Pastor Alph Lukau Send Text Messages | Email | WhatsApp

Pastor Alph Lukau Send Text Messages | Email | WhatsApp

 Pastor Alph Lukau Send Text Messages | Email | WhatsApp

I’ve been sent to declare the Word over you. A thousand shall fall at your side, 10 000 on your right side – it shall not come near you. With your eyes only shall you see the reward of the wicked in the name of JESUS! (Psalm 91:7-8)Pastor Alph Lukau Send Text Messages | Email | WhatsApp

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Have you ever felt broken, like all the pieces of your life have shattered on the floor, and no one cares enough to stop for you even for just one second? Well, while the pain of a broken heart is intense, there is still good news. When you feel like this, you can rest assured that God sees you. Just as Jesus stopped for those who were broken and hurting while He walked on earth, He is still in the business of healing broken hearts today… And He’s really good at it.

God has a plan for you. You have a purpose for being here on this earth, at this time, in this place. Know that He is working all things together for your good and that His plans for you are to prosper you and give you a bright future. Your aim is to cause your soul to work in harmony with your spirit. By doing so, you will open the floodgates of the power of the Holy Spirit within you.

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  1. I believe that God can do anything …. I’m asking for a healing prayer for my Grandma that has been blid 7years now pray for her family .And asking to pray for me to get a loan from NASF AND TO GET 90%IN MY UP COMING EXAMS… I ASK THIS IN THE NAME OF JESUS ….AMEN

  2. Goodnight pastor Alph , our lord is truly using you as our intercessor I pray that The Lord will continue to use you on our behalf . Pastor I wrote to you already sometime in last October for you to pray for me ,my husband and children and The Lord did come through for me, I am asking you again to please call on Him for us we have a 1995 bus which needs to be changed and we need some more business to earn more, our eldest son please pray that he can get a job .the lord bless you pastor .

  3. I personally I love you so much pastor and I am fully convinced that God the creator of the universe is using you to move us to God’s agenda, and it is my prayer one day to meet with you face to face, so far am struggling financially and many things so help me sir my spiritual life, relationship, finance, because it is my desire to save my family and support them above all I want the grace of God to be upon me for ministry and God should open my eyes to see more His glory in Jesus name.

  4. I wants a prayer and a prophetic for help me to stand on my calling please suffering for that also there is more

  5. I am Sdumo mamba from Swaziland I need your prayer pastor I am sick with swelling feet and I have financial problems now beacos I lost my job now wee are safering with my family please man of God pray for us

  6. am so happy with what the lord is doing through our prophet alph and i pray that may he prophesies on me for with God the distance is not a barrier.i believe i will get my break through in Jesus mighty name i pray.

  7. Good day Daddy,
    i was touched by the sermon you preach on the pharisees, i really enjoy it. i thank God for using you mightily, and God will continue to use you. i am a part of AMI i am in west Africa but i am connected.

    Mai W. Kennedy

  8. GOOD Morning Pastor Sir , I am Justina Mbwalala , Namibia , pastor pray for me I have big problem, I have bachelors degree on HR NOW I am doing second year Masters , but my qualification is in the vein, just for nothing , I did not promoted nothing but they are using me as assisting Case Management Officer, but they said in order to be promoted I must go study psychology, when they advertised HR POSITION they are not taking me, no notch no promotion and no recognition , lord what did I do that I will be not be forgiven,I have complicated relation Ship papa pray for us both there is a problem with my fiance,PLEASE Pastor your name is ALPH lUKAU YOU FIND OUT What I am talking about Good my give him large to extra large, I wanted to visit your church after this pandemic corona virus is over , please Pastor call me or whatsup me at 0813590973, NAMIBIA, I thank You,God MAY bless you Pastor.

  9. Ihave seen all the wonderful things you have done other people lives and am hoping you might do the same for me for years I have been struggling financially mentally and emotionally please pray for me that I could get a break through God bless you

  10. Man of Great GOD. Ilove you and AMI.
    Please pray for my farmily to keep on salvation path.
    Pray that i may over come the two land grabbers that have taken my land.
    I have faith and belief that poverty is not my potion, pray for my financial freedom.Amen. Iam from: Uganda

  11. Good night Pastor Alph Lukao. I am very thankful to your Living God that He has Anointed you to His Ministry. I am bless to watch you on youtube.
    Pastor I am writing to you all the way from PNG. Please Pastor Pray for me. I have so many problems; in little things I do to earn extra income, in my family, in my personal health and in my community. Please pray for me. I don’t know whats going on with all this things. Please help me with your prayer. I put all my hope and trust in your God oh Pastor prayer for my deliverance and restoration.
    Thank you Lord Jesus for Pastor Alf Lukau.

  12. In jesus name i believe that i will be able to submit my exam form on time…and my sikness will be healed in jesus name…sir please pray for my fast healing as i neec to stand on my feet and move on.

    • Pastor am in need of your help you are my last hope this journey am on seems forever am asking for your prayer please and thank you sir god bless you

  13. I need financial assistance Now
    I need a prayer for healing for my kidney stones and other sickness/diseases affecting me, Physical Healing/Mentally healing
    I need spiritual healing

  14. I need a prayer for my friend. He fell down and His hip bone frctured and suspecting to have a cancer tumor.i trust God he will heal him and recover soon

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