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Get ready to kiss your problems ‘goodbye’.. BIG GOD BIG THINGS. Your time of laughter and celebration has come

God works in mysterious way.. what may seem to be against you is the very same thing that God will use to lift you up.


“Your demotion will become your Promotion, your Test will become your Testimony, your disappointment will become your appointment in God in this season in Jesus name”.

GOD is a covenant keeping GOD. His word in your life will come to pass no matter what the enemy does. So I pray “may the promise of God manifest now in your life in Jesus name”.


“The attitude you have when you know that GOD Himself is on your side”.

My dear never forget that you are not alone, Jehovah God Himself is on your side – your victory is guaranteed in Him.

No matter what the enemy may try to do against you, you will keep on going from glory to glory. I am praying for you. Victory is yours, RECEIVE IT now in Jesus’ name

The enemy is having a hard time to get to you because you are so loaded with the joy of the Lord; it is just beautiful. You Win Again, They Lose.

With all the attacks of the Devil and his demons against your life, you are still standing because God has made you stronger than your enemies. YOU ARE THE WRONG PERSON TO MESS UP WITH, because you have God.


  1. Amen Amen Amen, l decree and declare it in Jesus name, Pastor continue pray for my Spiritual life, finance, Health, and debtors free.
    May Gods favor fall on every thing l do in Jesus name. Amen Amen Amen.

  2. Man of God Pastor Alph Lakau. Good afternoon from Papua New Guinea and Kopilyo Ima. Pastor, I need a beautiful woman who can provide the necessities of life, such as bearing beautiful sons and daughters. A beautiful woman who can stand up for God with me. Support me to represent God and represent man to God. Also, I need financial freedom and a promotion in my workplace. I have been working for 13 years without a promotion and now I need a promotion from God. I also need a lead guitar so I can worship God for music came from the heavens gate. Pastor, please pray for me to change my mindset to a millionaire mindset, a lion mindset, and an Eagle mindset for I can demonstrate the Love of God to all people whom I work and stay with in Papua New Guinea. Thank you much pastor and God be with you till the end.Amen.

  3. Really I am fedup please pray for my twins son Samuel and Simon Nayak since both of them are not talking and need a Car for my Family.

  4. Man of GOD Pastor Alph Lukau,
    Thank you for praying for us every time. You’re prayers are very powerful that I can feel the touch every time I read pray them when i read.

    I decree and declare the blood of Yeshua upon you and the ministry AMI. Luke 18:27 says what’s impossible for men is possible with GOD.

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