Pastor Alph Lukau South Africa , Ministries , Churches , Services , Branches

Pastor Alph Lukau South Africa , Ministries , Churches , Services , Branches , I want you to know that every blessing and every miracle declared on this altar is also your portion.Pastor Alph Lukau South Africa , Ministries , Churches , Services , Branches

Are you trusting God for a breakthrough? Though it tarries, wait for it!


This beautiful couple had been trusting God for provision to buy a house. Our Sister could not attend church last week because she had to drive her husband to the airport, but as soon as she got home she tuned in LIVE at the exact time the Man of God declared miracle money.

 She received the Word and soon after, an amount of R36 000 was miraculously transferred into their Lawyers bank account! It was the exact amount they required to pay transfer fees for the house they wanted to buy!

If you are far from AMI do not miss a single service via LIVE Streaming. God is HERE.
May God SURPRISE you today in the name of Jesus!

Please Kindly Note that above statements was just a miracle ..

Pastor Alph Lukau South Africa , Ministries , Churches , Services , Branches


8 Charles Crescent
South Africa


Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777


  • When I came home for work ,I look at my email and I was so happy I got this message I start crying because when you think nobody care and you out there by yourselves its don’t feel good. I want to tell you Pastor and Mama Celeste “Thank You” for taking time out thinking about me I love you guy so much as I type this comment to ya I have real tears coming from my eyes, again I Love you two, I watch ya on TV and stand in agreement you as well. I adopt you two for my Pastor and my Mama and I will pray for ya also. Thank you for the prophesy. How did you know I need a house and a car I know God is using you. I been praying for God send my husband who he has ordain for me. I’m still waiting in JESUS NAME. Also pray for my grandson that God will leave and guide him the way the Lord want him to. Change his stories for greatness I know God has a plan for his live and pray God continuous cover him with the BLOOD OF GOD. Now I don’t feel I’m in this along thank you so much I LOVE YA.

  • Thank you I receive the word.

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