Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

 Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number , This page will be the general Collection and Testimony Page for “Pastor Alph Lukau” , so let’s get started , are you in need of his Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number , kindly use the comment box below to indicate , but before them follow us with our daily sermons below.Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

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  • Physical address telephone Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
  • 8 Charles Crescent
  • Kramerville
  • Sandton
  • South Africa
  • telephone International: (+27) 11 443 5705
  • telephone Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777
  • email E-mail:

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Don’t talk yourself out of your dreams. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. You may have big obstacles, but we serve a big God. Your enemies may be powerful, but our God is all-powerful. You may not have the connections, the resources or the talent, but God can do the impossible. Put away your doubt, put away your fears.Those things are not of God. Stand on truth, live by faith, believe and be excited about what God is doing now and will continue to do in your life. We don’t have to live in the impossible because we serve a God that makes all things possible.

God doesn’t promise us an easy life. But He does promise to be with us always. When we walk through the fire, when we go through deep waters, He will sustain us. His love is unfailing, unending and unconditional

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  1. pastor good evening i’m from LIBUNGAN, NORTH COTABATO, PHILIPPINES.i am requesting you to please pray for my financial breakthrough, riches and weath, good health, for my final oral defense of my thesis paper to pass without any big revisions. i am also asking your prayer for my finances for that oral defense this month before our graduation schedule on march 24… i really want to march on that day. i have a big problem on money matters ,i dont have enough for my tuition fees and others.

  2. Pastor Alph,
    Please pray for me. I have been living in a marriage full of lies and deceipt. I only meant good for the husband. From the day I married him 18 years ago. I have no peace. Life is full of turbulence and there is no love, spiritual growth and loyalty. I would love to move on, but I feel stuck. My husband doesn’t spend anytime with me. He leaves the house before sunrise and doesn’t get home until it’s time to eat and go to bed, late at nights. He doesn’t know how to communicate with me in love. Everything he does, his father is involved. He confides in him than in me.

    I want to serve God more, but the resentment for my husband is do strong. He deceived me so much. He hides money from me and make up with his father to do any and everything. My children are suffering due to the constant bickering. They take sided with him. even though I am their source of provision. Please help me pastor. I think only God and you can intervene right now. I am lonely and destitute and needs to be free and financially free to move on in hope and grace. Thank you pastor and may God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  3. Papa pray for mi financial breakthrough, cancel my debt, cancel spirit of poverty, spirit of fear, spirit of death, spirit of rejection in my life, pray for mi family,mi kids nd mi love one pls papa tl ur God to remember me today,I want a miracle money today um in debt papa pls

  4. Pastor Lukau, please keep praying for me for healing and Finance. I in need of new home, vehicle and travel as well medical help.

    1. Yes, man of God, wish your continuous prayers. I have difficulty with my health daily. In pain, medications will help a bit but after few hours, pain starts all over.

  5. Please pray for my health ( diabetes, high blood pressure ) also my oldest daughter fell on job and injured her back. The job and workman comp is giving her hard time. Please pray that God will bless her with a new job with higher pay. Thanks for the prayers.

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