Pastor Elisha FIRE , Biography , Prayer Request , Phone Number , This Months God says he will mock all your Mockers, Daddy says he will bless you beyond Measure, Daddy says you will laugh Last over that situation that has been giving you sleepless night In Jesus Name, AmenPastor Elisha FIRE , Biography , Prayer Request , Phone Number

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Some weeks ago I told one of my Spiritual Son that within 72hrs God will restore all he had lost, 3 days later, He got a call to resume as the Director of The same Company that forced him to resign, with an official Car & a House,


Am Praying for You, Yes You reading this Message right now, Within 72 Hours All you have lost shall be restored Back With full Compensation In Jesus Name, Don’t Ignore, Be the first to Type Amen & Share to bless Someone Online


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  1. Thank you Thank you prophet i recieve todays prophecy ,yes oh Merciful Heavenly Father i put my confidence in you oh Lord i put my trust In you alone Oh God ,Oh Lord make my life a living testimony ,That i may stand as your proud daughter of yours oh Lord turn around my life in your likeness and live my life to fullfill your will ,I thank you oh GOD,In Jesus name i pray Amen and Amen

  2. Give thanks to the God of Heaven,For His love is eternal.. Mighty God Iam a sinner,forgive me and bless me with a financial miracle by a bank alert through intercession of your prophet,,Pastor Alph Lukau. I receive the bank alert in Jesus Name. Amen

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