Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2018 & Secrets , Scam Or Real Prophet

Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2018 & Secrets , Scam Or Real Prophet

 Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2018 & Secrets , Scam Or Real Prophet , From the day i created this blog i know that my users will be ought to know all about Pastor Alph Lukau , do you know that your thoughts about the so called Pastor Alph Lukau are all wrong , read till the end of this content to understand him better.Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2018 & Secrets , Scam Or Real Prophet

 Reviews : Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals

  • He is an ordained pastor of God and no one can change that , No Scandals Results , working in the name of our blessed Jesus Christ and with him you can do nothing.

  • Pastor Alph Lukau is not a scammer neither do him have any skeleton in his cupboard , dear if you are a member of alleluia ministries international , be strong for the lord you are serving is amazing.

 No Account Of Pastor Alph Lukau Scandals 2018

Don’t talk yourself out of your dreams. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. You may have big obstacles, but we serve a big God. Your enemies may be powerful, but our God is all-powerful. You may not have the connections, the resources or the talent, but God can do the impossible.

Put away your doubt, put away your fears.Those things are not of God. Stand on truth, live by faith, believe and be excited about what God is doing now and will continue to do in your life. We don’t have to live in the impossible because we serve a God that makes all things possible.


God doesn’t promise us an easy life. But He does promise to be with us always. When we walk through the fire, when we go through deep waters, He will sustain us. His love is unfailing, unending and unconditional.

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  1. I would like to send offering or but im in Canada the charge for the wire transfer is thirty dollors. Is there other way I can send my offering? Can you deduct to my credit card? can I send my personal check? I would like to visit the church, will you give invitation for immigration visa, how about accomodaation because I don’t know anyone there at south africa

    • Please DO NOT send any money to anyone even if they pretend to act on Past Lukau behalf using his Facebok page. You need to visit the church website ( where you will find all information on how to donate or even visit the church. The church will make hotel and meals accommodations for you for a fee listed in the website, no hidden charges (I went there in September for the IVP program); you could pay using your credit card directly on their website or if your credit card does not work for security reason like mine did not (I am from the US), the church allowed me to travel and go pay for my hotel arrangements through them when I got there. If you are US or Canadian citizn, no invitation or visa needed, you will get it at the Johannesburg airport at arrival, just tell them you come to visit the Alleluia Ministry (AMI).
      PLEASE, PLEASE do not use any other websites, especially NOT Facebook as a lot of scammers will hijack your message sent to Pastor Lukau FB page and ask you to send money via Western Union to Dakar, Senegal to a so call International representative of the church. Be warned and play safe as the AMI experience is a wonderful, once in a life time one; stay blessed.

      • Thanks for the warning, I had someone send me a Facebook message like he was the pastor and asked me to send money to wester union on Senegal or some kind of charity but I asked that person if you are really the man of God I would like to have a video call with you but he never get back to me but always writing me on what’s app when I’m gonna send the money . so I told him soon.
        By the way, I really need prayer for finances and I want to have a family , so I need a husband then kids. please pray for me .
        thank you so much

    • If Mr Lukau was a REAL PROPHET he would have had no need to go to a MAN MADE bible college .. He’s a joke and a con man like Hinn, Meyer, Savelle and Copeland .. NO different only Alph is black .. JOHN 4:44 ..

  2. Pastor Alpha Lakau I need prayer and my need is to keep my home I need my income to be released and I am praying for my son and daughter larry and krystal I also ask for deliverance in the name of Jesus I am in a very very unbelievable situation no money at all I go to church every Sunday and the name of the church is HOPEWELL Mississionary baptist church in Norcross Georgia in The United States 🇺🇸 I have watch you so much on you tube I have watched you do things that I know that only God could’ve told you please help

    • Pastor alph lukau please pray for me and my family i have been watching you on YouTube every single day i love your ministry i would love to come and sit in AMI some day but right now it’s not possible pastor we in need of a break through in life please help me pastor ALPH you are a true man of god….I turned in live every Friday and Sunday I can’t get enough…I love you man of God please set fire on my enemies..🔥🔥🔥✌❤

    • Dear Pastor Alph Lukau, I am really touched by your preaching and what our good God is using you to do for His children. It’s been a long time since I wanted to be there for more increase. I am really taken you as my big brother in the Lord.

  3. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau.
    For about a week or so I have been watching your services on youtube and I am moved and impressed and promised myself to visit your church when I come next to visit South Africa.
    Do you have one on one chat line? So that I can discuss the issues in my life and find solution and receive prayers to set me free forever in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Kindly confirm if you have a branch in Kenya?
    Regards and keep up with the Alleluia Ministries International.
    Joseph K. Koech.

  4. Dear pastor I have been watching you on YouTube for the pass three weeks and believe me I brings blessing to my soul keep up the good work pastor and god bless you and your family

  5. Amen. Thank you so much sir for love and caring towards me and my family here in Fiji. Please pray for me and my family here in Fiji. Because God knows my want and what i need. Thank you

  6. you are a blessing man of God.Ipray that God may use you immensely.Please would like to know whether you have a branch in Kenya.Iam watching you even now on YOU TUBE.

  7. To God Be the Glory for evermore,Dear pastor Alph Lukau I have been watching your service on youtbe and I am also blessed and moved by the power of our Almighty God, that works in you and on you and around you, thank God for using you and your ministry to spread the good news and show the power of the Holy Spirit to the world, through prophecies, signs and miracles, may God continue to bless you and give you more grace every day, Amen.

  8. THE REAL PROPHET PASTOR AlPH,Chossen and Anointed by GOD On this Earth,SYMBOL OF AUTHORITY in this World , you are my SYMBOL of AUTHORITY,In JESUS Name I pray Amen,let no evil people speak against To My SYMBOL OF Authority,Hi devil is a lost…..lost liar,May my SYMBOL of Faith Rise HIGHER HIGHER In HIGHEST IN JESUS Name AAAAMMMEEENNN


  10. Pastor Alphu Lukau, I ask you to pray for me to restore my marriage, to change my being, for me to be a woman aligned in the word of God. I want to be a woman in Christ completely. Locate me please. Locate my husband Nelio Manuel, my daughter Wendy, my Father Jose , my Mother . We are Mozambicans.

  11. A man of God the Creator am in violent battle of with lust of this world, Please need your help to pray for me and I will have victory in the name of The Father! of the son! and of the Holy spirit.

    Samuel Ola, From Papua New Guinea.

  12. God bless you man of God. Please man of God I need your prayer for my life and my child life…. I have married 3 good times when ever I want to be happy the enemies will raise there head before you know it the man will say he don’t want to marry again. The 3rd one just happen last month….again I and my daughter are gospel singer 👩‍🎤 but for 10 years we have brought out our album is at the back of our door 🚪 in our house… no money to continue as in doing the Video and other….instead even pastor want to sleep with her. I need your prayer man of God. I dreamt they took my money and put it inside hoe for the past 18 years have been in Europe nor thing to show for it. My child will be 15 years soon no fatherly love 💕 even the man I marry that so pose to be a father to her, want to sleep with her.please man of God, I want to come with my daughter to see you for deliverance in South Africa 🇿🇦…. although we live in UK 🇬🇧. So how can we come sir? Again I dreamt a woman used salaver to robe my daughter head in the dream and say her enemy shall not amount great…. man of God help me…. because the whole thing is getting out of hand 🤚🏾…. help me and my daughter insult the whole of my family…. please.

    • Good afternoon man of God,please two years ago my health failing no one can found a cure for my disease their can’t even give me nothing for may you please pray for me,I need a miracle from you please and I need to go to South Africa too but my financial situation is very difficult

  13. Hi pastor alph lukau am asking you kindly for your help and pray a special prayer for me and my two kids am a single mother and am stuggling to make two ends meet my daughter is doing exam next year to move on to college am asking to pray for her that she is successful in her exams the house am living in is selling the landlord is giving me first option I don’t have to first cent but I know through everything is possible under the sight of God I want it to be a reality so keep all 3 of us in your prayers I enjoy watching on YouTube every single day thanks Shana my two kids are jamelia grant and javaughn Grant…

  14. Please pastor I need your prayer on my sister as we are very far Nigeria but I am sure that distance is not a barrie for you. My sister names are ijeoma Gloria duru. I have be following you from spain for a long time.Please help my family has spent so much on taken her from one place to another. Kingsley.

  15. Thank you Papa for the good work of God you keep on doing for the poor , the sick and those bound by the chains of darkness.

  16. please papa your prayer on my children. Also me I need job for ever.
    every day I drink alcohol also my account no money only 0 Dora’s.
    I end joy watching on you tube
    we are Namibia.

  17. Praise the Lord Prophet Alph, may God continue to cause you to move mightily in him. God Bless you and love what God is doing in your life and ministry!

  18. My name is clara sagi l come from papua new guinea in the south pacific….lam planning to visit your church in december…l went to the travel agent and was told that from papua new guinea l will go to singapore first and then transit to katar in the middle east and from there l will come to cape town in south africa…and find my way to where your church is….pastor every day l get data just to watch you on YouTube. Iam so blessed by what God is doing in your life so that you can reach out to people like us….l have many issues in my life and iam praying for a financial break through…you are a mighty man of God.

  19. I love this man Alph Lukau and his ministry. They saved my life. I believe in God and he can do miracles for us. I learn about the demons of this world and their evil doings. I learn about deliverance and saving yourselves by praying and having the authority to protect yourself. Bless this ministry.

  20. May God continue to bless you and family Pastor Alph Lukau. You are a true man of God and I have faith in your God. Pastor I am kindly requesting for a prayer for my first Daughter Precious who continually suffer from severe stomach ulcers, she cant eat proper food apart from taking liquids and medication is not really helping her at all.
    She had been in hospital several times, had so many operations but not successful.
    I am also requesting prayer for my 2 Daughters Precious & Praise to get married.
    Last prayer request is to conquer fear and anxiety in me, diabetes and blood pressure that I suffer from to be healed in Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN!

  21. Greetings in the name ofJesus please pastor comitt my family unto God for peace and salvation,destiny of my daughters,finacial breakthrough and my healing from cardiac condition and diabetes

  22. Good day Pastor. kindly pray for me and my family we are struggling i need a job i am qualified nurse since 2016 i have not find any thing, and my husband is working but he is struggling financial cause he is drinking too much he is over indebt.plze pray for Zulu Family

  23. Good day pastor ive seen your vedeos in you tube perfoming miracles doing God’s work and i truly believe that you are indeed a man of God. i will like to ask you to pray for me i am working but im in debt so it becomes difficult for to look after my family, please pray for my son Tumelo too he is struggling at school and also pray for my fiance who is suffering from severe headeche and dont leave my whole family behind. thank you in advance

  24. Good day pastor ive been watching your vedeos in you tube and i have seen that you are a truly man of god. kindly pray for me and my family i am a professional nurse it been two years completed my studies but i find it difficult to get myself a job and my husband is working but he is drinking too much which led him in being overdebt he cant support me and my children . thank you in advance

  25. Good day pastor ive seen your vedeos in you tube perfoming miracles doing God’s work and i truly believe that you are indeed a man of God. i will like to ask you to pray for me i am working but im in debt so it becomes difficult for to look after my family, please pray for my son Tumelo too he is struggling at school and also pray for my fiance who is suffering from severe headeche and dont leave my whole family behind. thank you in advance (maphumulo KZN)

  26. Pastor please pray for my son to be delivered from drugs as it has led him to become psychotic. He is totally out of it and speaks to himself all night and day. His name is Yuben Elliott. I believe your prayer will make a huge difference. I intend coming to your church in January 2019.

    Yours in Christ

  27. Holy Pastor Alph Lukau I was born in Canada but I live in Italy. My live is has been hard but Always with JESUS and GOD in my heart. I am so blessed that God made me see your videos. I thank You for all your beautiful teachings and blessings. God Bless And Protect You and Your Family forever! AMEN!

  28. Mattheuw 19:26 But with GOD ALL things are possible.
    Dear beloved. My name is Marcia Flood ( female ) born in St.Lucia at 28 june 1959 but lived in Suriname and I am now 59 years. I need desperatly guidance to live a holy life.My faith is not what it supose to be althouhg I believe strongly in God Almighty , His only begotten Son Jesus Chris & the Holy Spirit. I need to know what my mission / Gods plan for me on this earth is for I may live according to His Holy Will. I have accept The Lord as My Savior for over the last 15 years but it was then when my live turn around for the bad. I need /my life to turn around/ control by Jesus ,my Lord
    and Savior as He promise . The plans I have for you/me are to prospere etc. .Please help me in Jesus Name . Thank you in advance,

  29. Pastor my husband and I have been watching you for about 18 months now and our marriage life has turned around I would like to send a love offering also my son and I must come to visit you in South Africa ASAP.Please send info to my email

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