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‘GOD ALLOWS THE SHAKING’ #Sermon #TuesdayService


I have learnt so much from my father in the Lord. Even when he was facing persecutions he never said ‘today I am depressed’. He continued to preach as if nothing happened and we saw God raising the standard. The elevation came when he was in persecutions. God said whatever you are going through, you are paving a way for many.Pastor Lesego Daniel Ministries | Prayer Request | Contact Details

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You are here to die so that someone may have life and delight. Do not worry. Through what you are going through, someone is going to benefit.

Remember the story of the four men with leprosy. They were looked down those men. People did not want to be closer to them; they had to be isolated. As they were sitting and talking to each other they said to themselves, we are sitting here doing nothing. Why sit here until we die? [2 Kings 7:3].

God wants us to take the step and the Holy Spirit will take over. The four men said, we cannot go back to our own city because there is famine there. They then went to the enemy’s camp where there was food. It does not matter whether they kill us, were are going to die anyway.

As they approached their enemies’ camp, their enemies heard 4 000 footsteps of soldiers coming to attack. As they were facing their enemies their God caused confusion in the enemies’ side. They saw thunder on the other side, the enemy left their chariots and ran away. I like their faith.

That enemy which is called sickness, that which brings division, delay, stagnation and wants to remove you from your job, let it hear footsteps coming towards it! They were able to eat and to quench their thirst.

Everything was prepared before them but they remembered their people. They did not say they chased us away but instead they said, let us go and call them, and tell them that there is plenty in the enemies’ camp [2 Kings 7:9]. That is why God uses the inferior to shame the wise [1 Corinthians 1:27].

The same person whom you chased away says come, receive and eat with me. Your situation will save people’s lives like the very same Hebrews patients [with leprosy].

People can undermine you but there are times where you are going to save situations that no man can deal with. But because you are present it will be dealt with appropriately. In our government all departments are crying; there is no money but where is the tax money going to? You find people in hospitals sleeping on the floors. This thing that you find the department without funds, it all began when people started persecuting the church.

God wants to open the eyes of all the parliamentarians until they come and bow down to God and say we have sinned against You. Every department is fighting; there is a shaking; those who used to support each other in wrong dealings are now fighting each other.

God is saying, do not touch the anointed. The same CRL Rights Commission which was formed by the government is now saying they do not have funds. How can they say that? It is not even fifty employees working for that Commission.

God is sending a message saying, do not touch the anointed in a wrong manner. You are fighting people who are there to save people’s lives.

These heists which are taking place lately, ever since I served as a police officer, this never happened before. We are now witnessing the prophecy of our father, they [the government] must come and ask for forgiveness, repent before God and say ‘God, we have persecuted your people and nothing is going right on our side’.

God had to send the locusts to eat millions which were allocated for this commission. God wanted to show them not store treasures where moths and rust destroy, and robbers break in and steal the money that was supposed to go to organizations which fight drug addictions or fix hospitals.

A lot of things could have been done with that money but you take millions and you want to fight people who are supposed to save the country.

We need to pray for our government for God to intervene. The whole world was looking unto us as one of the richest countries in the world. Even America was jealous of what this country has but God has released a whipping so that they may know that without Christ you are as good as dead.

You can see the fighting within the parliament – it is now a ‘circus’; it is a demonic spirit.

How is the government going to prosper? They make it worse, even calling the inyanga’s [traditional herbalists] to perform rituals instead of calling all men of God to pray that our country can be able to stand.

The only solution is to come to the house of God, to assemble the sons and daughters of God so that we may have the vision that is from above. That is why the Bible says where there is no vision people perish [Proverbs 29:18].

We no longer have visionaries in the parliament because there is no Holy Spirit. God has caused this for a reason – they will remember, ‘we used to eat money from tax-payers’. How many are now going to jail?

God has heard our cries. Do you think that they will call us again at the CRL Commission? If the bank account is zero in that way you will also be affected.

We need to stand up, this is our country, our land. We need to pray that God may speak some sense into these people and God will say, My son I have heard your prayer.

I want us to take this opportunity to pray for our country. The prayer of the righteous man saves lives [James 5:16], and our country will be restored.