Pastor Joel Osteen Daily Devotional – April 3rd 2022

It’s easy to doubt; it’s easy to give up on dreams. Doubters are a dime a dozen. Negative people, discouraged people, you can find them everywhere. God is looking for people that have a made-up mind, people that are absolutely convinced, people that overflow with hope, people that believe when the odds are against them, that believe when they don’t see a way.

God will allow you to be uncomfortable. The Scripture calls it the fiery challenge to test your quality. Stay in peace. Let God fight your battles. The Psalmist said, remain calm in times of adversity. That’s passing the test. That’s what allows God to take you where you’ve never dreamed.


It’s important who you’re spending time with. Evaluate your friendships. Are they making you better? Inspiring you, challenging you to go further? Or are they pulling you down, causing you to compromise? Bringing out the worst in you? That’s contaminating your atmosphere.

You’re going to become like the people you hang around.
Life is short. You don’t have time to waste with people. Get your copy of my most recent book, Rule Your Day, and be motivated to make changes that will lead you to your God given purpose.