Pastor Alph Lukau , Biography , Prayer Request & Contact Details

Pastor Alph Lukau , Biography , Prayer Request & Contact Details , Pastor Alph N Lukau is the founder and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International.

He is a Bible Scholar and a renowned International Speaker who ministers in different platforms around the world.Alph Lukau

Contact details: Pastor Alph Lukau



8 Charles Crescent
South Africa


Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line:   (+27) 76 318 4777

TODAY is a special day in AMI. I will be prophesying over sons and daughters who will be watching us LIVE from across the world (Facebook, Youtube, AMI TV). Do not miss our 3 special prophetic services for God has a word for you.

TODAY may God REVERSE the verdict of the enemy in your life. May God OPEN doors that the enemy has closed. May God INTERVENE in the story of your life. Somebody say Amen

  • Thousands of men and women stood in FAITH to obey a prophetic call at the Prophetic Rendezvous. If you came in with poverty you shall not leave with poverty!

  • If you came in with sickness you shall not leave with sickness! A new door has been opened before you. TRANSITION is coming your way.

 Pastor Alph Lukau , Biography , Prayer Request & Contact Details

If Christ is my vessel, I can smile at the storms.

Life is full of challenges and setbacks. We can’t do it on our own. Thankfully, we have a heavenly Father who wants to help us and never wants us to walk alone. He’s reaching out to you. So grab on and don’t let go. He certainly won’t. I am a vessel of God and desire to be more useful to Him. I am prepared for every good work and fit for the fight of faith.

Dear Lord, You are the One who never changes, and You are so good to us. Calm our hearts today with the grace and peace that come only from You. Help me to use my time wisely, to set my priorities well, focus on the things that matters, and forget about the things that don’t. Amen!

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    • Pastori ave bewn told by the doctorthat i ave a lot of medical issues.Could u please pray for my healing of asthma,heart(ect).Caz of these i was sent home from my job so my financial issues too keep climbing. Please Pastor i need ur prayer in these aspect of my life. Help me please, am desperately desperate. God bless and thanks.

    • Been watching you every week..every sermons and teaching..
      Am in Canada and my financial situation doesn’t permit me to travael to Johannesbourg to see you for the imposition and prayer for my son who is suffering from “Acute Arthritis to his hands, shoulders,legs,knees and sometimes over all his body..myself burden with all sorts of illness,sickness..diabetes,enlarged prostrate, psoriasis,fusion vertebrae ,ombilical hernia and more..Pray for us Man of God (Pastor ) as well as for my grandson’s eyes as he’s wearing glasses and playing soccer. Thanks you in advance man of God..God Bless you.K

  1. Deeply moved by the miracles.I believe God is a miracle worker,I see dreams at nyt BT am unable to interpolate.prayers for me

    • Alp lukau is my favorite pastor in allover the world even God knows that.I trust him and I believe hime very much he’s true man of God.pray for me daddy I need deliverance and restoration and financial breakthrough papa please man of God. Have mercy on me.

      • Pastor Alph Lukau i have been listening to your preaching and anionting daily on Youtube it been a blessing to my soulGod Blessed you and keep you. I would like you to pray for me i have been under the attack of the devil over 17 years going to church for healing and it keep coming back need help deliverance and i know once iam deliver every thing will fall in place please help me in Jesus name

      • Father in the Lord,
        As much as I need a divine touch through you, my strongest desire is the certainty that your listeners, especially, your congregation will make heaven. That is the ultimate. The essence of Jesus miracles is to draw people attention to Heaven, plugs them out from the pang of hell,and the relief they got is secondary. Receiving Salvation is a dialogue with God on individual bases that goes beyond snapshot phrases they make during the prophetic ministration. My Dad, I could have travelled down to see you one on one on this issue but I don’t have the means. I want you to read this message yourself sir. Be ready sir, for a lot of blackmailing, deformation of characters and challenge of authority, as you know far better than I do, don’t worry about them sir. Please, think deeply about the SOULS of your listeners and congratulations. You know, there lies our divine reward.

  2. Dear Prophet Alpha Lukaku,


    Greetings to you servant of God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. May I state my life story as follows:
    1. That, my name is Joseph K.Koech, born again with my family and living in Kenya.
    2. That, I am the first born (we are 4 in total) and born into a broken family. My late father disappeared from home after selling all the property there was and leaving my late mother to bring us up alone under very difficult conditions. She saw us through our primary, high and college schooling until all of us were settled. My late mother requested me to assist my siblings during those difficult days.
    3. That, God has blessed us through our life’s challenges.

    That Almighty God remember me in my financial application for restoration of my Milk Processing Business.
    When I visit South Africa next I may pass by your church.

  3. Hallo Pastor Alp Lukau! Am truly excited about Alleluia Ministries and the great work you are doing. my name is Risper Ogutu from Nairobi, Kenya. Kindly pray for my family. my mom is a widow all my sisters Judy and Joan are widows. Am also a widow! my only surviving brother is having problems with his marriage. two of of my brothers are dead. I love the Lord with ALL my heart. please stand in the gap for me my orphans and brothers and sisters. my mom is alcoholic she needs alot of prayers. I have been on my knees praying but it is been real hard but am still soldering on! My daughter has SICKLE cell anemia and am terminally sick. I have struggled slot in life.

    • I am really sadden with your story. Praise God for an amazing anointed son, Pastor Alp Lukau. . I watch his Utube events,,,praise and praise our Lord Jesus for this Pastor Lukau. I believe pastor Lukau will change your life in Jesus name.
      Thank you for sharing. Be blessed. Vi

    • My name is Matthew, from Kenya, as i browsed i came across your ministry i believe you can help me through this christian walk and conquer the devil, no money , employment and income please help

  4. Please pray for my permanent residenty in Australia struggling from 9 years and and financial breakthrough in dear father Alph lukau

  5. Please pray for me,my daughter and my business. Everything enemies took from me please help me getting it back everything they had stole will come back in Jesus Name of Nazareth. Sometimes I think I’m too nice to people they take advantage on me.please pray for coming to Johannesburg in September will like to meet you face to face. Help me I need a financial breakthrough so I can build my house and meet all my needs please help me.

  6. Pastor, I have been watching you on UTube and am amazed at the miracles you are performing. Truly remarkable. We give God all the glory. Please pray for me for God to bless me financially as I want to start an orphanage, and take care of Gods children. Pray for me for marriage and my mum who is getting sickly of late due to enemy attacks. Pray for my sister who is alcoholic, my sister in law who has no job. Thank you and may God continue to bless you as you minister to his flock. Please find time from your busy schedule and visit us in Kenya, please servant of God. Amen.

  7. Amen, truly remarkable. Pastor as you minister and pray for others, please do not by pass me, pray for me and my family. Amen. Be blessed servant of God.

  8. Dear Pastor Alph Lukau,
    I was introduced to your u-tube church services by a friend. I will be in Johannesburg on Sunday for a week. I would like to meet you face to face. Please let me know if I can and when. Thanks so much

  9. Please pastor pray for husband has no job,business has collapsed, I’m in a financial crisis with so many debts to pay and a family to take care of.thanks for being a prayer partner

  10. Pastor, please pray for me to get this contract with CITAM. This money will help me start my project. Wannt to start a childrens home, orphanage. Please also pray for my sister in law who needs a job and my mother who is sick due to enemy attacks and my alcoholic sister. God bless you, Amen.

  11. l love you so much papa l have been watching you on youtube l m in love with your God pliz pray for me my life is a mess nothing is moving but l belive the God of Pastor AlPH LUKAU can change my miserable life

  12. please help by praying for me, I see a small boy ( tokolosh ) during day and night where ever I go this thing is following me during day and night and it does not want me to fall asleep. this has been happening for the past 3 years know. people start to hate me

    • Pastor Alph….Please pray for my children’s health, also mine. Also please pray for me that I will hear and respond to the voice of God. Please pray for the gift of interpretation to be stirred up in me.

  13. I wanna be a spiritual son of pastor alph lukau I’m so suprise what God is doing through pastor I want papa to pray for me to be as great as he is and also for financial breakthrough amen hope to hear from you thanks in advance

  14. Pastor Alph please pray for me for our finances and for my husband, Tomas, to be set free from soul tie spirits, as well as myself from the attacks of the enemy on my life! We are ministers of the Gospel and it seems as though there is a hindering force trying to hold us back from going forward with our walk with Christ!

    • I love looking at u ami church my grandson have a count case lord please trun his life around and get a job his name dee pray god thank u 8i

  15. good day man of GOD I am writing from Nigeria I do watch your programmer on the TV and always move by what I am seeing I am a Christian believe in GOD trust in GOD but I have some issues that always bother me me, I am praying for divine anointing /healing power for every long time now but not seeing result and I have a lot of people in mind to help the widows orphans but don’t have enough to do that for now I have about three orphans that am training struggling to do that because its my promise to GOD I have in mind to build a home for widows build home/safe place for old peoples and even build church all this I cant archive it bothers me what account will I give to GOD because GOD has been saving me and my families, please I needs divine encounter in my life pastor, what you are doing is what my soul desired I need that grace to work for GOD, pastor I am the only son I needs the enemies to know that GOD is with me, your come to pass I need mine come to pass for good not for bad. waiting to hear from my pastor alph lukau

  16. Please pray for me and my family we needed a spiritual,financial,physical breakthrough.Pkease pray that all curses,spells and shackles that the enemies as put on us will be broken in Jesus name.

  17. My husband and I have been watching your programme on Utube . It is so powerful. I need prayers for my childrens’accademic achievements. My two children are attending universities and two smaller ones in high school. I would like the favour of God upon them for them to do well in their studies. Also pray for my marriage to be covered by the blood of Jesus. And prayer request for healing upon my husband arm, he broke it and for me nose bleeding and high blood pressure. Thank you. God bless

  18. Papa
    I have two baby Daddies in my life ,It is the situation Iv never wanted for myself .All I want is to break the spirit of anti marrying in my family.Change my situation Man of God I am ready to marry and I wanna Marry the second Baby Daddy Amen

  19. Shalom, please i need prayers for breakthrough in my spiritual, financial, career and marital life. I am experiencing limitations and stagnancy in my life.

    • I need prayers, 2 of my sisters are not well. One of them her leg is swollen Daddy it does not look good at all and the other has developed pain in her back and her arm. Please pray for them

  20. Hello,man of God! Am perplexed with all that am seeing in YouTube, do you also own a phone,what for? I ask for impartation by and from you to live a healthy meaningful life for others and myself.

  21. Man of God pray for my financial breakthrough, my healing and restored my life ,me and my two sister we are not married give us true husband ,arrest the devil that’s behind our pain , let the two father of my kid pay back my money they owe me, one he doesn’t talk with me, since I stated asking him about my money he insults me and call me name, may god deal with my matter once and for all ,heal mum’s leg ,lips getting one side heal my legs to, my sister to get her sight vision back she can’t see, I believed there’s an multiplication of favor upon us.. Let ant who are angry with me to start talking and calling me now in Jesus name Amen..

  22. THE LORD SHALL GREATLY BLESS THE . [ Deut 15 . 5 ]
    My Ministry Divine blessing, Extension & Divine protection , God’s open new door.
    Family members spiritual life growth.
    Omana, 7 years stroke [Soul, Mind, Body Divine healing & divine fire anointing. Good eye sight , Finance problem . [Heart , Brain blood good circulation] [Divine long life & Divine peace ]
    Prasannal , Divine blessing & divine protection , Fire anointing.
    Mary Divine blessing, Job promotion, Divine blessing, protection.
    John , Suni, Abija [ REUNION] Divine unity , Music team Divine blessing. Extension.
    Prasadh, Kanakam, Asish, Blessy [ Family divine protection] [ finance problem ]
    Prasadh job divine blessing,[SENIORITY 36 THIRTY SIX YEARS SERVICE TWO ADVANCE INCRCEMENT, BENEFITS, ALL FACILITIES immediately postal department . [ My sick CARCINOMA TONGUE TUMOR , CANCER, Divine healing divine fire anointing. Good eye sight , Divine protection, blessing.
    Padanthalumoodu family house Family members 3 THREE days fasting prayer . All the arrangements and financial needs. [ NIGHT PRAYER ]
    Family members Divine love, divine unity , divine blessing , protection.
    Please urgent your prayer prayer support’s .


  24. Good morning Prophet Alph Lukau, i believe you are a true Man of God, i get soo moved and encouraged by the power God has put in you, and i believe your God will deliver me and my family from every forces of darkness that has been haunting me and my family. i hereby make a prayer request for deliverance and restoration, marriages in my family break mysterously, we experience disappoints, delay, failure, stagnation. Prophet Alph Lukau am writing this with great faith in my heart, trusting your God for the answer, if God can have mercy on us as a family and give us our hearts’ desire, we have suffered alot.

  25. Please pray for me and my family we needed a spiritual, financial and physical breakthrough ,am sick n tired of being used by the devil ,please if you’re a true man of God speak a word upon my life

  26. Pray for my business that the almighty good should restore all that I have lost and I really need your WhatsApp number pastor..

  27. Man of God please pray for me, I need a child, I can’t conceive, it’s been years in marriage now, I tried many thinks but they didn’t help me. I trust your God will remember me like Hannah.

  28. Prayer for success in exams, healing of my mom and daughter, divine promotion in my career. Please man of God pray for me and my family. God bless you. You are a true servant of the MOST HIGH GOD

  29. Please man of God, pray also for my sister’s marriage restoration. The enemy is tearing her marriage apart. Thank you sir. God bless you for standing in the gap for us.

  30. Daddy i want to hold your hand one day I want you to bless me I want to come to see you in at AMI I WANT YOU TO appeare IN MY DREAMS I’m blessed I wish that GOD CAN SHINE HIS FACE OVER ME

  31. Daddy I an due for marriage but I don’t have any man that is asking me for friendship nor to talk about marriage. And I need family deliverance, my mom is sick and my dad too is sick, and I pray for financial breakthrough with good job. May God deliever me and my family through you man of God in Jesus name Amen.

  32. Papa my name is Godsaint from Nigeria, I do watch your program,pray for me I believe you in the spirit that if you prayer for me I will do greater than what I am now in my prophetic ministry sir. More grace to you sir, want to be A voice in the world to bring more souls to our father in heaven (God)

  33. Hello family of AMI my name is Catherine from Nairobi Kenya,I am I need of prayers my marriage needs restoration,please am in so much pain.and I need a Job

  34. Praise the Lord! I thank God for you papa because I have learnt alot through YouTube from you. I have prayed on YouTube with you and many a times I feel part of the live congregation. Distance is truly no barrier! But the reason why I write this email is about a dream I had after watching many of your YouTube teachings and delivetances. I dreamt that you appeared in my dream touched me and on touching me the whole of my body VIBRATED. I have always prayed in my inner heart and I want to believe that it was a healing. I woke up and said ‘I receive!’. Am praying that God willing I will come to AMI one special God given day. If only finances can allow…. Blessings!!

  35. Good day man of God I am terrified by what I watch about you on YouTube and now am convinced and sure that if you pray for me all will be well again for me and my family.I do have a lot to say but I dont know we’re to start please deliver me from the wrong hands.

  36. Please my name ifeoma from Nigeria,man of God I watch on u tube and I saw all te miracles God is using u to do, pls. Pastor Alph Lukau pray for me because I know ur God will change my story when u proffesy in my life.i have no job, no man to marry me things are not going weill in my family.please man of God proffesy for me and my family.i don’t know what is the cause

  37. Papa please pray for me, I am in Ireland alone without my husband and my children , and things are not together I need my family here please man of God. Even financial problems. I know and trust that if you pray for me things will turn normal. I also need grace of God upon our life and I want to save God

  38. Good morning man of God. You are always a blessing when I watch your program. Your teachings have really blessed me and I would like to visit your church. I live in the Kingdom of Bahrain and am a Kenyan and am planning to come to South Africa just to attend your service and to be blessed. I would like to know which is the nearest airport and the town that the church is.

    God bless you so much

  39. Please pray for my friend she has been suffering from back pains, lower abdominal pains, chest pains, tiredness, difficult in concentration at school, she went to every doctor but she didn’t get any help and now she is diagnosed an anxiety disorder, it’s been more than ten years now with this problem, Her name is Simphiwe Zungu and also pray for me every time I try ways of making money they don’t become successful

  40. I’m touched by many miracle that God is doing via man of God. I need prayer for spiritual guide on my journey in life and decision am about to take. My destiny helper to locate my with 24hrs . Uncommon favor and unexpected Promotion that will change my story and give me a New testimony.

    More annoiting to the prophet in Jesus name.

  41. I’m from Kenya need prayer for my marriage. My husband is no where to be seen please pray for me. Also I’m sick kidney problems and a growth.Also pray for me to get job as a cashier

  42. Man of please pray for me and my kids their father left the house three weeks ago I do not know what but I put my trust in the God of this great ministers which AMI I know God of my Daddy Alpha lukau remember me and my promotion that is pending to be resolve I have been watching all of service on Utube I am writing from Liberia


  44. Man of God please pray for me and my family financial breakthrough,and has better job to invest in God house.My brother has lost job and is drinking a lot

  45. Papa please pray for me,,been through alot as am looking for a man of my dreams,,lots of heartaches and attimes I loose hope and the strength of praying to God gets weaken,, everytime I think have made the right decision I feel am been taken advantage off later and I leave from the that relationship.Am from Kenya

  46. postor i need prayer for financial breakthrought i have been in debtenss since aphril this year and sickes of my family members.

  47. Pastor Alph L, I love you so much and overwhelmed with what God is using you to do to the world. Pastor, I have only watch you on youtube but I trust God for you to locate me the day I will step my legs into the holy land in south Africa. Am writing from Cameroon. Pastor please pray for me for healing in my blood and body. for breakthrough in my family. I trust if you handle my case all will become new in Jesus name Amen and Amen.

  48. My name is Fatima Smith, I’m from the United States. I was watching your ministry on you tube, and I’m a believer in Christ Jesus from the womb of my Mother. I need your help to stop the devil immediately PLASE it is enough. You know what I’m talking about PLEASE enough is enough it is time. I pray with all of my heart that this finds you. I was born on March 9th of 1974, I was born with a vail on both my eyes I know you know who I am bless me and protect me and my family we need your HELP. In Jesus’s name Amen. Stop it today.

  49. My phone told me that I was not able to make calls to your number that I called I guess because it’s international. I herd you say to be speak to me this morning I know that we have a spiritual connection please ty to find me I Love and believe in Christ Jesus HELP me and my family they call me crazy but I know better than that you HELP me PLEASE

  50. Hello pastor, I admire you so much. My prayer request is for my family salvation and the will of God upon my life to be fulfilled.

    Many thanks

  51. ,Prayer Request,Thank you Jesus Thank you My Prophet my symbol of ATHORITY, My prayer request for my family restoration and for salvation, I
    need prayer for financial break through, In Jesus name i pray Amen

  52. I know very well you are a true Man of God, that is why I need you to pray for me. Temptation is too much on my life, please sir deliver me.

  53. Ps Alph Lukau please, pray for my famillies and my elder sister’s son. We really really need to pray with you for Patrick Palo who is really sick, please Pastor.

    Thanks so much.

    Our contact 678 5553065
    Marie Tiome

  54. MY LORD please pray for me to be spiritually free, i want to be free from spiritual strongholds. And i also want Gods word to come to pass in my life in Jesus name. Amen

  55. praise the lord, I believed pastor you are being used by the lord and you are a true man of god, I watched many prophets and remained with a very very big dought towards miracles they performed in my eyes, but the first day I typed your name on my computer at work (youtube) after I have hed of you truly you I believed you are here to facilitate the spirite of god, may you deliver me from alcoholism, smoking, womanising, restore my faith in god,let there be peace in my place, bless me and my wife and our kids in the name of jesus, heal me and my wife from HIV/AIDS infection in the name of the lord, set me free from financial probles and poverty. unit me with my family. May the lord bless you. Hope I meet you in person, visit Namibia even for a day then you touch me and pray for me. Amen

  56. Hello Pastor Alph Lukau please pray for me, l really need deliverance in every aspect of my life, I feel something has tight me up I can’t move up. lm born in Kenya but l live in America.

  57. I pray for a change of life, turn around favour. Papa i want a USA visa and no that God will do it for me. Papa your power in cbrist will never run try in jesus name Amen

  58. Good Afternoon I need pray have been browning and watching you on YouTube I known you true man of God I need you to pray good job God fairly husband and prayer for my son for God to give him wisdom knowledge and understanding I need God in intervention in my life

  59. Please help, I was printing my child’s cv at work and left one document there by mistake, I’m now going for a hearing, please help. All I wanted was for my child to get a job please help me Pastor, we need this money. Please Pastor Alf.

  60. Pastor Lukau you are an amazing person. I thank God for your life and the teachings you impart to these days generation as you deliver timely prophecies that bring healing and deliverance.

  61. My name is Mpho from South Africa Gauteng Heidelberg Ratanda ext 23 is my first time writing to AMI I watch each an every episode on TV even on youtube I found convinced that you are God secrete revealer of truth in a life of a person, I have seen that quite several time since started watching you, my request is that pray for me Sir I have been spending my money to doctors who speaks different things regarding my health some says is stormach ulcer,others says is not, others says I have lot of gas in me so I don’t know really which is true, I am suffering from this since January please help.

  62. I need healing in Jesus Name. Man of God please pray for healing to take place. I believe in Jesus. I feel so sick. I probably have heart disease too. In Jesus Name I am healed.

  63. Bonjour,
    J’espère que mon message arrivera à bon port.
    Homme de Dieu ALPH, je viens par ceci te demander de prier pour moi, pour ma vie, pour mes enfants, pour mes projets, pour le déblocage de ma vie.
    Sincères salutations.

  64. Bjr Pasteur,
    Je prie de bien vouloir prier pour moi, pour mes enfants, pour ma maison, pour mes projets, pour ma vie spirituelle, pour le déblocage de ma vie en gros.

    Sincères salutations.

  65. I need peace of mind.I have lot of problems.I know that you can read each problem of mine.please pray for me and my family to be free from all troubles.

  66. Am a South Sudanese living Uganda, Man of God I trusted and believed in God from the time I show you prophesies on You tube, please pray for financial break through, spiritual healing,bondages and put upon me and my family.
    I believed in Jesus’ Christ name amen.

  67. blessings to all I love you ministries it’s a blessing to me,but I really want to do more for God and be in his will,and that I will and vessel in his hand to set the captives free, please pray for me.

  68. hello,man of God,am Clifford lungo from Mufulira(Zambia) l like u have been watching u on free to art TV,and am planning to come that side l would like u to pray for me concerning my relationship pliz l believe the God u save z a living God …..

  69. hi my father pastor alpha lukau please pray for me and my family deliverence,primatuerdeath, drunkenness marriage sicknesses Papa lots help us I love you. thanks I received in Jesus name amen

  70. God is good all the time. Pastor Alph you are our blessing. You are the real vessel all people need to have as prophet. Thanks to the Lord. I love you very very much I love your wife your family your church Too muc too much oh

  71. Pastor Lukau,
    I have been sick for unknown illness for years now.Go to doctors but definitively the stomach illness as yet to heal.I wish I have the opportunity to visit your ministry.I need God’s healing and finance.

  72. pastor Alph Lukau please pray for me against family and ancestral covenants which are the reason until now I got bad dreams and I’m not having job, business and I don’t get a good wife. Please pray for me against these family and ancestors covenants.

  73. I need prayers for my ministry, been a Priest for 20 years but no financial breakthrough and no change or development in my spiritual life, if its the will of God I want to meet Pastor Alpha Lukau face to face before 31 February 2019

  74. Hi Pastor my name is sarah I’m pregnant and my boyfriend is in jail together with my car I need your help this has been going on for sometime and I’m tired of this miserable life we are living in. Please pray for us.

  75. Dearest Prophet Uebert Angel,
    Most humbly I appeal to you to pray for my deliverances from all terribly a distressful situations & circumstances (especially hatred, rejection & animosities, for no rhyme or reasons, from strangers and known as well) healing from several age-long incurable diseases, and a good school job as I’m an English teacher.
    I don’t have a stable job as students reject me outright on the very first day seeing me.
    Am not able to endure the severe traumatic humiliations thrown on & at me.
    Plzzzzzzzzzzxz….. help with your fervent prayers.
    I’ve been suffering from hatred & enmity from others since childhood in every place that I go or live in.
    I’m 59-year-old single from India with no house, job or bank balance. All my blessings’-openings have been blocked since childhood.
    Plzzzz pray for me.
    Yours bcoz of Christ,
    George Lockwood

  76. I am from Papua New Guinea and I watch Pastor Alph Lukau’s miracles and wonders on YouTube and I have been following his praise and worship.

    With God’s gift of healing distance is not to far for God and Pastor Alp Lukau has been best with this gift.

    I hope Pastor Alp Lukau will see my needs through Our God’s Grace and pray for me for my struggles I am going through since 2005.

    I am struggling to be paid for claims I have made through our Government Agencies but have not been successful.

    I have also left work in 2004 and have been been able to secure contracts and employment as well.

    I am sure our Miracle working God will work through our Pastor for my struggles.

    Please pray for me

  77. Good Morning,

    Greetings to you servant of God in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.

    I have been listening to your preaching and anointing daily on YouTube, It has been a blessing to my soul Pastor Alph Lukau, My the almighty God Bless you and keep you.
    I need your help to pray for me and my family man of God. Am a husband and a father of 4 Children and about to lose them. I have failed to provide for them for the past 3 years. I can’t get a job and my Construction business haven’t got a single breakthrough man of God,
    Everything i try doesn’t wanna work and am pushed to do wrong to provide for my family to keep them alive and together. i feel cast, lonely and abundant.

    I have seen the healing and the miracles and i have followed you man of God for a well now….



  79. I really need help from God I am a single mother I started a school and children ministry which operating now but I pray for financial open door to complete the school and to help the most needed children in yhe ev community

  80. Hi” man of God hope u well, my brother desparately needs a healing after 1 and half year laying down of sickness nd pains” He got nd accidents, crushing with his car from funeral since from ther no healing” doctors sees no problem in him anymore they also confused now. Please 😭man of God under the anointing of ur Father Alf lukau pray for my brothers Healing nd restoration, Im also fasting trusting God before the end of 40days fasting will be miracles in his life.God grace will locates him

  81. pastor please pray for me i need to be free from the spirit of debts and i have to starting paying this month i need a financial breakthrough my child is writting his grade nine this year but his mind is too playful he doesnt concentrate at school he even failed last year my daughter is also a problem please pray for me an a single parent

  82. I love you Prophet, I know it was God that led me to you. I trust in him- I know he loves me. Dearest Man of God, I am waiting to hear from wealth recovery of the stollen funds. I know not is it a veil over my whole family, but what I am fighting is powerful and hates God. I believe that you are our intersessor and I ask an pray through you dear Prophet that these funds are returned swiftly. Pray for me in the Ministry, my hearts greatest desire and for work to sustain me. I should not be in this predicament, but the devil is a liar. I love you dear Prophet. Blessings to you, your beautiful wife and family in the Lord. Christina

  83. Pastor thanks for praying for me and my family members am experiencing a change in my life like never before am grateful for the miracle GOD is about to do in my life continue to intercede for me on side some time s I experience unnecessary blooding which is abnormal in this case pray that God heals me from that and also pray for my relationship to stablise in Jesus mighty name Amen.More so believing for miracle for my daughter Cynthia to pass her PLE with 4aggregates her father okoli should fully take care of her.And bless my brother olupot and Aigi.

  84. Man of God I greet you in the name of Jesus. I am a born again christian and I love the Lord. I need God to open my spiritual eyes and ears. I also pray for a Godly husband because I am a minister in training. I pray for my mother Peggy Hedzane’s healing too. I believe in God the Almighty. I pray for my country Swaziland and everyone who is called by His name. Amen

  85. I pray all is well with you Prophet I have many emimies trying to destroy me , I brought a bad truck from America PreOwned I sued them the owner haven’t paid me. I know that my God Lord Jesus is a God of favor pray for me man of God.

  86. I am contacting you from Jamaica, I have been watching the man of God on youtube since January 2019. Indeed I am blessed by his sermon and healing abilities through God. I had a pain in my left breast and I requested prayer for it and praise be to God the pain is gone. I am a christian but I must confess that sometimes my faith gets week. Please pray for my husband Otis to stop smoking, he also has an impotency problem for many years now please pray for his healing. I am a retired teacher but sometimes I am sort of bored sitting at home doing nothing. Please pray for me to get a job so that I can be out of the house sometimes, though retired I am still strong and looking well through the grace of God. I receive in the name of Jesus.

  87. praise the lord God is good all the time and all the time God is good
    my papa we love and we trust God for everything he is doing for you and your sons and daughters .
    I have a prayer request, my younger brother called timothy is having problems during the night as he’s sleeping he happens to wake up struggling to breath and is kicking but when my mum prays for him it stops its been happening for some time now. my number is 0737886198 I trust in God for his healing in jesus name Amen

  88. Please can you pray for me with my business financialy breakthought also my family
    healing,and salvation. My whole family living in regilous spirit in new Zealand, samoa and the rest of my family all over the world.Please pray for my healing and my children future.also my calling my pray that God can use me and anointed me.Please pray for my shop rent.Thank you God bless you and the ministry.

  89. Man of god i am looking heaing for my family and sister that are sick from depression living in amreica, and financial breakthrough.

  90. I hope I sent my prayer request to the prophet alpha Lukau ,pls man of God pray for my financial ,pray for my marriage,I want promotion at work ,I need deliverance and breakthrough pls, my contact number 264813555839 ,Namibian.

  91. I hope I sent my prayer request to the prophet alpha Lukau ,pls man of God pray for my finances,pray for my marriage,I want promotion at work,I need deliverance and breakthrough pls man of God my contact number is 264813555839 ,Namibian

  92. man of God I great in the name of Jesus . father I need a happy life with full of joy with my boyfriend , we need job to help each other so that we can start our family together . make our enemy to stay away from our relationship coz there not happy to see us together , this all a ask my lord Amen

  93. This is a praise report. Thank you Pastor for your prayers. My daughter is healed of breast cancer. The doctors report the cancer is gone and no residual trace of cancer is found. Praise God, hallelujah, hallelujah. We give God The highest praise. Thank you Lord.

      • May the God I serve, Jehova Elohim touch your son Eric and be renewed by the precious blood of his son, who came to set the captives free. There is nothing he can not do and through prayer there is nothing he will not do for your son. We pray for divine intervention through the great Man of God, Prophet Alph Lukau who was sent to us for difficult situations. May his mess turn around and become a divine message to the glory of our Lord and saviour Jesus, one God, one love, one life.

      • Hi Crystal. God is able. Pray and in your prayers call his name to the Lord and place him at the alter before the Lord. I pray with you for your son. God answers prayers.

        • Thank you so much for your prayers I will say to you out of A pure heart I have made a lots of mistakes, I know that God and Jesus Christ can do all things I will say I been bless since I have connected with your ministries I am A Prophet who needs another Prophet in my life to help me complete my work Glory to the most High God you are my papa Pastor Alph Lukau I have your name on my wall great things are happening in my life.My son was wrongfully Convicted.

  94. Man of God Good morning. I’m texting from Nigeria. Cross River State, Calabar precisely. As I write, my son is seriously sick and treatment on him tend not yielding any positive results. Mean while I have been under demonic attack as seen in the kind of dreams I see. Each time I close my eyes to sleep I see death people some who are related to me and some not. The after effects is moving object in my body. Mostly from my head to my spinal cord and through my chest. I have dreams of fighting with a death person and also often see my self in a graveyard. Today I dream of seeing myself in a funeral where everybody wears a black clothes. Also have been seeing dreams of being in the market and with sighting of death people in the market. Once I dreamt of seeing my son in the market and I carried him. Also I have had a dream that I was in the graveyard and libations were made with a goat. There are a lot of bad dreams I use to have .please man of God I believe if you pray for me I will be delivered.please deliver me and my son. I don’t want to die.

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