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Pastor Lesego Daniel Prayer Request , Contact Details , Whatsapp Number , The birth of papa Lesego Daniel happened exactly as foretold by the words of prophecy, asign to the family that God was with them and that He would guide and intervene in Papa Lesego Daniel’s life. Pastor Lesego Daniel Prayer Request , Contact Details , Whatsapp Number

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Plot 17 Uitvalgrond
R566 (Brits Road)


Tel: +27 (0) 12 703 9629

In November 2002, He then founded Rabboni Centre Ministries (RCM). Growing more and more in
the Lord, he began to realize his gifts from God such as the gift of healing the sick,
Prophesying and teaching the Word.

Today, Papa Lesego Daniel is known worldwide after God used him to perform great miracles that have never been recorded or seen before in the body of Christ.

I know of people who excel in gifts yet they are not Christians and the worst part is that they are Muslims. I am telling you a true story. We criticise one another as Christians but do you know that most people who spoke great things about this church were Muslims? It is because the gifts of God are without repentance. The Muslims use the first five books of the Old Testament to make the Quran. If they use the first five books of the bible then if one is a Muslim and rich one must have a seer; because in the Old Testament as a King you must have a seer who is a prophet.

So they [Muslims] have seers [gifts] because they are irrevocable they are without repentance. Anybody can have a gift; they [Muslims] mastered that so much that they know that if you are a king and are rich you must have a seer [gift]. Wherever they [Muslims] go they have their seers and they will tell you that for many years in their have been using a seer who tells the about the future. How did I get the teaching of Adam as the [First Prophet]? I said it was the Muslims who recognised that but Christians do not recognise that.

We now understand that Adam was a pattern but the real one is Christ. Some of the things that happened were spoken about by a seer who is a Muslim that recognised this church [Rabboni Centre Ministries] because he spoke by the gift. Even if you have not repented and received Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior; you can still have that gift. They [Muslims] would prophecy about this church and would send a message saying “this man [Prof Lesego Daniel] in South Africa, I with a gift know that His Master [Jesus Christ] is the one using him.

They even know the difference; because they have their master as well. After hearing this I said: we [Christians] have our prophets who cannot see that. So it shows that the gift is there but if there is no repentance you cannot see what is of God. However, God can choose somebody out there who is not a Christian who know what is of God. The same mystery in a certain man of God was prophesied by the same Muslim who prophesied about me.

A gift is just a gift. We only need to know whether it is in the presence of God or not. We need to understand how God works. If it is in the presence of God, how much more about your prayer? For your surname is the Christ, and if it the Christ, you live the life of ‘Father I thank you’. [John 11] the one that prophesied about Jesus was the high priest – an unbeliever, who was acting against Jesus. He helped to fulfill Jesus going to the cross. When the all failed on their attempts of killing Jesus, the high priest stood up and prophesied and said: it is better for one man to die for everyone than for everyone to die for one man.

It was scriptural; if Jesus did not die – everyone was going to die. He said it is better for one man to die for everyone than for everyone to die for one man, so let us kill Him [Jesus]. It was God’s plan; but who was used to fulfil it? We need each other we only need to know whether it is in the presence of God or not. If it is a gift from God it will operate, they will heal in His Name; they will prophecy in His Name and they will cast out demons in His Name, but it is not dependent on prayer. It is just a gift. If you are in the presence you are directly communicating with the real and genuine God to fulfil what has been planned better than when is a gift.

Some of the gift do not depend on prayer – it is a gift. You heal the sick in His Name, but you do not pray for them to be healed; it is a gift. We need to realise if it is the presence of God or not. What produces prayer? Who you speak to is what matters. If he [Muslim] says ‘his Master’ he know he has his master also. When he communicates who does he speak to, with whose gift?

He uses the gift from our Master Christ to communicate with his master. However, if you the Master Christ and you carry a gift from Him, then you are able to communicate directly to Him – the Creator of the universe. The creator of everything. So we need each other and most importantly we need to know whether it is in the presence God or not. If you have a gift of becoming Politician go for it, we need each other.



  1. Greeting Prophet,please pray for me nothing good is coming my way
    I need healing breakthrough and deliverance in my life
    Pray for God to located me and Devine healing and blessing in my life

  2. Please pray for me I’ve been promised to b witched after my bad actions ….I need God to cover me , make my identity not visible to the witch doctors or where ever

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