Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2020 & Secrets , Scam Or Real Prophet

Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2018 & Secrets , Scam Or Real Prophet

 Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2020 & Secrets , Scam Or Real Prophet , From the day i created this blog i know that my users will be ought to know all about Pastor Alph Lukau , do you know that your thoughts about the so called Pastor Alph Lukau are all wrong , read till the end of this content to understand him better.Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2018 & Secrets , Scam Or Real Prophet

 Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals

  • He is an ordained pastor of God and no one can change that , No Scandals Results , working in the name of our blessed Jesus Christ and with him you can do nothing.

  • Pastor Alph Lukau is not a scammer neither do him have any skeleton in his cupboard , dear if you are a member of alleluia ministries international , be strong for the lord you are serving is amazing.

 No Account Of Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2020

Don’t talk yourself out of your dreams. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. You may have big obstacles, but we serve a big God. Your enemies may be powerful, but our God is all-powerful. You may not have the connections, the resources or the talent, but God can do the impossible.


Put away your doubt, put away your fears.Those things are not of God. Stand on truth, live by faith, believe and be excited about what God is doing now and will continue to do in your life. We don’t have to live in the impossible because we serve a God that makes all things possible.

God doesn’t promise us an easy life. But He does promise to be with us always. When we walk through the fire, when we go through deep waters, He will sustain us. His love is unfailing, unending and unconditional.

List Of Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2020

Pastor Alph Lukau purportedly raised Moyo from dead

The Zimbabwean man, Brighton ‘Elliot’ Moyo, who was reportedly ‘raised from the dead’ by a South African pastor, Alph Lukau in February has died again and buried.

Pastor Lukau took the world by storm in February when a video of his resurrection of Moyo from the dead went viral on the internet.

It was later discovered that the purported resurrection was stage-managed and Lukau had to apologise for the dastard act.

According to local publication, H-Metro, as quoted by, Brighton died last week in a village called St Luke’s in South Africa.

Unfortunately for Brighton, there was no resurrection this time and he was buried on Saturday. He is survived by his wife only as they had no children, a close family member who spoke to H-Metro said,

It was gathered that his stomach started swelling and did not stop for three days and on the third day, he died.

According to other reports, when Brighton joined Lukau’s Alleluia Ministries International there were reports that he was HIV positive and that he had kidney failure and he also had TB (tuberculosis).

When reached for comment, officials from the church stressed that what happened in February was not a miracle.

Source: Alph Lukau


  1. O God of pastor Alph LUKAU, i lay my burden in your hands this morning, anyone or power causing fear in my life, may God take it away from me and Grant me Devine cover in Jesus name.

  2. I pray father to give me financial break through, to give me strength and courage to overcome adversity, let my book and my study guide dominate the industry. Amen

  3. I pray for financial break through and for God to locate me in every area of my needs according to my heart desire. Also to bless my sisters in africa with good husbands and more children in the family. “AMEN” I Love You Lord.

  4. I pray for spiritual break through, I was once a born again believer but then something happen that changed me, I need the Lord again to renew my life and I do believe that the Lord Almighty can do anything, bless me man of God. I need to rice up again in this due season and praise the Lord again. Amen Amen Amen

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