Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet , Airline , Aircraft (Business Life)

Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet , Airline , Aircraft (Business Life)

Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet , Airline , Aircraft (Business Life) , so do Pastor Alph Lukau Own a Private Jet or was that actually a rumor , let’s get started with the Reviews.Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet , Airline , Aircraft (Business Life)

From my Online Research , please Kindly note that Pastor Alph Lukau Does not show his wealth online , but from the little knowledge i have , he does not own a private Jet or any Aircraft , use the links below to update this page.

 Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet

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  1. Am Florence mburu from Kenya. And am blessed whenever I watch you thru my phone.pray for financial breakthrough am suffering very much with my family,my mum memolly went off I believe God Will do wonders using alpha lukau.

  2. Pastor Alph,
    To God, be praised in Jesus name. I greet you from Wilmington, Delaware in the United States of America! I located your utube video about 10/7/18, I have been viewing you on utube and sharing on Facebook.
    It is exciting to witness the wow of God’s hand moving in Africa. I am praying for and with you and your family, the family of faith, in Jesus name. blessing our God because faith is arising and the Word of Power Received. As the Word of the Lord was spoken to Daniel in the 11 chapter-those that know their God shall b strong and do exploits. God is amazing. Covering of his grace be multiplied for we are told that there isn’t any limited in growing in the virtue in Jesus name.
    May the power of Joy in the Holy Spirit be continuously multiplied and experienced by all of us as we pray the covering of grace, help, and favor by the Holy Spirit shine through us. We are so very blessed to pray for one another. e are so blessed to know who Jesus is! We are so very blessed to name the name of Jesus as his dignity show to us the honor of his name-Jesus. Thank you as you keep exalting his name. Amen. Yes, you are blessed to be a blessing and we receive the benefits of blessing.
    Yes, you teach and promote Jesus in a rich, understandable and prosperous way. Continue to lead us into rich pasture as continue to lift Jesus and point us in the direction to trust in him Hallelujah!

  3. Pastor please pray for me because every time i get paid my salary “disappears”. I am deeply in debts and cannot even face the people that I owe monies to. I even owe my landlord 3 month’s rental. I am always poor although I have a nice job. I longing for a house where my children can call home. Please BLESS ME in the name of God our Father.

  4. Hi man of God. I am Mbuso Maseko here in South Africa. I love Jesus. In need business anointing. I have a lot of business ideas, however, ever since I started dreaming big, financial stopped. I now eat from the hand with my family who are also depending on me. Thus making it hard for me generate income. I know that the God of Pastor Alph will do wonders for me.

  5. I’m annah mahlangu I am blessed watching your video where the other guy came to your church and claim that he is a pastor but u revealed the truth to him,man of God I live at phola ogies I’m sending my request to ask God to bless me a better job and always be with me and my family

  6. Good morning Man of God my Name is Gracious Makwana. Am situated in Johannesburg. I request a prayer for my financial status and My Car in arrears. The make arrangements to fetch it today on the 5 November 2018. Iam not sleeping. Please the Man God

  7. Morning Pastor My Name is Gracious Makwana I saw your vedio on YouTube. Iam humble to requesting Prayers on my financial status. My car is in arrears of R49000. Was arranged to be fetched today on the 5 November 2018 by Wesbank. All financial institutions can’t help with a loan. Deliver me the man of God. Iam having a faith God will use to reach My prayer request.

  8. Good afternoon pastor Alph my name is Tshepo Leshabane.I saw you on a video on you tube and I am blessed watching your video. I humbly ask you man of God to pray for me,I am looking for a job and waiting on God for a breakthrough. I believe God will use you to reach my prayer request.Amen in Jesus name

  9. Good day man of God i have been watching your videos on youtube,and are filled with so much joy to how God speak to us ..I humbly ask to please pray for me , my familly, for healling of all dark spirits,curses in our lifes,please bless us with financial,good job,good health for my mom ,please man of God

  10. Greetings Man of the Most High God in the name that is above all names in Heaven, on earth and under the earth. My prayer request is that you pray for my children to have good health especially my last born who is 14 years and has been living with the Diabetes condition for the past 8 years. My prayer is for her to be delivered in the name of Jesus Christ. I also need to be prayed for, for a breakthrough in my life where things are kind of stuck. I have been watching your videos on youtube and I have been following you since then. I am faithful that my God in heaven is with because He has seen my tears and heard my prayers that 2019 will be my year of upliftment in all areas of my life. By the grace of God we shall overcome. Amen and Amen. To God be the Glory.

  11. Good day Pastor Alph Lukau
    I would like to request a prayer for deliverance in my life. I am a student doing my final year but so far I can’t pass my exams i keep on writing supplementary exams and I have anger problems. This anger makes me fight with my siblings and end up saying things I should not. My life right is not where I planned it to be like hence I’m asking your prayer.

  12. Glory to God. my name is calvin kavhinga i have been watching the works of God through many of God i also need a break through in my life there is nothing moving .My job is about to finnish and i have a family a lot of debts , my life is at the edge i feel very miserable i need your touch please help me man of God

  13. Pastor Alph Lukau i ask humbly, please pray for me and my family man of God we are in a serious struggle. Nothing seem to works out for us Pastor,no job,no food,no progress no matter how hard we try we always fail. I really don know whats wrong with me or the family because i tried several times to apply for a job but no response. i am in great pain Pastor cause i am willing to help my family in out of this situation but i just cant,so i believe i need help with a prayer. Pastor i have seen you pray for many,i have seen God’s miracle in you and i believe strongly that your prayer will bring salvation to me and my family’s life too. I have faith in the Lord God and that you are his servant.

  14. good morning pastor Alph
    Please pray for me am i want husband who will give me and happiness whom we will pray together. amen

  15. Have no word to express my over whelmed filling for the need for touch of God in my life and life over my siblings ever since 2000 my mother started nursing in the UK no matter what we are trying me my brother and sister nothing successful. My brother has turned to a person money does not stay in his hand as soon as it reach he must drink it he will loose his he had entered our our purse and bank card this pain me cause I know the is a God big her than all this why is he quit for my case My mother needed rest please man of God pray for us let the same anointing locate us my mother PLS the God over it life locate us

  16. Prayer request, financial breakthrough my sister Landi, her marriage is in trouble ,my brother is also divorcing,i’m sick also my brother we need deliverance from alcohol, my niece to get a permanent job &marriage.

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