Pastor Alph Lukau United States Of America , Address and Church

Here in USA many people will like to know how to Visit the Great man of God and we are Opening this page for it to serve as an update page to alert all the members of Alleluia Ministries International , when and where to meet with Pastor Alph Lukau Once her is set to visit USA.Pastor Alph Lukau United States Of America , Address and Church


Now their is no Event or Schedule for him to visit the God’s own Country , Please note that you can now submit your prayer Request using the Prayer points below.

  • Prayer For Finances
  • Prayer For Favor
  • Prayer For Food
  • Prayer For Fear
  • Prayer For First Day Of School
  • Prayer For Friendship

Summary: Pastor Alph Lukau United States Of America , Address and Church

Below are some of his sermons and Gospels.

At He Alone Is God, the Lord will position you (Psalm 1:1-3). May God put your feet on the ground of your miracle. Everywhere you go you will see the provision of God. Whatever your hands will find to do, it shall prosper in the name of Jesus! #HAIG

The Lord has instructed us to have a CLEANSING SERVICE this Sunday. God in His mercy will WASH AWAY every curse that has tormented YOU and your family.

That cancer
That arthritis that gives you trouble
That low/high blood and diabetes
That spirit of no progress
That spirit of stagnation
That “almost life”, we will wash it away
What God will do will shock the world
Even if you are connecting LIVE are you READY?


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