Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number , This page will be the general Collection and Testimony Page for “Pastor Alph Lukau” , so let’s get started , are you in need of his Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number , kindly use the comment box below to indicate , but before them follow us with our daily sermons below.Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

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Physical address telephone Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
8 Charles Crescent
South Africa
telephone International: (+27) 11 443 5705
telephone Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777
email E-mail:

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We need Jesus the Healer! This daughter of Zion has great faith in a GREAT God! She had a stroke last month and was hospitalised.

Her brother who is in the USA sent her money to buy a plane ticket and attend the Breaking of the Platter weekend.

As she broke the platter, every part of her body that the devil had locked was UNLOCKED. The stroke has been defeated. She can run, she can jump and the pain is GONE.

The devil is a liar, your sickness is the work of satan but today I speak a RESTORATION MIRACLE in the name of Jesus!


  1. I Declare and Decree my Health and my Finances will make a TurnAround Gail from Louisiana USA I am asking for prayers for my family and myself in Jesus name I know that prayer changes things Glory to God

  2. Pastor a l p h my name is Lily Ruth Banks I’m asking that you please pray for me I’ve been in a relationship with this young man for 13 years and can’t seem to let go I don’t know if he’s my husband or not he keep telling me he is other people keep telling me he’s not but I can’t seem to let go I don’t know if the devil has a hold on me when it comes to him I just want to be free and experience God spirit which is the Holy Ghost because he says to worship Him in spirit and in truth I’ve been in church all my life or shall I say I’ve been around the church the church is in me I do know the word of God but I’m not experiencing the spirit of God and I ask for much prayer and deliverance I’ve seen your work on YouTube and I’m just trying to get help from wherever I can God bless you and keep you I’m in Atlanta Georgia There is no way I can come to Africa not at this time I moved from Atlanta to Miami to be with my sister and I just want to be free in the spirit free from bondage so I can experience the Holy Ghost

  3. My name is Pastor Carl R Turner, i am trying to sow seed into Pastor Alph Lukua and AMI. Will someone send me information on how i can do this?

  4. Pastor alph lakau please pray for me as I am going through hard shipment in life . I met a man in life last year 2017 him and I was good but suddenly he block me and stop talking to me then in December late he unblock me and start talking to me one and far please pastor help me bring this man to me closer I love him . He treated me so good better than my pass relationship with my x husband that I had two children for .please bless my two children that they become good children’s that I desire . And take away all my financial struggle , and I must have my good job people must not hate me . And I must get a car to go to work I am struggling right st this moment in life . Please help me

  5. Pastor Alph please help me to overcome my we r in the new month i realy need a change in my life …my life is like a mess everything is not going well i dont knw what to do..Please pray for me to have Miracle,Deliverance,holy spirit,my finance,my health,my job and my Children…im in need of Pastor Prayer line,email address and phone number i have been trying this for so long but i dont go through..please help me…

  6. Pastor Alph I’m requesting urgent prayers for me and my family in Jamaica. I pray that God will grant us restoration,healing and deliverance. My uncle is terribly sick in the hospital and there is nothing more the doctors can do for him. My relatives have also given up on him because of his condition. I know that God can heal every sickness and discease he is able. Please remember us as you pray God bless you and your ministry abundantly.

  7. GOOD MORNING,Pastor Alph. i need your help, i work so hard for my liveing but man next yard just bad to me.he tool me he going to block me.he tell me he going to kill me. he also a pastor tell lie and me. is name is stanford macmut. he just hate me for what,i dont know.some other people in my way too.please help me.i have tv in my workshop where we look and see you.I believe in you God uesing you to help people.I want you to remove all the blockage in jesus name.

  8. I have been watching Pastor Alph Lukau for a few months. I am impressed by all that is going on in the church. I want to speak to him personally. I am from Sri Lanka a country far away from Africa. My mobile Number is +94779187299.

  9. Good afternoon Pastor Alph Lukau my name is Suleman Mohamed Hilal Al Harthy leaving in Oman please I have some problem in my heathy and I don’t have good luck whatever I do does not work with me I do not what is blocking me so I need your help please Sir

  10. Dear Pastor Lukua,

    Please pray for healing and restoration of my spousal relationship. Please man of God, intercede to the Father on my behalf

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