10 Quotes By Pastor Alph Lukau That Can Change Your Life

 10 Quotes By Pastor Alph Lukau That Can Change Your Life

I Love you Jesus Above all things , Father without you i can do nothing.


My Dear people here are the wise sayings and Quotes By Pastor Alph Lukau That Can Change Your Life , read and share.

God Bless You.

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– There is a transition taking place in the atmosphere •The First Will Become The Last• I pray that God may reposition your life and cause your yesterday’s mockers to become your today’s admirers. Expect a turn around MIRACLE.

  • – GOD sent me to declare a turn around miracle in your life – Your mockers are about to become your admires – receive it NOW in Jesus name
  • – I sense a turn around miracle coming your way.. In the next few days you are about to receive an amazing news and your life will never be the same.
  • – I am announcing your season to testify as arrived. Angels are already dancing 💃 🕺 over your sake..
  • – God be for you who can be against you. Before the end of this season your mockers will admire you and your enemies will envy you.

– Every time may not be your time but there is a time that is your Time. I am here to announce that your Time to testify, to rejoice and to prosper has arrived. YES I am talking to you. You will start seeing everything in your life turn around for your good. RECEIVE IT in Jesus name.

– You are heavily and heavenly guarded. No weapon formed against you shall prosper..

– Lord please keep me faithful to you, help me never forget your call and always remember your goodness in my life.

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