau is from Congo, East Africa and is the founder and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International.

 All about : Pastor Alph Lukau Nationality , Place Of Birth , Hometown , Origin

He is From South Africa , Church Address is :


8 Charles Crescent
South Africa

Pastor Alph N Lukau is the founder and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International. He is a Bible Scholar and a renowned International Speaker who ministers in different platforms around the world. Through his ministry, people are saved, healed, delivered, we have seen families restored and many miracles have taken place.

Follow his Gospels below :

  • I am receiving messages and emails from families making their way to AMI for the Prophetic Rendezvous this weekend.
  • There is no better gift to give your family than to be in the house of God.
  • I want you to take this matter seriously. I decree and I declare; that sickness will go. That financial curse will go.
  • That demonic oppression, family curse and disease will GO. Somebody say devil GO!

 Highlight Prayers : Pastor Alph Lukau Nationality , Place Of Birth , Hometown , Origin

Don’t talk yourself out of your dreams. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. You may have big obstacles, but we serve a big God. Your enemies may be powerful, but our God is all-powerful. You may not have the connections, the resources or the talent, but God can do the impossible. Put away your doubt, put away your fears.Those things are not of God. Stand on truth, live by faith, believe and be excited about what God is doing now and will continue to do in your life. We don’t have to live in the impossible because we serve a God that makes all things possible.

God doesn’t promise us an easy life. But He does promise to be with us always. When we walk through the fire, when we go through deep waters, He will sustain us. His love is unfailing, unending and unconditional.

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  1. Good Day Man of God
    I normally watch Allelua Ministries every Sunday 6:00 PM. I believe you are a God sent, A person like me would be helped by you. Let God help me through you and I know your God is my last resort.

    From the deepest of my haert, Pleasse Help me Man of God

    • Good evening Pastor Alph Lukau I need prayers please debt cancellation need financial breakthrough need a job I’ve applied in several institutions in Gauteng .I’m watching AMI tv channel almost daily. I’ve been to many different churches I’ve never saw the Power of God the Grace of God doing wonders miracle in your church may God bless you Pastor Alph Lukau as you are praying Amen

    • Good morning Pastor Alph Lukau, I am from West Africa Liberia but by the grace of God I am presently in Russia Moscow. Things are not easy with me at all Pastor, I lost my two bigger sisters back home 2018. I’m here and not is working for me pastor, my family is depending on me but I am not seeing anything working out for me Pastor. Please pray alone with me that God will answer me Pastor. Amen

    • He is anointed man of God he is the Moses of this generation I pray for God to provide for me to come to south Africa and fellowship with AMI. God bless u and family.

  2. Afternoon pastor Alph Lukau? please pastor I need your prayer am 40yrs old woman. am at Namibian am watching always your church on my phone. please help me out pastor

    • I watch you every Sunday and if I miss your service I watch the video. Now at my fasting period a watch your videos and I sleep with it. Everyday.i want to visit your church with my grand son. I need the address and phone number to call.

  3. Live longer Man of God Prophet Alph Lukau.
    Please pray for me I have a big battle in my life. I know God will speak with you about my life I am suffering a lot please help me. I am Tanzanian women aged.

  4. Pastor please I need your help for my family.
    My family is tide for everything especially our finance is really tide Pastor please we need your miracle prayer.


    • Good day pastor. I have been watching your messages on YouTube every day. The most important thing or help I will like to ask is for you to pray for a double portion of God’s wisdom, known, understanding, discernment and more of his presence upon my life please.

  5. Thank you very much my precious prophet Alph,we as a family are tremendously blessed through your ministry and prophecies,I have the honor and privilege to share those outstanding prophecies from the You tube to my family and friends,we all need JESUS!..Love and Prayers always!

  6. I was prayed for by different pastors and prophets and nothing changed. I prayed to God and say God today am testing you, i want to make sure that indeed you care and love me. Who is the true man of God, who will pray for me and my life and that of my family members will never be the same again. Rescue me O Lord i have said. Cover me with the Blood of Jesus, Let the Holy ghost be upon my life, to locate me with the true man of God. I said Lord Jesus, this is my prayer and who is the man of God to break the evilspirit upon our lives. I put my trust and my believe in you Lord. Amen i said. When i open YouTube, the man of God Pastor Alph Lukau showed up. I watched him and felt interested, immediately i fell inlove with his teachings, prophecy and prayers until today. I want to believe that God has answered my prayer. I need this man of God to confirm my cry, my sufferings, face to face if that would be possible. I have got a feeling that he is a real man of God but to be honest, i still cannot be 100% sure because i was prayed for by different pastors and prophets and still nothing had changed in my life instead things got worse . I am asking God one-day to locate me and my family to this man of God Pastor Alph Lukau. Most of my family members, do not really believe in church. I know that God exist. For i am who i sm because of the Grace from God. It is my desire for my whole family members to accept Jesus as our Lord. My family should see the greatness of God upon my life and that of my twinsister. For they see us praying but still suffering. Should this happen, our faith in God will be strengthened. We shall want no more, there will be no searches of right church nor real man of God in our lives. Thank you Jesus for this opportunity. Shalom

    • Maria my prayer is the same. However I know that Pastor aalph Lukau IS THAT MAN OF GOD WE SEEK. I pray God makes a way for bith of us to get to AMI so we can see the signs ans wonders in our own lives; deliver us and givw us a New story. The God of Alph Lukau will locate us and we WILL BE REMEMBERED!! I receive that in Jesus Name!! I KNOW AND HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE IN THIS. MAYBE God will send us botj at tje same time and we both receive the same day. That day our lives will change our story will change. Now I KNOW GOD CAN DO THAT! Gods arm is not short. Just one day sister. Keep your faith God will show up and locate us and change our story. In Jesus Name I receive that.

  7. Man of God I have never see such anointing before u are the Moses of this generation God bless u and put me and my children in prayers and pray that God will provide for me to come to south Africa to worship in AMI.

  8. Good evening Prophet, I am suffering from arthritis, my hip bones, wrists, back and waist are very, very painful. Please help me man of God

  9. Man of God, l am requesting you yo pray for me so that my knee may be healed. l have had a problem with my knee since 2014. l can’t go to work because of my knee, l am in a big financial problem. Please for me pastor.

  10. Hello pastor, may the love of God continually be with your and give you more strength to spread the words and goodness of God.amen.
    I am a Muslim reside in Nigeria, just watched you program on YouTube and couldn’t believe the way I was loving and believing in you.
    I am married with three kids, my first daughter had an attack at 2 years, she already 12 years but still leaving with the affliction.financially we are down.
    I believe God answer every where distance is not a barrier. Pray for my family let God’s favour locate us.
    I would have love to bring my daughter to see you one on one but I can’t afford it at all. I believe in you and a blessing to my family daddy🙏

  11. I just watched on the YouTube on 4/9/2018 for the first time and l really liked what l saw. Please help me , l and my family need deliverance and for God to restore my family. Please help me and God will continue to bless and promote you. Remain blessed

  12. i need deliverance. People owe me huge sums of money. they are refusing to pay. I was conned. I need the money back. I also pray for properity
    Thank you Jesus.

  13. Thank god finally I got a chance to know you,ever since I start watching your video in YouTube I started to believe that god really exists please Man of god pray for my life and my financial problems, play for everything in my life to change and follow jesus

  14. Hi pastor Alph Luke I learn of yu from a coworker and start watching your video and seen yu bening on time with the word of knowledge and prophecy over and over again really amazed me to see God use yu the way he do I pray that yu continue to let him use yu and that yu pray for me and my family

  15. Good day

    Please Prophet of God pray for my marriage that is coming, one brother from Zimbabwe promised to marry me and we are planning for these marriage, please let the will of God be done and let his promise be fulfilled. My second prayer request is a new employment currently I am earning only P2800,00 please Man of God pray for me so I could find a well paying job next year by January.

    Thank u very much

    Kelebogile from Francistown, Botswana

  16. Am from Zambia male ,my life is a mystery as everything that I had in the right place has gone sour,from my marriage,my personal life and business nothing makes sense to me,I need your prayers

  17. pastor alph lukau if true you are man of god an preform miracle I vasantha fr kuala lumpur Malaysia suffer from top of my head still at the sole of my leg an throat area always sharp bone doctor couldn’t find the problem but when I eat there goes the food get stuck my name vasantha how much I want to love jesus but my heart can open man of god I got no money to come to kramerville age 64 indian an searching a sister that really can love an accept me is there one thank you so much pastor alph lukau

  18. Man of GOD, sir, YOUR name is not just, Alph Lukau, but your name is Alph Lukau, the ORACLE OF GOD. oh thank God, for his mercy for here is ELIJAH OF OUR GENERATION. I ASK GOD TO GIVE ME DIVINE BUSINESS CONNECTION AND LINKS, And may his MIGHTY hand be UPON ALL that concerns me, IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.


  20. I am asking for the anointing of Pastor Alph Lukau to pray for me on my financial breakthrough. I want to win Powerball and Lotto. In the name of Jesus Christ I believe. Amen.

  21. Man of God
    Please pray for me fir financial breakthrough for my organization and my personal life. I’m working 24/7 helping Refugees and Immigrants living with HIV since I came to Canada 2007. I have HIV and it has crippled my mind. I’m on disability and no salary.
    2 of my kids are in South Africa and they have been denied visa for 11 years. I have one with me and it’s very emotionally for us.

    God bless you.

  22. Pastor may God’s favor and anointing rest and remain on you as you continue to carry out God’s word. Please pray For me

  23. Pastor m from life is a mess as m speaking Nd my husband are in debts and we are struggling financially.m hiv positive so m not asking for your prayers please

  24. pastor in the name of Jesus I asked you to help me with the this situation is going on in my life, I got married in 2010 to a man named Raymond James I didn’t want to divorce this man but yet I kept praying and praying to ask God to remove about my life because of the things that he was doing to me to make a long story short pastor I wrote a check out for $15,000 I put the money in my account just to show my husband that he just can’t go out and spend money like that on people that I’m his wife well it turned out bad he turned around and said I spent $15,000 in the money was returned back to his account I never spent $15,000 and now it’s going on 3 4 years now that I’m paying back money to my ex-husband that I’ve never spend any dime of that money he knows the truth how could a man sleep at night and receive my money every month how could you have a heart knowing that I didn’t take nothing from him that my heart was in pain that I was losing my husband now my son is in prison he’s in Oklahoma they gave him 62 years he tells me four armed robbery stolen vehicle have mercy have mercy on my son my son name is Arthur Dwayne Taylor help me pastor, it seems like I can’t get a man in my life faster I hear things like you a beautiful lady I know how I look but it’s what’s in the heart and my heart is good I’m tired of being alone I need help I’m 50 years old thanks in the name of Jesus that my heavenly father send me a godly man I’m a man that will help me we will help one another Financial blessings we won’t have to live paycheck-to-paycheck when we will blessed in the name of Jesus pastor my family tashema Shante Nichols my daughter Yolanda Nicole Taylor my grandchildren’s all of them touch my mother’s eyes she went blind in the eyes heal in the name of Jesus Pastor help me love Geraldine

    • Pastor Alph Lukau
      This is my first time listening to you on you tube .I and amazed of the things God does through you,never have I seen this prophetic spiritual acclamation where God speak through his prophet to deliver people from all manner of sicknesses.
      I can only say thank you jesus for your prophetic manifestations which delivers people from all forms of witchcraft and sickness. I can only plead for you to pray for my deliverance in jesus holy name.
      Thank you greatly in jesus name.

  25. my name is victor boyo from soweto at orlando west,everytime i watch the man of GOD my heart becomes so easy,although sometimes doubts pulls me back but faith pulls my trust to him,that truelly this is the man of God indeed.pls pray for me man of GOD as witchcraft attacks my life.Glory to Jesus and God bless EMI.

  26. Good Morning
    I happen to watch your service on YouTube… I would really like to know if you can see me spiritually. What my real name is.


  27. I have my brother who is has been insane for more than 20 years just after completing his senior grade with good results. I have tried to take him to so many men of God to pray for him but all in vain. Man of God kindly pray for my brother so that his life can be restored in Jesus name. Distance is no a barrier. God has been using you mightily. Pray for me for financial break through as well.

  28. Good day man of God am Lovemore from Malawi pls pray for me to find job,finance,healing,and marriage Ihave agirlfriend from Zim iwas planning to marry her this yr but her sisters started to hate me to say am poor isaw yesterday your Yutube chanel how you help other pple pls pls pray for me.wherecan ifound your AMI church am staay in Randburg thank you.

  29. Good day Pastor Alph Lukau,it is really an honor to know you (not personally) but watching you on You Tube daily,it is as if i am present when all those miracles happen,i cannot thank God enough for you Man of God. Thank you so much Pastor,you are one of a kind,never ever did i experienced someone like you,thank you, thank you and thank you! Please keep me in your prayers Pastor, for my health and financial problems. Please pray for my son,his name is Vaughan Nico Johns, he submitted an application for a Police man, so far he passed the psychometric test,the fitness test and tomorrow he is writing integrity test, he really need this job. Thank you so much Pastor, we love you Man of God. God bless.

  30. Alph lukau you’re a man of god,you changed my mind,you’re truly speaking man of god,God bless me with your works from him

  31. I have been watching Pastor Alph Lukau for nearly the past 3 years. In him I have seen the true God that we read in the Bible.
    You are a great teacher of the Word of God.
    I have no doubt that God uses you in difficult matters.
    Today, I would like to submit to the God of Alph Lukau.
    Man of God I request a HEALING prayer for Cancer of the bowel which has now spread to other parts of my body. I know your God is well able to heal me instantly. Right now my abdomen is badly blotted and I can’t sleep at night neither eating properly.
    Man of God help me, inJesus mame.

  32. Pastor indeed you are a great man man of God. I sincerely pray for a double portion of your anointing just as Elisha prayed for a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. I am a pastor operating in the prophetic from Nigeria but need a higher level of operation. I wish I can be a direct child of yours. More of God’s grace upon you.

  33. My name is Jared Assefa from Ethiopia. I am following your miraculous ministry with great admire from the place where i am currently, Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia. Your supreme anointing shows me that the Natharet of Jesus is with you. Your anointing covers the whole earth as you are anointed by the Almighty God. Pastor with great adoration I am asking you to me on four things:
    1:- to serve God according to my calling
    2:- I wanna do my PHD in The United States of American and to be
    successful in my study and to applying my knowledge after all for
    the glory of God (Just everything to be happen in 2019)
    3:- for my marriage to be blessed both by children of God and by finance
    4:- For Ethiopia to be stable and blessed according to the word of God
    Pastor I love you so much. one day in the will of God will come to South Africa to be imparted you anointing.

  34. Good morning pastor Alph Lukau help me I have a problem with social welfare they tok my children so today am going to court I want my children come back home,(2) I renewed my permit in June 2015 upto now no permit,(3) I have a problem with my family

    I was watching you on YouTube when you prayed for people are suffering from fibroids, cancer, stroke, eyes,ears, chest, heart and etc…… When i am listening carefully that prayer and i’m suffering with fibroids, chest,ears after that prayer I was feeling free in my body I want to thank you for healing me in sickness

  35. My name is Nompumelelo Mazibuko Pastor I need a prayer I’m 31 years have 2 children I studied college drooping in and out till i manage to finish my N6 in Financial Management I’m struggling to get a job to maintain my kids I’ve been applying everyday for employment but I cant find anything my life it very difficult because I cant even support my children I have to rely on people in order to maintain my kids, please help to find my break through

  36. Hi Im Feleciana Gabutin from the Philippines im watching you on youtube all your activities and Im impressed everytime you do a miracle thats great…..God sent you to help many people and let them know that there is Jesus Christ our Lord and King who are so mercifull and loving God….. May God Bless you and give you More Power and wisdom

  37. Good morning man of god. I am a 34 year old woman. I have 5 siblings that comes after me.I always watch you on you tube if I have data as I don’t have a TV. In 2008 our parents past away, I had to leave school and go look for a job to be able to provide for my younger sisters and brothers. Ever since then things has never went well for us. I get jobs but I don’t last, I get fired for no reason. My sisters have grown and finished school but they can’t find jobs. One of my brothers is in varsity now but things are not going so well. It like we are cursed. At one time my brother almost died from stroke and things that we did not understand the course of it. I suffered from bolis in my whole body, did all test even HIV but they all came back negative. We don’t even find marriage, we have kids but the fathers are marrying other women and leaving us. If I get paid I don’t even know where the money goes to. I love my family so much, my siblings are all that I have. We pray but it feels like god does not hear us. Please pray for us, our 2 room RDP house that our parents left us in has many bad spirits even the yard, we don’t even know what to do now. I even get cared to go home when I’m off as I work far from home, because every time when I come back from home I loose my job. Pleas help us man of god, I believe you are sent by god to free us from all devils doings.

  38. I tried to reach the man of the living God but in vain. I contacted several numbers as published but still nobody peaks my call. I am in an emergency financial situation and a lot of pressure at work. battles everywhere and there is no place where to hid myself. I am looking for the living God to save now

  39. Good morning man of God, pls need your prayer support, i have fanancial problem (2) my inlaws family has a problem of surdenly depht(3)i accomplished my masters degree but i dont have a job for longtime and also pray for my kids, i hard difficulties in my past life i dont want them to pass in the same life waiting for ur reply in my personal email.pls pastor pray for me

  40. Man of God u er indeed powerful…. I always follows u on YouTube…. Your miracles er do powerful…… Continue doing yo grate job man of God……tho I watch just on YouTube pray for me for the challengees am going through my life……Am from Zambia…

  41. Man of dearly u truely blessed.We a 8in our family my father was a polygamist.He died in 2000 and we suffered coz he did everything for us but the problem is wen we marry it dont last some of us a not married but still our relationships dont last we have suffered this great shame in our life. i am of the 1st wife the sec wife died and she left 4 kids and they a stl with my mom but theres a problem all my brothers frm my mom side a not wrking and the sec wifes bro they bought themselves the taxis.i really need your prayers man of GOD.

  42. Hi Pastor Alph Lukau and the AMI family. I write to request for prayers. I am in serious spiritual torments (Terrible nightmares and high BP). Please include me in your prayers.

  43. Good morning man of God. I have been watching your services on my phone and since then I can feel a change coming my way.I wish I could come to your church but my finance is holding me back.For years Pastor my life have been a battle for years, sentimental, finance and health so I am begging you man of God pray for me and my children so we can have a break through and a miracle in Jesus name.I know God is able. Thank you Pastor and may God bless you and your family.

  44. Man of God I am asking for prayers.My life is a mess.My mother she is sick im also dnt get a light in my life.I wish to get maried to the true man.I always watch your church on youtube.Pls man of God pray for me.

  45. Daddy, Praise the lord,
    I am Peter {a} Chakravarthy S
    From Chennai, india..
    I blessed by your sermons..
    And God may use among whole earth as a terrible weapon in his hand, against to the devil.. Salvation for croes….

    Dad I need your messages in audio..
    To listen.. Can you please help me to receive..
    Dad you are in great position so,
    I Don’t know who will receive this message and read.. If anyone else. Please do the needful help..

  46. The Prophet and man of the Most High God. Please pray for me to get a job and legal residence status after my studies. I am a Liberian student studying in Israel, my prayer is to get a job and legal residence status in Israel after the studies.

  47. You truly a mentor and God sent prophet. When God raises His prophet He sent him first to us to bless us, you are a blessing to our generation. I love you my Father.
    I am from Sierra Leone and would love to have AMI here. Send me Father and I will go, with your WORD I will be successful in AMI Sierra Leone.

  48. praise God man of God I’m from Uganda, help me with prayers against the spirit of witchcraft and spiritual spouse, I ever dream watching people having sex and also sometimes i see myself having sex with people i dont know in the dream. it has delayed so much my marriage.

  49. Pastor pls pray me to God to perform a miracle upon me things are tough my children ask for clothes this December ams I’ve got no money to buy them pls man of God pray for me to God i need to start a business and I know with ur prayer i will receive in jesus almighty loving God amen

  50. Please pray for healing of my right hip bone which has fused and make my right leg to shrink up to about 2 inches.pray for me to be able to squart freely, bend my right knee freel and be able to move without a walking stick.

  51. Papa!! I pray for God to strengthen you!
    I am Loretta, a WIDOW from Nigeria. I have been suffering too much.
    Pls help me. I don’t need to mention my case because God uses you very well. The Holy spirit shall expose the mystery behind my misery!
    Help me Oracle of The Most High God!

  52. afternoon Papa my name is Dumisa and i have been blessed by your sermons i watched on you tube. May the Lord give your strength to preach his word at all tomes

  53. My daughter’s children freed from Child Protective Services. Freedom for them. They really need God’s (Jesus’) Help with your prayer. The mother, her husband and their 4 children. My daughter and the children has been so abused. Jesus get involved in it all. All of it!

  54. pastor alph lukau my life is big mess as am talking you now a in a deep mess everything about me is in mess for more than 12 years am doing from hand to mouth doing nothing no money to feed my familes am here in diaspora but originally from nigeria my name is CHIDI ALOYSIUS EMEBO ..Please i need God intervention in my are really God sent you are real man of God..i do believed strogly as soon as you made your prayer am gonna be well and free from every of my problem i trust the God of alph lukau AMEN…

  55. Am a single mother of three children almost all teenagers. I need a financial breakthrough prayer, a man after God’s heart for a husband to serve God together and for my children to grow up into children who will worship God with everything that they have and are and finally i need the joy of the Lord in everything that i do.

  56. Good pastor I m a woman a mother of 5 kinds i used to came in one of yr branch in cosmo city by the tym i was live there bt i did not meet my best wishes is to meet u face to life is massed up since im young n i don’t know what to do nothing is going well with m forcing a life cz m a human n I trust God that one day is going to hear my prayers m a praying woman bt it taught to my life no money job.Amen

  57. pastor you are really gifted and intuen with heaven may GOD CONTUALITY USE YOU TO LEBRATE SOULS AND RESTORE HOPE AND SET THE CAPTIVE FREE IN JESUS NAME

  58. pastor you are really gifted and in tune with heaven may GOD Continually USE YOU TO Liberate SOULS

  59. Good morning The General Men of God, Pastor ALPH LUKAU. Through your ministry I see the way our God still doing Miracle and wonderful things instantly. Actually I’m looking for a professional stability but by the Grace of Jesus his opened early two weeks ago my position as a child of God and Kings on earth.
    I’m touch contact with you because I pray God to give me a particular Job as the “Afdb (BAD:Banque Africaine de développement on Abidjan) Conférences and meetings coordinator Manager instantly.
    live in Morocco and i’m from Benin. I want to be in Côté d’ivoire
    Before the next Friday. And as a man of God I need your support in prayer and your prophetic instantly word
    I Decree to see in this day the evidence of this miracle through the call or the email from the Bank to send me my contract and my ticket to be there tomorrow evening.

  60. I really pray that God would send a Man of God this way. watching Pastor Alph assured me that God is who He said He is.When he speaks it is actually God Himself. Pray, that God will have compassion and send us (locate) a TRUE man of God that has our best interest at heart and bless us. We long for it, as the deer pants for water.

  61. Man of God u r a blessing to us , please man of God help me to pray for my baby who’s sick in the hospital , he went for surgery but his still in the ICU please help me

    • Good day man of God I am requesting to you man of God to pray for me tour Lord Jesus Christ to be health again for asthma nearly 30years.Pray for me for financial difficulties because I accumulate a lot of debts in my life and restored love and peace with my lovely wife in our marriage and pray to our ministry of Veteran to release my veteran money project because it took so much time.In the name of Jesus I am greeting you man of God,calling from Namibia.

  62. Please Man of God pray for me and my family.We are in need of God’s grace and blessings.We have so much of problems. Please do pray for us.

  63. Greetings to you Pastor, your family and AMI Church. I want to let you know that I Raynel Maluleke enjoy watching God performing miracles through you. May God continue using you mightily. Thank You Jesus for the life of Pastor Alph Lukau.

  64. Pst.Alph I’ve praying and even fasting but my marriage brokeup am in high debts i belive i have been sent by God to pray for the but i wonder how i can do Gods work without the resources.I once got so privilege to visit AMI i was taken aback miracles were happening like in time when The Lord Jesus walk the face of earth.Thomas Mkhonza

  65. Pastor AlphI believee that a word from the man of God my life will change completely ;am struggling .Man of God help am living a life of “almost”but nothing come up.

  66. Pastor Alph I know God has given you power and authority I willappreciate if my wife Nellah Brug come back to me. My life en my heart are empty and lonely. Pls. Pray for me

  67. Bonjour papa Alph Lukau svp prier pour moi, je veux me marier en 2019 et avoir des enfants, je suis. Vous êtes mon dernier recours. Merci dieu vous béni.

  68. Am Alfred Fatoma from Sierra Leone West Africa, I want you to please pray for me, for God’s wisdom and Understanding in my life,it hard for me to take in whenever am studying. pray also for God’s provision,and divine direction in my life.
    Thank you

  69. Man of God I need break through prayers. And God to open doors for finances for me this year. Pray for my daughter Chichi to find a better job, and whatever the plans for her future to come to pass. Am also asking for healing of all my illnesses. My right ear is nor good I can hear my heartbeat because of this I can not hear clearly. Man of God there is so much going on in my family. Am in my second marriage my husband side there is also a lot going on on his side. Please Man of God break the curse which was done to him.

  70. Pastor Alpha Lukau been watching you on you tube after divine connection I am convinced because I just found you there two weeks ago. The prayer that touched me to date , God hold my hand and lead me there. Papa you are chosen for that purpose in this generation and may the almighty God increase His anointing over your life as He continues using you greatly to serve in His kingdom. Man of God I need deliverance and restoration in my life .

  71. Hey man of this is Alex Taylor, I really need ur prayer I know how will help me but I cannot do it by myself, this sickness been on my abt 2 years , I have warm walking in my head and body , and I can feel heat in my body and I Losting weight everyday , I cannot eat good and sleep good,I feel heavy weight in my head and I act like someone stupid , I really need a prayer man of God am in the usa

  72. Ps Alpha Lakau – a great prophet with your Gods ministry and the prayer worriers stood behind your powerful International ministry its a Gods call and anointed you to SERVE NOT to be SERVED. thank you and God bless

    Lastly could you pray for my sons healing on spiritual attacks and unknown health problems that are unsolved – also I have sick that affects my neck tissues pain(veins, nerves etc pain no healing after days treatment)

    Mr. Daniel SEIWENI
    Papua New Guinea (Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial-Kundiawa General Hospital)

    • Looking at the way you preach, definitely you are a man of God. Continue the good word of God. Thank you for your sermons. Pray for me and my family for peace and prosperity

  73. O Man of God, Please pray for my family breakthrough on health, financial problems children outstanding school fees, debts , sicknesses, households breakthrough and development , breakthrough to my daughter’s family and self development in the Name of Jesus Amen

  74. I need your prayer Pastor I’m from Burundi I don’t have money to come in South Africa please I don’t know you will do me a favor but please surely i need your prayer I have been searching your phone number!

  75. Hi Prophet Alph Lukau. How are you? I know that by reading this, you will know my name. I want your God to be mine too. I want to serve him i really need to serve him. I want the purpose he put in my live come to exist and overlast for him. I have no wealth but i just want, desire and need to serve him.

  76. I hv the problem of amathumba since i growing up pastor. I m 20 years now i believe only God can help me when you with me . At home i m one who is old and i m at NMD at wsu plz guide me wth prayer to success my dreams to be wth God all the time ask God to pick me up into his hands not on hands of people i m sure believing that u ar the man of God.

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