Checkout Pastor Alph Lukau Reviews – Members and Non-Members

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Pastor Alph Lukau Reviews – Members and Non-Members

So let’s spare some mins to checkout what the Worldwide members of Alleluia Ministries International are saying about Pastor Alph Lukau .. i will copy some comment from Facebook and other social platform randomly , note that you can add your comment using the comment box below.Alph Lukau Reviews

This is tooooooooooo much! what!!!!!, God is really good…I love this humble man of God, I wish I can be part of this ministry and also be a servant under this powerful man. It is my prayer for him to accept me as his younger brother. I am far away but I am already under his great anointing….ALLELUIA!!! – Akpene Akpe Akpena Mawu


To God be the glory that AMI is Holy Spirit filled, bible based and power and dominion of God is operating in that place in the Name of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. Pastor Alph Lukau is a yielded and pure heart to God. He is very anointed man of God. I love a man like him. Obedient to God. – Phyllis Hussain

I am Blessed each time I listen and watch the videos on YouTube. Thank You Jesus, for the work you are doing through this man and others in Africa and and around the world. – Melissa Norton

My friends and I follow him daily and we hope to come south Africa soon. I talked to God about pastor alph lukau and last night he appeared in my dream. I hope this means God has spoken to him about me. I pray to see u all soon.
Love Wanda from USA – Wanda Renee Thompson

Summary: Checkout Pastor Alph Lukau Reviews – Members and Non-Members

More from the screenshots below:

This Is One Church That I Believe The Geniune And Powerful Movement Of The Power Of The Almighty God. Indeed Prophet Alph Lukau Is A True Servant Of The Most High God Whom The Lord Uses To Facilitate His Promises And Answers To His Children Prayer.

Have You Listened To His Messages, Try Doing That. O Am Addicted To It I Never Get Tired Of Watching And Listening To The Great Anonited Message.

May The Lord Continue To Over Flow Him The More. And I Pray To Have The Opportunity To Visit And Be Blessed Also. Its Like Understanding The Word Of God From A New And Different Perspective. May The Lord Remenber My Family. All The Way From Canada I Am Prophetic, I Am Apostolic And I Ami


  1. I have made up my mind to be under the anointing that Pst Alph flows in. So I will make sure that I enroll in one of the impatation seminars for visitors around the I believe I will be located.

  2. This is a true Man of God,I wish he can just speak a WORD over my life, and I know my life will be the same again.

  3. I have a doubt, who do I believe? The Church or God?
    can somebody differentiate church from God?

    Just want to find out and improve from my mistake because myself I don’t believe in church, I believe in God Himself

  4. Amen Daddy may good God protect you and your family in all the ways and continued to feed us the words of God bless you and your family Amen

  5. Pastor Alph Lakau brings to the table the truth of our fathers word first that He will do nothing unless He reveals it thru His prophetess or prophet first glory to God for pastor Alph ability and gift to hear from God in accuracy awesome gifts I pray there is much love in his life glory to God for this young man ministry after listening to Him your thirst for God become more intense praise God for the over flow amen 🙏🏽

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