Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

 Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number , This page will be the general Collection and Testimony Page for “Pastor Alph Lukau” , so let’s get started , are you in need of his Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number , kindly use the comment box below to indicate , but before them follow us with our daily sermons below.Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line , Email Address , Phone Number

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  • Physical address telephone Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
  • 8 Charles Crescent
  • Kramerville
  • Sandton
  • South Africa
  • telephone International: (+27) 11 443 5705
  • telephone Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777
  • email E-mail:

Pastor Alph Lukau Prayer Line

Welcome to the Page where you can easily get the Prayer Line for the Founder of Alleluia Ministries International here in South Africa , is Quite easy and fast , so let’s get started with the details below.

Pastor Alph Lukau Email Address


Below is the email contact address of Pastor Alph Lukau

Pastor Alph Lukau Phone Number

Use the Telephone Numbers below to get connected to Pastor Alph Lukau

  • telephone International: (+27) 11 443 5705
  • telephone Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

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  1. Papa Alph Lukau please pray for me and my family I really need God’s visitation in my life, financial breakthrough. I faced a lot of problem in my office/work my senior officer charged against me just because i applied medical leave for treatment at Christian Medical College at Vellore.Please locate and give a word from God.

  2. Pastor i know God will surely answer my prayer the delay means he e doesn’t want to answer what i ask from him but i know he is fixing everything and pls. Do pray that devil cannot intervene what God has prepared for his children.

  3. Good evening pastor.
    1. Pastor pray for me so that my enemy at work fall like the walls of Jerico, may he disappear and goes like a moving endless wind never to be near me any more, may he lose fame from our superiors. May his witchcraft.
    be burnt by the holy fire.
    2. Pray for me so that i get more surprising promotions at my both places of work.
    3. Pray for me so that i break the York of poverty.
    4. Pray for me so that i get money and i reach you and see you face to face

  4. Man of God, I’m from Nigeria reside in Lagos.I am requesting you to please pray for my financial breakthrough, my family, food health, my job and the loitering business I want to start, i have a big problem on money matters, i don’t have enough to buy sewing machine and other things I need in life. I am also asking your prayer for my marriage.

  5. Dear Prophet Alph Lakau, this is my first time of seeing a prophet like you.
    Since i saw you in youtube early last year, i have been following you mostly on live tv. looking at what God is using you to do in the lives of people in the world., i feel like comming to you with a blink of eye.
    Please i need you to pray for me and my fathers children and grand children. I am loosing loved ones every two years in my family for 18 yrs now. pls i need your prayers. this looses also brought struggling and hardship finacially in the family, pls i dont who is next, i need your prayer long life and prospperity in jesus name amen.

  6. Iam writing from Namibia, my name is Magreth Nguvitjita Mbuende. Am a first year student at the University of Namibia. I need prayer pastor pray for me and my school. I want to support my family as much and high as a child of God. I don’t have scholarship, pastor I pray with you so that i may receive one. By the end of this month, a turnaround in my school funding should change. A company should grant me scholarship so that i may pursue my dream of becoming a teacher in my life. So shall it be, it cannot be otherwise. I pray that Victory is mine in Jesus name, may the Holy Spirit intervene in my application that are in social security commission study loan office’s. May pastor Alph Luau take over and change my answer to a BIG YES in Jesus name. I love you so much Lord, i know with you am protected and i can win all battles in Jesus name. Locate me to degree Lord, pastor daddy Alph Luau pray for me. In Jesus name i pray, Amen

  7. Pastor pray for me to become a great man of God,n l also want u to pray for me,for my Loan should be pay by a miracle money because l believe in ur God,u are my mentor, my spiritual father whom l love soo much, l believe in u,this my account number, 0100180068800 at Standard Charted Bank in Ghana.and l want to visit u too, l also believed that with ur prayers corona-virus will be out in the holl world in Jesus name.

  8. Pastor Alph Lukau, You are an exceptional man of God having great anointing.
    I used to watch all your you tube programmes for the last many years.I really thank God for your wonderful mimistry. I am an Indian Paster doing the ministry. I request you to pray for my financial breakthrough and to expand my ministry.I really wish to come and attend your live programme.if I get money to come over there I definitely come directly to your meeting
    pastor please reply and kindly pray for me ,because we are facing much difficulty god knows,faithfully .pls pray for my whole family

  9. Dear pastor Alf Luka I am so bless to so bless to have you as a pastor I watch you on you service all the time its so over whelming that it became addictive I love it so much it a blessing to me and my house hold. I am not in good heal I am as you in thee name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ if you can please pray for healing over my life and a financial break true for me and my family. I am going true a serious fight spiritually and mentally. And I pray blessing on you and your family and your church I have never seen nothing like it in my whole live keep up the good work and hope to visit your one day from the Bahamas.

  10. Am bond to much immorality av tried to find help in many churches but at some it turns out the preacher also want to use my weakness as an advantage av tried everything …God loves me yes but I wish to dedicate my entire relationship my family and my lyf bfor you pastor to pray for a change in my life I wish to live a life that God will be happy with me please pray for me bcoz am losing my husband …I call him my husband because all the tym he av been understanding me and also standing with me in all points of lyf…..his mother doesn’t love me most people in his family fills like am abad person please ….above all I just what to be God’s vessel to just get out of this immoral behaviour please pastor lukau

  11. pastor my name is betty Justina Owusu and I need your prayers for success in my maths result to help me pass because I will be graded according to my assessment .
    I need favour and excellence in everything I do.
    I also ask for divine wisdom and understanding.

  12. Pastor Alp Lukau I need your prayer for restoration ofmy marriage,and healing for my husband and daughter and grandsons. Salvation of there lives. And restoration of relashonship between me and JESUS my one and only savior. I need a financial breaktrouth blessing and want to buy my own house cash in the name of JESUS.My mother IfnAa Loudicia Lourens protection and to stay calm and sister in Holland Carla Claridad Mi helle Chirino heald from diabetish and deliverance from autism for his son called XIOn Chirino.

  13. Please pray for miracle healings upon my big son’s employment, small son’s university studies and my granddaugther’s education and me being healed completely from Diabetes disease, our financial and spiritual prosperity in Jesus’ most powerful Name, Amen.

  14. Dear Daddy, God bless you and your Family. am a Friend to AIM Family, during this Close down, l listened to those NINE Points that could help all Christians in the BOBY OF CHRIST. l joined my Faith with Yours and gave my Life to CHRIST that Day. Daddy, l have been married for Five Years, No Child. Oracle of God, Please, Bless my Marriage that GOD will Bless my Marriage and open all Good doors,AMEN

  15. I’m trying to looking you several times but i didn’t find your phone number man of God, i think today it’s my luck day to see you here, i seriously need your help papa, please and I think if I contacted you my life will not be the same again

    • Pastor Alph Lukau, please pray for me and family. I need healing from stomach illness, high blood pressure and pain. Amen.

  16. Sir, my name is Victor, A Nigerian but presently in Dubai. My life have been up and down financially and hereby requested for Financial Breakthrough and prosperity. Thank you very much sir.

  17. Pastor Alph Lukau please pray for my entire families’ deliverance and Divine Holy Ghost filled breakthrough as you stand in the gap for us as an announted servant of God. I pray that God will provide for us and raise us up from all forces of darkness which is contributing to our setbacks un life. I place my children before You Almighty God and all my anxieties, worries and cares I place in Your Divine Everlasting Care, knowing that You know what is best for us Your children, Almighty God. Father I thank You for our victory in You and I humbly ask You to lead and direct our lives in Your path and ways. Pass us not by Oh! Gentle Saviour, I beseech Thee hear our humble cries. Tears are a language Father God, You know it all and You understand. God bless Pastor Alph and his family and Alleluliah Ministries in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

    • Dear my beloved in Jesus,

      I Greet you from India in the Almighty name of our soon Coming Lord Jesus Christ!

      I am Pr. Ravi Chikatla, working in the Costal, Forest, Hill, Remote, Rural, Slum and Tribal areas to lead lots of people from the darkness into the light – Rom 15:20, 21, 1Cor 1:23. This gospel truth heard by many people and they too started choosing Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and they are taking baptism and fallowing His preachings.

      I am willing to be as a Representative / Coordinator on behalf of you here in my State of Andhra Pradesh – India. If you do not have any branch in The State of our Andhra Pradesh in India, please give me an opportunity to work on behalf of you here in India. Let us work together to reap the harvest, to win the lost souls and to serve the poor in this end time – Ps 133:1, 1Jn 1:3. It’s my commitment / agreement with you to work with your fellowship until I die – Mt 9:37, Jn 4:35, 36, 2Tim 4:5.

      Eagerly, I am inviting you to India in your own convenient time & dates. Come and share your powerful, heart touching and life changing messages here in our Children or Youth Retreat / Pastors conference / Short term Training.

      I have few Orphan children & old age people and AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Heart, Leprosy and Disabled Children in all of my churches. if you give me an opportunity, I can run an orphanage & old age home on behalf of you here in my state of Andhra Pradesh – India.

      We pray that you will join us in our quest to provide God’s Love to all. Amen!!!

      Yours in his service,

      Pr. Ravi Chikatla
      Alpha Full Gospel Ministries
      Via – Pithapuram – 533 450
      E. G. Dist, Andhra Pradesh, S. India
      Mobile / What’s App No : 0091 9573213238

  18. Pastor please pray for me for having condominium home. There will be condominium home lottery in the future ethiopia. I have saved the minimum contribution or 40% which will make me eligible for the condominium home lottery. Please prayforme I bleave in God.

  19. Praise God Pastor,
    Enough is enough, pray for I get a well paying Job, I’m tired of hustling and being used like I don’t deserve financial support.
    Lazarus from Uganda

  20. I am a fervent listener and viewer of your vedio and live preaching TV show. I need your prayers for God’s anointing and financial breakthrough.

  21. Pastor please pray for myself and family. I have some neighbors who are trying to disturb our peace.My husband and I are building our house please pray that God continue to direct and provide the money that is needed. I need finance to do the fence where I am living presently. My husband would also like to purchase a canter so we are trusting God for the money.I would also like to ask you to prophesy over my life and family.Pray that the work continue on the building successfully and no evil person can hinder.
    Thank God

  22. I really need your prayers for myself and family.My husband and I are building our house please pray that God continue to direct and provide the money that is needed.My neighbors are doing all sorts of things to disturb our peace. I’m trying not to allow it to affect me but it’s not easy. I also need your prayers for finance to do the fence where I am living presently. I also want you to pray so that no evil that anyone does do not affect the work on our house and our family.
    Thank you

  23. Greetings from the USA, praising God for your ministry of outreach and evangelism. My prayer request is for Gods divine hand be upon our upcoming USA Election. Our world really needs great godly leadership. Thanks! pastor Alph Lukau for your leadership and obedience and your team as well. Blessings to you and yours!

  24. i am shobiraj aged 51 years residing at chettikulam bazar, calicut district, kerala state, INDIA
    My present accounts job is in a dipulated stage, i am searching for an accounts manager chief accountant job in calicut district, i have been searching for the past one year, still i am unable to get a job, , i feel very sad at this moment of time, even though I tried my level best , i was not able to get even an interview call , kinldy pray for me to get an accounts job

  25. Pray for me to pass my final exam and to have a financial break through we will be send home tommorow for fees help me please

  26. amen Man of the greater God stay in agreement in prayers for victory in my work compensation case I am believing for a move of God cause it has been over 2years no weapons form against me shall prosper in mighty name Jesus thank you BE BLESS in The Lord.

  27. Man of God, I’m from Ethiopia reside in Hawassa town. I am receiving MONEY IN MY BANK IN JESUS NAME this miracle requesting you to please pray and PROFHESY for my financial breakthrough and anointing I want to start M God service.

  28. Dear Man of God,I am from Namibia and I need a real big prayer cause I feel stagnated in one bubble which cannot burst to give me financial freedom and especially when it comes to relationships, it’s a mess.please pray for me in the line of Love,Peace, Happiness and spirituality …I am struggling alot to archive that all my live..and I don’t wanna give up.pls

  29. Hello Papa,
    Please I want you to help mentor me because i know the distance can never be a barrier. Please I want God to open my eyes/mouth for prophesy and my hands to healing. Father please I am a Cameroonian leaving in United Arab Emirates (Fujairah). please papa, help locate me.

  30. Please pray for me. Pray for My family and I need financial break through and job promotion. Every thing is tight up so please can you pray for me.

  31. Pastor I watch you everyday and I was inspired by the message of God you deliver.Please pray for my family, my vocation and my business so that nothing on this Earth can disturb me.In mighty name of God I believe.

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