Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

 Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number , This page will be the general Collection and Testimony Page for “Pastor Alph Lukau” , so let’s get started , are you in need of his Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number , kindly use the comment box below to indicate , but before them follow us with our daily sermons below.Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

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  • Physical address telephone Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
  • 8 Charles Crescent
  • Kramerville
  • Sandton
  • South Africa
  • telephone International: (+27) 11 443 5705
  • telephone Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777
  • email E-mail:

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Don’t talk yourself out of your dreams. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. You may have big obstacles, but we serve a big God. Your enemies may be powerful, but our God is all-powerful. You may not have the connections, the resources or the talent, but God can do the impossible. Put away your doubt, put away your fears.Those things are not of God. Stand on truth, live by faith, believe and be excited about what God is doing now and will continue to do in your life. We don’t have to live in the impossible because we serve a God that makes all things possible.


God doesn’t promise us an easy life. But He does promise to be with us always. When we walk through the fire, when we go through deep waters, He will sustain us. His love is unfailing, unending and unconditional

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  1. First I want to say that I believe that you are a true Mighty Man if GOD. I am a Minister and I know there is something about me is different from anybody in this world because it seems like a spotlight on me at all times. I want GOD to restore my relationship with my oldest son and he will treat me better and my sister and brother will be restored in my life. I need a financial breakthrough for my life and my businesses and I need to know where GOD want me to move to right now in JESUS NAME.

    • I am a Christian, residing in Nigeria, I have been following your action-packed miracles on YouTube. I am having stroke for over 15 years. Please heal me, for i believe your God will surely heal me.

      • Man of God I had sent so many letters but didn’t get reply even once. Please pray for me as i am running in deep financial crisis. I was once bless with good wealth but these past few years my business has gone loss. I don’t know what God plan for me.

    • Please protect me from being bullied, heal my hands and feet when pain, as I always take pain killer, I’m 60, out of job, can you please pray for my financial so that I can retired, I’m alone and single, I’m from Malaysia, please help me man of God, Amen.

    • For first time some one i need to።pray for me and my family.
      For every struggle suffering.
      I want come to just get your prayer
      I want come for testimony
      Bless you and your family

  2. last night was my first time to see and listen to this pastor when my daughter was following him so I ask her to connect me. it was amazing when the way he prays and tell people their date of birth and especially the lady husband who he described what he was wearing and finally locate him in the church. this is amazing, that’s why I want to follow him too

    • Pray for my family ve been struggling in life for long also me n my sister who happens to b the only girls in d house are still unmarried and we are all above fourty sometimes I know I offend God by asking him alot of questions pray to the God of heaven for open heaven over my family members n let the heavens celebrate us too.

  3. I just got to watch you on my phone without knowing how come about it, I like your program and I want you to pray for me concerning my finance, God should help me win all my unseen battles and I want and restore all I have lost,thank you Sir. I address you as Authority. Ugbah Nnamdi is my name

    • Pray for me Pastor that I remain in my ex-matrimonial home which I worked very hard for the enemies are doing all sorts of wicked stuff to get me out of my home. I have the Faith and I am praying.

  4. Today i got to watched pastor Alph Lukao prophesy videos n knew him that he is really true son of God….i want to meet him, but im from india of one small state called assam, i have even never ever been to out assam state in india itself….so its very diffucult for me to reach with him, since last year i knew Jesus christ but im still not baptize….i born in hindu family…my parents dont allow me to take baptize, please pray for that i could go for baptism soon n my parents dont get dissapoint with my decission, i have lots of burdens in my life…now i believe in Jesus he will change my life….N also believe that this msg will reach into u pastor Alph Lukao….im waiting for miracles to happen….waiting your response…Amen

    • You are a great man every nite i watch on YouTube you prophesy and thought his holy spirit you heal people pls prayer for my healing of cancer and my land to sell send anointing upon me and my family God bless

  5. Am asking the man of God to pray for me pain in my rite leg and is getting smaller every day and it so heavy I no it’s evil, can hardly walk long or stand up long I not can heal me by faith I watch u all the time , pray for my children.please locate me 7047338530,nothing going for my children

  6. Alma Rockford, this man of God is sent from God to help us , heal us ,so am asking the prophet pastor alpha lukua to pray for my children ,,conchetajohnson, Simone Bloomfield , Christine Mbanali her husband her with five children’s needs him back, Eunice Brown them killing her witchcraft,Ashley Rockford, charmainegrant , staceyann Barrett, oshanehammington thank u man of god

  7. good morning ..i have watched the mighty miracles that Jesus Christ is doing through you..sir please i need your prayers for my husband and myself for the fruit of the womb.before the end of this month or year let GOD answer us.

  8. Pastor I’ve seen you helping many people please help me am bout to lose my baby am pregnant my family has high blood pressures my brother can’t listen to her parents

    • Pastor I know you are a man sent my God and I pray for you and your family. I ask that you please bless and pray for my family. I have a situation that I am dealing with and I ask that you please intervene on my behalf so that the decision I make will be the correct one.

  9. i see you in youtube i believe you are true almighty man of GOD ….. . I need a prayer,
    man of GOD. I belive you are the prophet of GOD . more than me you will know my problem. I belive you are chosen by GOD .. please pastor pray for me and my family
    thank you …

  10. I watch you man of God in YouTube doing great things to people. Please pastor pray for me I want to pass my diploma this year. By next year I want to in a work place .

  11. Good day Man of God Pastor Alph Lukau.
    It is my first time to come across with this Church AMI and I’m so pleased! I would like from today to be in touch with you and if there is any branch here in Mozambique I’d come to know better.
    My name is Jeremias Chilundo, former Catholic Priest licyzed by Pope Benedict XVI. I’m self employed and living in Maputo my home town.
    I hope to be in touch I believe God has so many door and windows to open in my life.

    God bless!

    Jeremias Chilundo

  12. Rev.Alph Lukas,May God who love us more bless you than be4.I & family do watch & hear what leading to do.My nane Malock (Agyaba)

  13. Please pastor pray for me,whenever I meet a man we fall apart without a growing old and not married and I really need a good man to marry me.please pray for my husband to locate me.

  14. Rev.Alph Lukas,May God who love us more bless you than be4.I & family do watch & hear what leading to do.My nane Malock (Agyaba)


  15. Rev.Alph Lukas,May God who love us more bless you than be4.I & family do watch & hear what leading to do.My nane Malock (Agyaba)

    Pls, Pas.join us in prayer

  16. Rev.Alph Lukas,we do watch & hear what God is leading you to do.May he alone lift you up every-time His name sake, in thelove name of JESUS CHRIST amen.We are praying u.

    Pls, Pas.join us in prayer

  17. Pastor Alph lukau you are a true Man of God every day I watch you on YouTube all the way from Nairobi, I have a lot of problems am kindly requesting you to pray for me. May good Lord Bless and keep you in good health. you are a blessing to us Amen.

    • Praise the Lord!miraculously i came across you on you tube since then i got connected to you spritualy and have hope what has been oppressing me will live and be yoke free!Pastor i would like to meet you phyisically and know God will make it happen.
      I live in Rwanda- kigali, even called and spoke to a lady Melisa?left my prayer request, 1.A very good job 2. Tuition for my children, 3.Peace and restoration in everything at home. Blessings

  18. I need God my life. I heard about you, I followed you on Twitter and Facebook, I watched your videos on YouTube and I asked myself what does God what of me? Man of God tell me what God want of me, my desire is good health and promotion at Work. I have been through a lot and thought God was too far away. Financial problems attacked me and my health deteriorated and I was demoted at Work.

  19. good day pastor alphu lukau we watch you make miracales and trough pay for us my family is going through a lot and we want you to pray for us

  20. Yes Hello I need help I wanna get saved and also I want Jesus the lead of my life all evil thoughts shall not come against me Amen. I’m 17 years old and ik about the lords work also my grandmother who I live with is very sick man of god and it would be a true blessing to help her I lost kinda like my mom not to long ago and I keep failing to get a job please pray with us and help put Jesus in front of us Amen Thank you.

  21. I have been married for 37 years. A good marriage up until about 15 years ago. So about 15 years or so we have been going through hell. I love and want my wife back. We have 2 beautiful children, a boy and girl. I think she has inherited some mental illness problems from her mother, along with two sisters. I can’t take any more of this Pastor. I am tired of this!!!! I am contemplating divorce or murder any day!!!MY PHONE NUMBER is 803-318-3558..

  22. Bonsoir Papa;
    I’m Berthe CRESSENT; camerounaise, mariée en France; je vous supplie de faire des prières pour mon foyer et ma famille; my english is not very good; can I have a connection of AMI in France? south africa is so far; but I’m watching you every day a you tube; PAPA you are my somnifère , depuis que j’ai decouvert AMI; je dors avec vos paroles a you tube ; ensuite avec your son Charles Ibrahim; I love you too much, my inspiration and my hope; je suis la fille du Pasteur Alf LUKAU ; Merci mon Dieu de vous avoir connu; je ferai tout pour venir a AMI too beauty!!!!!!!thank you LORD;thank you JESUS!!!I ‘ll collect monney to come and glorifie GOD in your amazing church

  23. Hi Pastor / Prophet,

    Please pray for me.
    I am very confused and do know that where is it taking me.
    Please help me.
    I am from INDIA, bangalore.
    Plz help me..

  24. Pastor,I believe I really need your prayer in my life, I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetics and I’m really confuse about my life. Please pastor pray for me. Thank you

  25. Please pray for my healing. I am from Northeast part of India My name is Naobi I have liver disease and doctor want more test because there is some kind of lymph node . So please pray for healing Thank you

  26. Thank you Man of GOD for your service onto the Most High God delivering healing, encouragement and deliverance into the lives of people called according to GOD ALMIGHTY and his purpose for us. May HE continue to bless you to win souls for HIS Kingdom I pray that the entire World turn our hearts and faith back to GOD and reclaim GODS goodness in our lives. the ememy and his devices are crushed JEHOVAH has revealed HIS SERVANT apostle Alph Lukau to allow us to know GOD can accomplish the impossible. I faithfully claim my complete restoration in every area for i have seen by this man of GODS WORKS we serve a Living GOD Thank you JESUS for Alph Lukau. Lift up the name of the GOD OF Abraham, Issac, Isreal,Paul and Alph Lukua. We love you Almighty GOD PLEASE DO YOUR WILL IN OUR LIVES AMEN

  27. good day pastor me and my family has been watching your church on youtube and we would like if you could pray for us we cant visit your ministry cause we come from a far away island called the turks and caicos island and we are praying that one day we will be able to visit your ministry so that you can pray for us

  28. I stumbled on AMI via Youtube and I’m 100% sure the Lord located me to Alleluia Ministries that my life may face a turn around. oh how I love Pastor Alph Lukau; I thank God for his Grace upon your life . I have never in my entire life seen a man of God under such great anointing like yours, suffice to say you are one in a million and a rare gem. I love the wisdom and humbleness you command. And I would like to add that I have greatly been blessed by watching you on Youtube. It is my desire to visit Alleluia Ministries in Johannesburg that my life be richly blessed and I’m working towards that. Keep up the good work.

    • God bless you Pastor Alph Lukau in the name of Jesus. my question is how can one come to visit the church of God Alleluia Ministries. My family and I would like to visit you how is it done. please may you reply.

  29. Good morning… Pastor I would like to request prayer for my family and for my husband that we can get the miracales prayer from you so that we can get job plz plz pastor pray for us

  30. I am a minister in God’s vineyard.. but I don’t know how to make a move and everything around me never gives me joy. Believing that God will show me mercy through you. Pastor lukau. Seriously want to speak with you on phone please man God. More grace on you I pray.

  31. Good day pastor. I and my family have been watching you on YouTube and we believe you are God sent. Please pray for me and my family. We are passing through some unpleasant situation.

  32. So fantastic.i really like it and I too need your prayers for me and our matter how far I am ,but I know the hand of the almighty is not all that short to his children who are in need of his may the Almighty God gives you more Holly spirit to guard you and protect you in your work in JESUS ALMIGHTY NAME AMEN.

  33. goodday pasta I and my children we need a place/ home to stay where I am staying the department is asking us to vacate in the house soon as possible and also I need god to help me to relies my money from Department of labour since I was injured at work , God keep blessing you

  34. My names are octivious Lodenyo from Nairobi Kenya. My job contract ended December 1017. Since then I have never gotten another job. I humbly request man of God to pray for me to get another job. I did interview at UAE embassy based in nairobi and its been a while and I haven’t gotten any positive feed back. Please please pray for me I get the job. Am so down.
    With kind regards octivious

  35. Pastor Alph Lukau you are a True Man of God every day I watch you on YouTube all the way. Please pray for these two little kids to get healed Adrian Dsouza who was born 16-10-2011 and Abigail Dsouza 10-12-2015 both are brother and sister suffering from cancer from Pune, Maharashtra. India. Please pray for them. Thank You.

  36. Man of God pray for me I want to get job for me I need a job to help my family. I don’t have both of my parents .
    I have been applied but no response

    I need help

  37. I’ve been watching you on YouTube and I know and believe that you are a God sent prophet of our generation… I love your confidence… I love hearing you calling your self, my name is Alph Lukau when ever a serious miracle takes place.. I’ve watched so many amazing testimonies.plz pray for me and my family for God’s favour in our finances, health and general open doors in all ramifications… I will like to meet the man of God one on one.. Kebiru Isah,Nigeria.

  38. This is my first time of hearing about you, from Nigeria, I just scrolled on youtube decide to watch your healing, you are indeed man of God, I search of your number on Google though I get it but wasn’t connect just wanna say a very big thanks for working for almighty and I pray from today I watch you on screen good thing shall come my way. The man you delivered through his wife has same equal story with me looking for a solutions, but now hence forth my case is over in Jesus name almighty name we pray Amen.

    • This is my first time of hearing about you, from Nigeria, I just scrolled on youtube decide to watch your healing, you are indeed man of God, I search of your number on Google though I get it but wasn’t connect just wanna say a very big thanks for working for almighty and I pray from today I watch you on screen good thing shall come my way sir, pleas sir i need your player in my life and my family, And my visa i am working on pastor. i real need you player sir.

  39. This is my first time of hearing about you, from Nigeria, I just scrolled on youtube decide to watch your healing, you are indeed man of God, I search of your number on Google though I get it but wasn’t connect just wanna say a very big thanks for working for almighty and I pray from today I watch you on screen good thing shall come my way sir, pleas sir i need your player in my life and my family, And my visa i am working on pastor. i real need you player sir.

  40. I’m from limpopo In need of a baby from 2005 im 36 man of God help me I need ur healing and miracle as well.ive known you from social media.ur a true man of God pls help me

  41. Please help me out spiritually if possible financially,I gave out my mobey with hope I will receive it when I needed it now,he is no longer picking my calls,and my girl friend is about getting married to the man I told her wanted to marry ,just because I went to the man’s sister house with her,who claims to be a pastor but turned back and told my friend that OVERTAKING IS ALLOWED, this same girl I gave her room over her head for a long time before she can find her own place

  42. That’s my daddy, my papa, my man of God. I feel so attached to your ministry and for sure I just know I have a part there, even when am very far.

    Thank you for blessing my life pastor Alpha Lukau.

    It’s you that I need for my Elijah!

  43. I believe you are the true man of God. I need to a prayer to restore relationships with my mom and my brother. My mom and brother needs to be saved in Jesus’ name. God’s promise on my brother can be done soon. Set both of them free! In Jesus’ name.
    Thank you for your prayer very much, pastor Alpha Lukau.

  44. First I thank God to use you papa to healed his people than x for that anointing I believe you are a rue son of God may you please pray for my study am doing very weak I am failing my test at university and am the only hope of my family I cant disappointment I don’t know what is blocking me you know better papa Amen

  45. I want to thank God that my prayer has been answered. .I have undergone lots of struggles financially and am believing God has Blessed me with abundance and my family is now rejoicing for His Fullness within us. Thank you Man of God thank you Jesus.


  47. Pastor this is my first time of watching ur video the one with EZe and Pamela, pls pray for Me about witchcraft spirit taking over nothing I do that is working and I can’t marry cos of strange man, pray for ME for breakthrough in d works of my hands and all round favor and spirit of hatred where ever I go… And also my sister is been held captive not been able to do anything for 10yrs someone is sitting on her destiny nothing works at all. I believe in ur God

  48. Please we need your prayer our brother was sick he can not work for almost four years, we want to send him to your end please give us an advice of how to get there the ticket is read for him to fight to South Africa.

    Thanks iam from South Sudan Juba

  49. Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) is my church and Pastor Alph is my spiritual Papa thus why i believe that if my brother traveler to him he will get his delivery and our family too.

  50. Iam 32yrs iam single please pray for me to a good husband and to have a family in have been a laughing stock because all my friends and many of my relative are married with children and healing in my body
    Joan from Kenya

  51. Please pray With me for a destiny helper. I have identify one who seem to hela but ita been slow, he has the authority to help but it has delayed. I need divine favour

  52. Please pray for a healing for my sister.she had a major surgery 2yrs ago. Now she has problem with her liver,her side is swollen. Please pray god’s healing for monique

  53. Pastor Alpha Lukua God Bless
    i have been watching you minister on you tube you are a great instrument of God. one night this month in September i dream i was in AMI i walk up to you and bow down at your feet and ask you to be my spiritual father the moment you say yes and accept me a saw a darkness move from over me and disappear. pastor Alpha i need your covering, please man of God. God bless you PaPa.

  54. Paster Alph Lukau the true man of God I watch you on you tube and I am blessed you are the true servant of God. Please am asking you to pray for me and my family for a break through am having a rough time am struggling to make end meet everything I try to do it not working out for me. Am praying but I need your help my spiritual father God bless you in Jesus name in box me.

  55. Good day Pastor Sir,pls sir kindly pray for me,I have been trying to travel out of the country ,I have go for america embassy up to three times they rejected me,even went to spanish embassy and Germany embassy they reject me also,since I have left my baby father, cos of some problems and other things,pls sir pray for me,I need God to help me

  56. I never heard of the prophet before, I have been in Israel for 10years and I was deported with all my family, a family of 4, I was watching YouTube videos and I came across the healing service with the prophet, I instantly develop feelings for his ministry, I believe and I have faith in God of alph lukau, that as from today that I have watched his ministry, my story will be changed for greatness, success, uncountable blessings,riches, happiness, wealth, promotion, prosperity shall be mine as from today onwards,every battle of my life has ended, all my rights and my children rights shall be given to them before this month end, my calling will be established now, and I shall bring back testimonies

  57. Please man of God I want you to pray for my little niece “Grace”, next year January will make her four years and she has not been able to speek or has giving us restless night…please sir pray for her

  58. Please man of God I want you to pray for my little niece “Grace”, next year January will make her four years and she has not been able to speek or has giving us restless night…please sir pray for her.thank you sir

  59. Man of God pray for me and my family the enemy is too close , I am a mother of two but not married and my two sister they are not married ,one is blind the other one the relationship is just on and off give us true husband and speed up our connection by fire by force, and let us celebrated our marriages in church, restored my life, give me promotion and salary increase heal me and my family ,may brother come and send money home, let the father of my kid who owe me and does not want to pay me back may he call me to day pay me back by fire by force , so that I can feed my two kids, help me lord open doors for me and bless me .. Amen

  60. Man of God I honor you in the name of Jesus. I am a mother of four Originally from Namibia but I stay in Canada with my lastborn daughter and my father of my daughter. The other three stay in Namibia. Daddy we suffering here because we don’t have Canadian papers and they want to depot us. On the 2nd of October we have appointment with immigration. Please for us for immigration to change their minds please Papa fire them . Please protect all my kids in the name of Jesus. I need healing in my body. Fire fire fire Papa

  61. Good morning Prophet Alph.Thanks for giving time out to listen to so many issues.Please pray for the following:
    1.My family
    2,spiritual gifts and my spiritual eyes and ears to be opened.
    4 To Build our own home
    5,For my father’s health
    6,For my sibling7
    7.To break every generational curse8
    8,For my career
    With God all things are possible,amen

  62. Pastor, please pray for my son’s deliverance from the forces that makes him unseious. He has no interest in academics nor vocation but instead roams about aimlessly. He sometimes sleep outside and where we don’t even know. His behavior shows that it is not ordinary. I am a Nigerian and I live in Ibadan. I have watched your ministration on YouTube and convinced that your God can see the hidden secrets of my life and home. Please help my son.

  63. Good evening Man of God. My name is Nadeem and I need your prayer, I am going through a very hard emotional setback and very confused. Although I have been praying for last 2 months but nothing seems to be moving. I am born again Christian. Please pray for me I need God’s favor and blessing in my life.

    God has blessed you abundantly and will use you more and more for His glory.

  64. Blessings Pastor,my name is Mari i am from Puerto Rico I’m a born again believer. Please pray for me for my health and direction. God has given me dreams and visions but I don’t understand what is God’s will for me i believe but don’t know what God wants me to do.p!ease help me.

  65. I belong to AMI through your Tube broadcasts. Pray for my son. He is 38years and is not serious with his girlfriend despite the fact that she is serious. If she is his wife, help me pray for it to actualize please. I am very and deeply worried.

  66. Greetings from Solomon Islands from Francis Rofeta in the name of our God. I’m Francis Rofeta from Solomon Islands residency in Australia, our family use to watch pastor Lukau on YouTube most of our times & praise God for all the amazing prophecy & healings that Pastor Lukau did in the name of our God. I’m a Christian that needs You prayers to help me with my spiritual life, financial bondage & my relationship with my lover. Please I need your prayer so that God will continue to bless me with his wisdom, knowledge & understanding upon my life & my family. Thank you God bless

  67. Paoa pray for me and my family from a death spirit that’s hunting us deliver and protect us restored our family gives us, marriage, for those who doesn’t have babies may you provide to them help them to conceive, may we be happy as a family of one and celebrate our life is coming back, any one who’s behind our pain and Cry’s, may God in spirit punish them ,and exposed their evil work.. Amen

  68. Papa pray for me and my family from a death spirit that’s hunting us deliver and protect us restored our family gives us, marriage, for those who doesn’t have babies may you provide to them help them to conceive, may we be happy as a family of one and celebrate our life is coming back, any one who’s behind our pain and Cry’s, may God in spirit punish them ,and exposed their evil work.. Amen

  69. Pastor Alph Lukau ministry is so formidable. Its like Prophet Samuel in the bible.
    Without telling my suffering and what I am going through I am sure the Lord will reveal to him. I earnestly need his prayer over my life.
    If I had have the money I would have come to South Africa to meet.

    Thank you and GOD BLESS you even more.

  70. Papa please pray for me i feel so weak in the Lord i need his power and love God i want restoration in my spirit,soul, and body so i will be like an egle.i need his favour papa


  72. good afternoon sir, please i want u to heal me of any infection in my body system and the virus they call hipatitis B sir, i believe in God to use you for me sire, i want to go for travelling medicals in the next few weeks now sir, i dont want them to see anything at all, i should already been made whole of all diseases sir, thank you sir, i will one day visit your church worship service, thank you sir

  73. Prophet, speak into our situations: 1) Breakthroughs for house which has been on market for about 3 years costing us thousands of dollars; devil stealing our money through this. 2) Deliverance of my adult children from evil 3) Restoration of mother’s eyesight which suddenly happened about 4 years ago.

  74. papa pls pray for me an my family especially my son dwayne sulph, papa i need blessings in my finance. i wan to help my son also, for him to a place for himself an his children.thank u papa

  75. Dear man of God im from the UK and my siblings and i are very sick for the past ten years we have a feeling someone and the devil are destroying us for no reason at all we are seeking help with desperation we would like to get back to normal and live our lives but we cant because our health is deteriorating we have seeked physicians but still no healing of these diseases pls pray for us or tell us where we could recieve your healing from or if and when will pastor visit the UK

  76. please man of god pray for my total healing of hiv–aids and all the pains in my whole body pease pray for my financial breakthrough to free myself from many huge big debts that i have and for my whole family who are sick please heal them with your mighty prayer in jesus name

    • I have ur symbol any were l go, ur my God father. Witch craft of d enemies from my compound has kill my father mother brothers sisters. Pls l beg u in d name of Jesus help me. Invisible hands slapping me on daylight Pls help me

  77. I am a Christian, residing in Kenya, I have been following your action-packed miracles on YouTube. We having been trying to sell our house for the past one year so that i can move my family to Scotland where my wife is going to do her Master Degree in Counseling Psychology but potential buyers come and view and go away without any commitment or offers.Life in our country is so hard. Please man of God help us sell off this house urgently so that we can start process , for i believe your God will surely do a miracle today for my family.

  78. I need to see you papa.i really wish to see face to face.i need your prayer in my life but whatever for are I believe that all your prayer will touch me and change all my situation.Amen

  79. I really need you pastor.but I believe that whatever you are your priyer will change something in my life.i wish to see you face to face☹️

  80. Hi your highest. I m 43 years of age, and lived in Namibia . I was watching the wonders that you practice for real, and I was amazed and shock by what I saw. I m a motor mechanic by profession and believe much in God .I belong to a church and at times I will have dreams at night that sometimes it appear that they become real. I tried to tell our church Pastor about my dreams but he would not listen to me. I do not know what to do as I was previously told by different Prophets that I needed to be blessed so that my dreams and spiritual will start to do something for me, but no one wants t do anything for me. Through this I lost my garage that has only last for nine months since January . Please help me out Man of God, I know you can just pray while you are there and miracles can happen ,or be invited to your church in RSA .

  81. Papa well done for the fire. Please keep the fire burning unending. My name is weyinmi Ajuyah, am a nigerian and reside at Abuja. I have been through thick and thin as life generally has not been fair to me. Am 50 yet not married. At my younger years have been experiencing failure at the edge of breakthrough in marriage. I have truly suffered so much. I have prayed and fasted in the last couple of years but its like nothing is working. Help me Sir please

  82. I have ur symbol any were l go, ur my God father. Witch craft of d enemies from my compound has kill my father mother brothers sisters. Pls l beg u in d name of Jesus help me. Invisible hands slapping me on daylight Pls help me

  83. Pastor Alph Lukau, please pray God must restore my daughter’s relationship with me as her Mother, and for my financial breakthrough, God Bless

  84. Hello man of god I’m asking for a prayer of healing in my family we are all attacked by an unknown illness and my mother is getting worse now please help us.

  85. Please pray for me and daughter I don’t understand what is happening but as u pray I know God will reveal things to you.hope to hear back from you. God bless u and keep on doing what God instruct you to do.

  86. I am Peter Moses Omawa from the Republic of Vanuatu in the South West Pacific. I am employed in the Civil Aviation Authority of Vanuatu and I watch Pastor Alph Lukau everyday on YouTube. I believe in Pastor Alph Lukau’s God and we have a problem in the office where staff personal money go missing from wallets or any other places in the office. We have a total of ten staff and their names are: Joseph Niel, Naiany Karu, Peter Moses, Manfred Veremaito, Madeleine Essau, Melloi Morris, Juanita Mial, Grace Naparau, Kathrina Tarip and Didn Nishai. We know your God can reveal this to you and please, please we need help from Pastor Alph Lukau so that we apprehend the person responsible.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  87. Morning Man of God, I see the supernatural service you give on TV and it gives me the courage to type me problem and believe that through your migthy anointing Gods power will be revealed.
    I decided to follow an advertisement in the newspaper and linked to this people. Princess Mia to help me because our business was sinking and our marriage was already over.
    She promised the see can fix everything but first every thing must be cleaned. She promised that after that I will live a wealthy live.
    She took my 2 vehicles and all my money with the promise that everything will be fine within 4 weeks.
    After that she vanished and I only talk up to now with a man who called himself the King.
    I am penny less and without transport.
    I know that your prayers have no distances and I believe that through your help I believe they will bring back everything and all my money they took.
    Now that I sit and think about it, it was stupidly from my side. But please please Man of God HELP.

  88. I have been watching you on YouTube at my sister’s request. A few months ago I was diagnosed with cancer and need prayers. I am a believer and has been praying for a miracle. I believe the report of the lord.
    May God bless you and your as you continue in his service. I live in Canada but with GOD there is no distance in prayer.

  89. Am from UAE but am an Indian. I have big big money proble and I have lot of cases in uae, I am business man to much money lose. Plz pray for me and my family to solve all problems. And my wife father is suffering from lung cancer Plz prayer for him also. Am watching online you great miracle and prayers also. Plz remember me in your prayers.
    And I will come to meet you if juses alove me

  90. I’ve seen the man of God Pastor Lukau perform miracles in videos last week. A friend of mine showed me those videos.
    Pastor Lukau, please pray for me that I get back my visa which was recalled. I was meant to travel for resettlement in Sept on the 10th but before my flight date, IOM called me and they told me that my visa was recalled by USCIS and RSC. Pray for me that I get another visa before the expiry of the exit permit and the expiry of my medicals. Amen

  91. Hello Man of God, I have been holding on to Faith and would like you to pray for my health, my mother’s health and her grandchildren to be Godly, mannerly, obedient and work hard to be successful. Also, pray for my son who was diagnosed with Autism. I personally have been struggling for years with ailments which include that Lupus and its prayer that has me going strong. Please please pray for me and my family for healing and breakthrough. God bless you man of God.

  92. Pastor Alph Lukau, God bless you, Please pray for my husband to get out of bondage and see me as a wife and i need to restore my life.a women took him away from me and he lies. he took my life, my dignity, my trust, my joy,and i suffer with my son. please help me.

  93. please pray over my life …. am now retired, received retirement funds but there is still problem in the family – spouse, eldest son and youngest daughter. luisa

  94. Bonjour Pasteur ALPH LUKAU.
    Je suis ravie d’avoir fait une connaissance de votre personnalité sur internet,
    j’aimerai savoir que puis-je faire pour venir à l’église alléluia ministries
    international car je réside à paris en FRANCE.

  95. Complement man of God, I am Abraham wilse from west Africa, LIBERIA, I am experiencing some setback in my life I can’t understand it at all man of God, my life is cripple man of God I want you to pray and prophesies in my life, I want to travel to meet you, and I want to travel around the world to served God, please help me man of God, I need your instance healing pastor. Many regards pastor

  96. I reside in jamaica and i view ur preaching from videos on youtube and am impressed with ur work; your miraculous work and prophesis. I am going through a lot of financial and personal problems and therefore asking to pray for me and my family for God to give us a breakthrough.

  97. Bonjour Pasteur Alph Lukau. Je souhaiterais être un jour à Johannesburg dans AMI. Mais malheureusement, je n’ai pas de moyens pour vous rejoindre. Mais, un jour j’aurais cette occasion. En attendant l’homme de Dieu, délivré moi, mes enfants et toute ma famille. Tout est bloqué dans ma famille. Rien ne marche. Je vis avec une maladie durant plus de 10 ans, la colopathie fonctionnelle. Please Pastor Alph Lukau, mon Papa, mon Pasteur. Aide moi, guéris moi, delivre moi et mes enfants.

  98. God bless you man of God,I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus, our soon coming king. The God of Abraham, Isaac,Jacob and Joseph. I whatched your program on YouTube, and I am blessed each time I see the work of God manifest through you. I Pray for you and your family that the Lord will hold and uplift your hands when you are week. I pray that God will continue bless and keep you; so that you will continue doing his work. I also pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministries, and everyone that walks under your ministry. Please! I am praying to God for something,but I don’t want to write it, because the devil reads our messages too. Thank you.your sister in Christ.

  99. Good day man of Grace, my name is Emmanuel etim aka emma 4 CHRIST, please I have been hearing prophecies that I am a prophet and that I have to raise my ministry and I’m ready for it, I’m thinking of starting by January 2019, I was thinking of who to be my spiritual father and mentor until God directed me to your YouTube page, pls I need a confirmation on this.
    And I want to be one of your spiritual sons, pls
    At the moment things are very difficult. Please I’ll also like to meet you in person please for counseling and prayers if I have open door to come.
    I am also a GOSPEL music minister but I’m facing serious challenge.
    My launching is novermber but financial doors are not opening.
    Please hrlpe, I believe so much in your grace please account me.i stay in Lagos Nigeria.

  100. pray for my wife’s high blood pressure and am believing God for a miracle.I also need break through in ministre and i believe God is using you for our miracle’s

  101. I’m currently situated in Free State I get to watch the man of God via youtube since I don’t get a chance TV or even come to the church for that matter, but hopefully with God’s will one day I will come. I have something like a whole page prayer request which includes deliverance, it is in my heart that God responds.

  102. Pastor pls pray for me that God provides a supernatural way for me to move into my own place / apt before this year is over. And that God strengthen my relationship and hopefully marriage with RB in Jesus name. Amen.

  103. I know that there’s a call of God upon my life to pray two times in the past year I got a dream where I was taken up and transport to a different place and a voice said pray for the people another time the heavens opened and I saw Jesus and he pointed to a area and show me a place where sick peoples were laying on beds , I know that I’m called to pray but there’s a lot of blockage in my way, on night in my sleep my spiritual eyes open only to see a snake enter my mouth and go down into my stomach things have never been the same for me since, the struggle is real and everything seems to be falling apart I’m a faithful child of God I support the work of God, the man of God I’m a giver and a very strong tither I strongly believe in supporting the work of God, please help me out of this stagnancy God Bless you. Amen

  104. I am calling the man of God for prayers from LONDON. I need an intervention by great man of God Alph Lukau. I have three children and separated from my husband. The separation happened out of the blue and until today I still wonder what happened. My children and I miss him but we put all in prayer to our God. I also have been trying to move out of the house we shared as a family as there are soo many memories that make me cry everyday. I have waited 10 years for the council to move me and my kids as I am entitled for a three bedroom house but I have tried all ways but the council keep telling me I am on the queue. I contacted local MP but even with that I am still waiting for 10 years. I need prayers so my doors can open and my children can get to enjoy their new home that God will provide and also I need answers to what happened to my marriage. May God bless paster Alph Lukau and his ministry.

  105. Pastor I believe that God answers your prayers. Please I really want you to pray for my marriage a woman who came to house for help the devil want to use her to take away my husband from me and scatter my home.pls I want God to disgrace and expose her and separate my husband completely from her. To deliver my husband and make him to come back to his senses.

  106. Man of God please remember in your prayer for my wife,son and me, because I believed in god through you, miracles can happened it,from unknown mysteries to his glory.Humble prayer for my family God bless AMI. From india.

  107. Man of God (Pastor Alph Lukua) , I am so happy for you. Please I need prayer. I have a divorce matter in court that is going at a snail’s pace since 2015. Please i need your intervention.

  108. Am Great by name a Nigerian. I have tried to succeed but I don’t know what draws my back. my family have been in financial problems for long now. please Help Me with deliverance

  109. Blessing to u Pastor Alpha Lukau I have been watching u for quite sometime and I have seen so many people being bless and I no it’s my time te be blessed I need a miracle I need to buy a cop but there’s something blocking me I need u to help me I this case

  110. Dear Prophet of God. A colleague told me about you and I watched your sermons on YouTube and I was so excited to realise that even in this generation God speaks. You are indeed a true mouthpiece of God. Prophet could you kindly pray for me on the following issues: 1) Career stagnancy- I’m struggling to complete my degree which is left with only three modules to be completed, 2) Ministry elevation – I was anointed as an Intercessor but there is too much stagnancy and 3) The father of my child- we were okay and relationship became sour 7 years ago after our daughter was born and we broke up.Thanks Prophet Alph Lukau.

  111. Blessed evening prophet of God.Colleague told me about you and I watched your sermons on You Tube and I was excited to realise that even in this generation God speaks. You are a true mouthpiece of God.Prophet, could you kindly pray for me on the following challenges: 1) Career stagnancy – I’m struggling to complete my degree which is left with only three modules to be completed.2) Ministry stagnation – I was anointed as an Intercessor but I need God’s grace of Excellency and elevation for the ministry and 3) The relationsip between me and the father of my child.Thanks Prophet Alph Lukau.

  112. God bless you and your family, pastor. I am writing from Bamenda in Cameroon. My son Asma Stanley is epileptic, afflicted three years ago. I believe God can use you to facilitate his healing. Thank you in advance, pastor and may God take the glory.

  113. please my father pray for my life and family.I’m from Cameroon, everything is just so stagnant in all aspects of my life and family please Papa help pray for me.I believe so much in you and your God and I know that with your God everything is possible, I trust you will see this message of mind and pray for me.I’m a proud member of alleluia ministry though I have never being there but hardly miss out on the live service on Fridays and Sundays. thanks in advance and may God continue to use you to help our generation.

  114. I’m from Cameroon,please my father everything is just so stagnant in all aspects of my life and family please Papa help pray for me.I believe so much in you and your God and I know that with your God everything is possible, I trust you will see this message of mind and pray for me.I’m a proud member of alleluia ministry though I have never being there but hardly miss out on the live service on Fridays and Sundays. thanks in advance and may God continue to use you to help our generation.

  115. Man of God, pls.pray for me for our financial problem to be solved, I have loan
    and also pray for my daughter to find a good job in the airlines or wherever god
    wishes her to put. and for children studies. and also pray for me to increase my faith. to give us a good wisdom and knowledge and understanding. pls. let me know in which tv ur coming so that I can see you and hear ur preaching. and for our good health; thank you Jesus,Love u Jesus, and thank u Man of God.

  116. I have been watching you on YouTube man of God I am from Namibia man of God restored my life I am a mother of two kid but I am struggling so that I can provide for my two kid I am single, may god have Mercy on me , let the people who owe me to look for me and pay back my money, give me a true husband who can help me to raise my two abandoned kid, a man who can love me and respect me.. I believe and trust in god something new is coming in my life, before this year end.. Man of god pls help me..Amen

  117. Yes indeed God says in the Last day, i will pull down his spirit.Yes indeed the times have come other to know that we serve a Living God.

  118. Please pray for me so that God will pour out his spirit upon me and use me for his glory and operate in the calling that he has called me for. I also want to have a family and my family set free and prosper because we have been through alot.

  119. I been looking at your SERVICE for about a week now you are TRULY a man of God. Please PASTOR I need your help my FIANCEE is stuck over therein LAGOS Nigeria almost 2years I been trying to get him back home. We both cry and prays that that Jesus will answer our prayers can you please man of God could you help me I promise that once I get him home I promise I will come in person to thank you for praying and praying someone help me to come home and that we can get married. Please help me my Name is JOYCE THOMPSON IM IN USA OF AMERICA IM FROM FLORIDA AND MY FIANCEE NAME IS MARK ERICSON PLEASE HELP ME GET HIM HOME.

  120. Dear Pastor, my senior brother in the USA introduced me to your ministries, Pastor am 42 and a father of 5 kids with the eldest been 10yrs old. pastor pleas I beg you to pray for my healing and deliverance as I was tested HIV positive. I will like to visit your ministry in South Africa. God bless you Pastor.

    Hi Pastor Alph Lukau

    My name is Ranie Osman, born and raised in Durban, South Africa,migrated to New Zealand in 2000 after my daughter
    and I were held up at gun point at our home….After 20 years of living in New Zealand I have now moved
    to live in Australia.
    Last night I watched some UTube videos of your miracles and I was amazed and how God is working through you in
    changing lives in South Africa, our beautiful country.

    Pastor Lukau, I am emailing you to ask if you able to please pray for me to get a job here in Australia as it
    has been 6 weeks that I am here in Sydney, no family but I came with My Lord Jesus who found me a cheap
    ticket and through HIM and HIS mysteries found me a place through ex people from NZ for a place to lay my
    .It has been a struggle with my health (lung disease and breathing) and Iam adapting and climatising now
    and I really need a job to sustain myself, so please pray for that job for me as Iam open to any job here in Sydney
    or Melbourne.

    Many Thanks and blessings
    Ranie Osman

  122. I seek spiritual healing and commitment with Jesus having sinned so much and fallen short of His glory. I am really tired of sin and really seeking peace within me, my family and success in career along with talents given me by God; I also seek deliverance for my oldest son (Leroy) from drugs addiction and other missteps in his life. Prosperity and success I wish all my children and forgiveness for wrong I have done to others one way or another. I seek success and prosperity and leadership.

  123. Please pray for me so that God will use me mightily and poor out his spirit upon me and use me for his glory and help me to operate in the calling that he has called me for please also pray for my family

  124. I saw your ministry on youtube and i believe God is using you to do more miracles. I want you to pray for me so that i will be healed. The doctor said they saw something in my womb and they want to do surgery on me. I said no, i will not do any surgeries so please pray for me so that i’ll be completely healed. Give testimony to the world to know that we have a living God. I am on medication for high blood pressure so please pray for me. Thank you.

  125. My name is Beauty, I live in Canada. Can you bring your ministry to Canada and settle in Mississauga. Please pray for my family and pray for me to be healed. I dont want to be on medication anymore. Also pray for my children. Please pray for my husband to repent and take care of the family. Thank you.

  126. Pastor I’ve been following your services, teachings, preaching and healing sermons on u tube for the past few months. There are certain happenings going on around my home where I live. I need you to pray for my whole family as the witches around me are trying to separate my family. I want prayers for financial break through, for peace,love, success and a for God fearing family. I also pray for your family that God will guide, protect and keep you to gather in Jesus holy name. Amen

  127. My father and the prophet of our generation. To God alone be the glory and honor. May the the Lord God bless you greatly. My name is Isabella and I have been watching you from You tube for a while now and have been learning a lot through your teachings which I write down in my notebook and the unusual miracles that God performs through you. Very uplifting.
    I’m 48 years old single with no children. I have gone through tears for years. Every man I meet either relocates or I relocate for some reasons.the only relationship that lasted was only two years which was a marriage that ended with a divorce. Men runs from me for no good reason. I entered menopause years back but have tried different doctors to keep my mp going on while waiting upon God to give me a husband but every doctor says this humiliating words, Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but there is nothing that can be done, you are way past age. I have remained faithful and saved and waiting upon the Lord but for the last two or so years my heart has been very discouraged though hoping and keeping on. I’m a graduate who lives from check to check and feeling very stagnant in as much as I help people and serve God diligently. I have composed songs, put them in 2 albums and they have not moved no where.there are a lot of stagnation in my family, my brother in his 50s struggling to have a family, my sister’s and other brother struggling big time.i desire to serve God with all my heart by planting churches and I feel called to do so in Arizona and other regions of usa but I’m in Mass.
    I just finished 3 days fasting and praying followed by a thanks giving prayer day and I have believed that this is my season.

    My father, my father, please stand with me. God said through yesterday message that I was listen that when God sends a prophet to his people its because he has remembered them.
    I believe this is my family’s season.

    You are blessed.


  129. I booked a flight to come to Johannesburg to meet and join the prayers by Pastor Alph Lukau .I will arrive in Johannesburg at 22..00hrs from London.I hope i will find Halliluia Centre and i hope you have cheapest Hostel where i can stay from 30th November 2018 To3 December 2018 3 Nights.It will be my first time in Johannesburg . Kindly may i get a response.Thank You and God bless

  130. kindly let me know if you have accommodation cheapest in a hostel near Alleluija international in Johannesburg.I have book a flight to come and meet and pray with Pastor Alph Lokau from 30th november 2018 to 3 December 2018.3 Nights.I will arrive at Johannesburg IN Airport at 22.00hrs From London.Kindly advice.It will be my firts time in Johannesburg.I look forward to your response.Thanks God Bless

  131. Dear Pastor
    Please help me and my family we take 1 step forward in life but it showed that the results is 3 step backward.We are surrounded by enemies just jealous of everything we do.I am sick my mom also not well.Now I hope and have trust that things will go fine just need your prayer.

  132. We the Elifas family got married in August 2018. My husband lost his job through retrenchment the same month of August 2018. This have negatively affected our financial life and has been stressing my husband very bad. I am pregnant and I have a job but the money I get are not enough to support our family.

    We request you, man of God , to pray for us , we need a breakthrough for my husband to get a job to support his family. Open his doors in life and may he be called to start with work immediately.

  133. Man of I use to watch you on YouTube from Namibia pray for me to have a good man who Will love me respect me and take care of me and two kid who doesn’t have a father, restored my life do something new in my life, I have cryed a lot a lot ,now is my turn to be happy, heal my sister she’s blind for 5years now god open her eyes bless her with kids, let her see again, heal mama’s lips it’s turning one side let it be normal,bless my sister who’s pregnant bring back the father of the unborn baby bless her for marriages, may my brother come home ..bless my family bring back all the happiness we have lost.. Expose the work of the enemy behind our pain , I say fire to all the devils behind us Amen

  134. phophet alph lukau I need and asking you to pray for child is to two years old he is diagnosed of INGUINAL HERNIA.I watch your church service doing miracle, helping people im also need your grace upon my sons life of your prayer in jesus name AMEN.

  135. Hello, Pastor Lukau, I just wanted to say that I watched some of the videos on YouTube. I’ve been very excited about the miracles and hearing the word of God out of you. God said, these works shall follow those that believe. I truly believe God and his word. Pray for me that I continue to do what God has for me to do. I live in Gainesville, Fla.

  136. Man Of God, I thank you God to choose you to heal people in this world in Jesus Name. I saw you on You Tube for few wweeks now and am very happy and surprised of what You are doing for sick people, people in needs etc…. Thank You so much,Man Of God as Miracles happened in the Name of Jesus.
    Have been trying to call on phone numbers on you contact but in vain…. I really need your prayer for my elder sister son, Patrick Palo who had lever problem.
    Please, pray for him, Pastor, I trust in all miracles you have done and still doing in Jesus Mighty and powerful Name. Please, Pastor Alhp Lukau I need you assistance to pray also for all my famillies in my village in Vanuatu called Port-Olry village.
    Patrick was sick for few years now and there are no medecines for him. I Trust in Jesus our Lord who do miracles for many, many people have watched on You Tube.

    Thanks in Jesus Powerful.

    Marie Tiome
    Telephone 678 5553065 / 678 40381/ 678 5300536

  137. pastor I really in need of a break through in my life. I been going through some difficult time through out my life please pastor I beg for you to pray for me and my kids

  138. Man of God please pray for me to get a job and financial break through expose the work of the enemies and fire the demons behind us bless me and my family with everything i need in jesus name Amen.

  139. Dear man of God, my name is Nicholas. My wife has been pregnant since a year now and there are repeated prophecies of some evil manipulations by one of my brother’s wife. I can not do her anything but I know that God is using you to bring succour to do many people. Pls pastor, pray for her & the unborn baby for God to free her from the shackles of the evil one. We’re confused but we trust in the God whose prophet you really are. Save us from trauma & also pray for my financial to improve

  140. Man of God,
    I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I have tried to work hard, put up or raise businesses but nothing comes out of it. All my investment just gets wasted there, every money that I get just disappear, I get unexpected expenditures. People promise money but they change their minds from no where, every thing trial involving money fails.
    Every marriage I try, dies from no where, I have failed to settle in my relationships for am full of disappointments.
    Man of God, pray for me that I get healed from this financial struggle, relationship struggle, monitoring spirits that monitor my progress.
    I want to settle in my business and marriage.

    Thank you man of God

  141. Many people are holding our finances for no good reason especially out of a recent sale of our property.

    Man of God,please pray for me and my family that those holding our finances shall release it today.

  142. Greetings Man of God Prophet Alph Lukau!

  143. I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ

    Man of God, Pray for me and my Family we in a big problem, We have issue of Land that is causing Problem in my family. Please man of God help us, Break all the chain that is in my family man of god, In Jesus name

    Thank u man of God

  144. I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ

    Man of God, Pray for me and my Family we in a big problem, We have issue of Land that is causing Problem in my family. Please man of God help us, Break all the chain that is in my family man of god, In Jesus name

    Thank u man of God

  145. Praise God, iam sammy from Kenya, Man of GodPray for,me everything seems to be working against me nothing comes,my way, struggles upon struggles, have faith God will,do,it. Thankyou as you pray for me. Wait for my testimony.

  146. Man of God I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I have tried to work hard but nothing comes out of it, in my place of work from 2009 I have started working up till this time I am sending this comment, I have not yet promoted, and I am working very hard. People promise but they change their minds from no where. I tried serval time to got marriage , it will dies from no where, I have failed to settle in my relationships because it will not last for even six months for am full of disappointments.
    And my elder brother is sick with blindness and my younger sister also is without a child, things are not working the way it so purpose to be, please my spiritual father help me pray for me and family, I have faith and I trust in you and your God, I have the strong faith that has I have connect with you all our problems in my family is over for life, I love you my spiritual father, I hope and pray that you will visit us in Sierra Leone by God grace. God bless you, more grace and anointing in Jesus Name

  147. Hallelujah. I greet you today Sir. Just as your word today asks us, I commit my entirety today to God. Asking him to establish Devine favour in every area of my life. Thank you for interceeding on my behalf Sir. God bless you abundantly Papa.

  148. Good morning Pastor I’m from Nigeria have been watch you on YouTube I need heavens intervention, I struggle in life to get to any level I am yet nothing to show forth, this is not where I suppose to be in life. I need help in all areas of my life I’m sending this with tears. Please pray for me.

  149. Hello pastor my name is Martin and I need your help please man of God,I live and work in Saudi Arabian though I have a good job but things are not working out please.

  150. Man of God, Talofa and Hi in Jesus name. I’m from Samoa wish to come in Africa attend one of your service and meet you in person. I always watched your Sunday Service, healing and deliverance, breakthrough and prophetic miracles, truly it touched my soul and feels like Im attending the service at that time. Pastor i faced so many trials and difficulties in life almost turn me down and loose hope. Pls on behalf of my family, I am requesting for deliverance and healing for my parents, sisters and brothers with their little families my husband and my lovely sons and all my families around the world.

  151. Man of God, please pray for me that God will bless me with finding a better paying job at the beginning of the new year and also have a pair of twins; a boy and a girl for my husband by next year, December 2019.

  152. MAN OF GOD I need your help, I live far away from you living in San Diego California and I am honored to have seen your God anointed healing and prophet abilities, I am currently under satanic attack my health is not good, I can´t sleep at night my family is being killed one by one, my little sister and younger brother had just died of cancer, my oldest brother has serious head injury and has lost his job and currently has several neck surgeries, my loving father has suffered two strokes and is currently in a hospital fighting for his life as you can see it is very serious and my faith and love for Jesus is so strong and unwavering and God pointed me to your videos in Youtube and asking for deliverance. Please help me to be able to help my family I am very sick high blood pressure, diabetes, lower back extreme pain, nerve damage down my left side of my body from my neck all the way down to my little toe, I am praying every day to meet you and have you pray for me but I do not have the funds to fly to you and I am asking Jesus for a miracle to deliver me and my family from these satanic attacks and God has pointed you out honorable Alph Lukau to deliver me and my family from bondage. Nov 21, 2018 1:19 am

  153. Am watching from Kenya, pastor pray for my financial break through and my family that God may deliver us and bless us,I believe through your prayers I will receive miracle.amen

  154. Bless you man of the Most High God..Please intercede for me and obtain for me a favour that my bank with the bsp bank is miraculously offsetted in the miraculous Name of Jesus. Amen and Amen I receive it

  155. Man of God I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I am a Sierra Leonean living in Sierra Leone. I need your help sir I have been watching you on you tube and I have seen what God Almighty is doing through you I have been having wet dreams I have give birth to three children and lose all of them all of them die before their first birthday and now am child less and my marriage also is under serious attack please man of God pray for me that God deliver me.

  156. I am Rose Hendricks requesting prayer for my husband, he call by God as a prophet serving in spirit and truth I watch the supernatural service you preach on utube during one of your ceremony i receive my healing. now my husband Prophet Mark said to me this morning Nov. 26, 2018 that he want a deliverance probably because he is coming under attack I am asking you Man of God Alph Lukau please to intercede on his behalf I believe he will receive his deliverance in Jesus name amen. That is his email address below.

  157. Pas Alph Lukau, Greeting to You and Alleluiah Family Members in the Almighty God Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Please pray for my 2nd Son-in-law Dr. Sana Vijay Praveen, who is a name sake Christian. He is worldly and always after money. He is a Goverment Medical College Assistant Professor. His mother(Sister Sana Vijaya Jyothi) is also a name sake Christian and has complete control on his 2nd Son (ie my Son-in-law). She shouts at my daughter (Dr. Grace) and instigates my son-in-law against my daughter. My daughter cries daily in agony and seeks everybody`s prayer support for the salvation of her husband Dr. S Vijay Praveen and that of his mother who is possessed with Zezabel spirit. Please pastor Alph I humbly request you to pray for total deliverance of my son-in-laws family. They lend money and do all unscriptual things and try to revoke a fight. Please, please help.

  158. Hellow,Ps Alph Lukau, my name is Mrs Benias Lapin, 32yrs old from Papua New Guinea.I have been watching you from youtube, God is using you mighty and powerfully, you are tru Man of God.
    Man of God please help me,I have a problem,please man of God,I am a starterer could not talk properly,I didn’t know when it happend but I think it started when I was a baby.
    It has been my greatest desire to share the word of God with my family, workmates and friends but this thing is giving me problem, please Man of God, help me to talk properly.
    This same problem happend to my first born daughter Filia -10yrs and my last born brother Kumkum-24yrs. Please help us, Man of God.
    Thankyou very much.

  159. Bless you man of almighty God. remember me and my family when you pray for success and protection from above in Jesus name amen and amen.

  160. Hi good night pastor my name is Corrie Campbell and my mom name is Barbara Bryce we are from Jamaica 🇯🇲 and we love to watch you on YouTube she want to get in contact with u we believe that u can help us from miles away or tell us something at least I await ur patient man of goday the lord continue to bless and keep u

  161. Dear Servant of the Most high God, I respect you for what you are doing, Let God continue to empower you more and more for our entire generation. I think God love us so much that he annointed a very especial person like you for us. God bles you Daddy.
    Pray for my Family, Financial breakthrough, my loved once,Pray against the attack I experience evry day, Pray that the Premature death stop in our family and lastily pray for my only son Emmanuel and siblings. Thank you Prophet of God

  162. I like to see My Father in YouTube Pastor Likau his really a man of God. Iwill come to visit by God’s Grace. Am Esther From Malawi but I live in Germany.

  163. Lord Jesus heal and deliver me and my family from every sicknesses, infections and diseases both physical and spiritual. Lord pls locate me, bless favour and open doors of breakthroughs for me and my family in Jesus name Amen

  164. 1; I need spiritual guidance in relationship and marriage,
    2; I want breakthrough in ministry.
    3; I want financial breakthrough.
    4;break the spirit of poverty and lack in my life

  165. Good evening daddy, please daddy pray for me and my family please. I really loved watching your program I always fellow you on Facebook and YouTube daddy please i need God intervention in my life and the lives of my family

  166. Seasons greeting man of God, I wish you well in Jesus Mighty Name, pl Dady pray for me and family so we can deliver from all the evil and demonic attack in my family, thank you man of God. from your daughter Fatmata Morray in Sierra Leone

  167. Bsr pasteur. Je suis Léonce burkinabé.
    Le diable a beaucoup fatigué ma famille.
    Mon pere a une fois superficielle, il a eu beaucoup de problemes de sante qui l’ont fait perdre son boulot.
    Nous sommes quatres enfants deux garcons et eux filles. normalement nous sommes cinq car lui dentre nous est decede. Nous les enfants sommes tous malades.
    La plus grande souffre un retard cerebral
    La deuxieme a des problemes de vue
    Moi le troisieme est aussi des problemes de vue
    Et les quatrieme est paralise.
    Ma mere est catholique et est vraiment epuisee de vivre de telles epreuves.

    On me dit toujours que je suis le precurseur de la liberation de ma famille. Je veux que ma famille soit heureuse et que tout le onde voit ce que dieu a fait pour nous. Je croix que jesus peux me sauver ma famille et moi.

    Pasteur, homme de dieu. Je veux que tu pries pour ma famille et moi afin que nous soyons libere de cette domination demoniaque. Je nai pas les moyens e rejoindre dans on eglise pour une imposition des mains. Mais je croix que tu peux beaucoup pour ma famille t moi parceque dieu ta choisit. Stp pries pour nous!

  168. Thank you for being a true man of God… I have been watching your videos and live sermons…Glory be to God. Please Pastor, pray for me and my family, my husband and my children. We are having trust issues with my husband and I know that only God is the answer to all this.

  169. Compliments of the season, may God richly bless you & your entire family. Man of God please pray for a turn around in my life, may everything that did not work before work now in Jesus name

  170. Pastor please pray for my family, we having a court case today for our car that was involved in an accident, the guy who has hit our car hasnt paid back the expenses of fixing the car, its been almost a year now, prayer for the financial breakthrough, my Masters certificate is still with the university because I am unable to settle the outstanding balance, promotion and growth of my business.

  171. Pastor Alph, ma of God, i would like to ask you to pray for me. Pray for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit to the brim of my life. Pray for my son to be obedient as he grows up. Pray for my a blesssing for me in form of child..twin babies to hold in 2019. Pray for my menstruation to have regularly so i can bear a child. Thank you andbi believe i recieve it.

  172. Pastor Alph Lukau I would like for you to pray for all of family. I ask that you pray for my oldest daughter and her husband and they new baby boy . I ask that you pray for my youngest daughter that left us and moved in with an older man that she doesn’t even know. I pray for my marriage that my husband that he get his life back in order and get the right medication for his PTSD. I pray for my health as well. In Jesus name Amen.

  173. Good man of God,am from Nigerian, tthis was my first time of hearing aabout your ministry and I believe iin you. I want you to remember me and my family in prayer,we are fatherles, no one to be of help to only sister is now 33years shshe’s suffering from different affliction, we are getting tired of her, people had started questioning our God by suggesting traditional means to us, which is against my convictions.
    I believe distance is not a barrier daddy, pray for deliverance from all form of captivity, breakthrough over poverty and limitations in life. Am waiting to share my testimony as soon as I received my Blessings

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